Friday, July 30, 2021

July 2021 Empties Galore!

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I am a little surprised that I was able to finish up so many largely used up products in July, and I am so satisfied knowing that I was able to recycle so many bottles and jars. I thoroughly enjoyed using each and every product, and feel satisfied knowing that they didn't turn before I had the chance to finish them. I used up products that I really liked a lot, rather than products that I found mediocre just to finish them, but since I have so many remaining products to use before I make any new purchases, it is unlikely that I will replace any of these items in the near future.
VENeffect Anti-Aging Intensive Moisturizer ($185.00 for 1.7 oz. from VENeffect): is an extremely hydrating, yet incredibly lightweight and fast absorbing facial cream. It has a silky-smooth ultra luxurious texture that is rich enough to impart high levels of moisture, but it is also non-comedogenic and works beautifully on my normal to combination skin without ever causing any breakouts. Purchase Again? I would definitely consider it, but I will not need to invest in another face cream for a very long time!

Herbivore Phoenix Facial Oil ($88.00 for 1.7 oz. from NordstromCredo BeautySephoraDermstore and Revolve): Formulated for mature and sensitive skin, this delectable lightweight and fast absorbing skin effortlessly melts into the skin and immediately hydrates, calms and nourishes  the skin. Skin feels indescribably soft, smooth, moisturized and pampered. It is a wonderful soothing and calming elixir for irritable and inflamed skin, and is a wonderful post-peel choice to help heal the skin. This antioxidant-rich formula, which uses Jojoba Oil as its carrier oil, offers deep moisture without any residual greasiness, but instead leaves the skin with a distinct luminous glow. After prolonged use, it softens the appearance of fine lines and helps to heal and repair damaged tissue. It has a lovely light rose aroma that is a treat to the senses. Purchase Again? I will definitely consider it, but I have lots of open face oils that I need to use before they go bad.

Tata Harper Beautifying Facial Oil (This seems to have been discontinued): This is a very lightweight and fast absorbing nourishing oil that leaves skin very soft, smooth, supple, luminous and hydrated. I apply it to slightly damp, freshly washed skin, and I often add another drop or two to my foundation for a dewy finish, and the benefits are immediately seen. It has a warm aroma from the essential oils blend, but I find that it fades soon upon absorption. Purchase Again if I could? I would, but it appears to have been discontinued.

Vichy Mineral 89 ($29.50 for 1.69 oz. from UltaAmazonDermstore and Walgreens): is described as a "new generation face moisturizer." It features 89% of Vichy's iconic Mineralizing Thermal Water that is further enhanced by Hyaluronic Acid to deeply boost hydration and fortify the skin. The consistency is that of a lightweight gel-like serum that sinks into the skin immediately leaving it hydrated with a luminous, ethereal glow. Dehydrated and dull skin gives way to comfortable, refreshed and moisturized skin without any greasy residue or stickiness. Furthermore, this fragrance-free moisturizer plumps fine lines, nourishes the skin and leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. It offers my normal/combination skin enough moisture and hydration during the warmer months that I can forgo a regular moisturizer altogether, and it pairs beautifully with my favorite serums and face oils, but during the rest of the year I layer it with richer moisturizers. Purchase Again? More than likely, but I have lots of open products to use first.
Rodin Olio Lusso Facial Cleansing Powder (This product is no longer avalable, and Estee Lauder has discontinued the brand): is a wonderful cleansing powder that effectively, and thoroughly, cleans the skin without ever stripping it. It is formulated so that one can customize their cleansing routine based upon the needs of the skin and personal preference. For instance, if one seeks an exfoliating cleanser, then simply add less water to preserve the granular texture which lends itself to efficient exfoliation. If, instead, one prefers a creamier consistency, then simply add more water and mix for a smooth texture. Once water is introduced, a lovely creamy lather, punctuated by the aroma of jasmine oil, soothes the skin and the senses. Skin is left silky smooth, thoroughly cleansed and lightly hydrated. Purchase again, if I could? I definitely would, and I am very sad that Linda Rodin's beautiful products have all been discontinued, and the brand is no longer.

Vasanti Brighten Up! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator ($34.00 for 4.23 oz. from Vasanti and Amazon): This is gentle, effective, non-stripping, and it has enough fine grit that it feels like an at-home microdermabrasion treatment. There is an abundance of fine, and uniform, exfoliating particles that do not leave my skin feeling irritated or scratched up. Instead, my skin is left incredibly soft, silky-smooth and luminous. The results are immediate, and after a single use this became one of my favorite exfoliants because of its efficacy. I should note that it has no discernible aroma, and therefore it should not bother people who avoid skincare products that are fragranced. Purchase Again? Probably not because it will be a long time before I need a new exfoliant. I did, however, love using this exfoliant!

Tatcha Camellia Cleansing Oil ($48.00 for 5 oz. from Tatcha, Sephora and Violet Grey): This cleansing oil is a true thing of beauty. The consistency is very light in weight, and is closer to the fluidity of water than one expects from an oil. It isn't too runny, but remains more fluid than viscous. In fact, I would suggest that for a cleansing oil it has the perfect consistency that lends itself to emulsifying beautifully.

It is a colorless (clear) oil that has a remarkably pleasant scent that resides somewhere between an herbal and a floral, but it is light and unassuming. The texture itself is sublime- it is a smooth silky elixir that feels simply amazing on the skin.

It is quite concentrated- you simply apply a small amount to your face, massage it in and then add water. Once water is introduced, and it begins to emulsify, the oil turns into a milky white magical potion. Not only is it unbelievably gentle on the skin, but it is likewise unbelievably effective at removing every single trace of makeup- including the most stubborn waterproof makeup. In order to remove every trace of makeup, I tend to use a Q-Tip to remove the last bits of makeup from my lash line, but I have not found it necessary to use an additional eye makeup remover. Purchase Again? I have at least 6 full-sized cleansing oils to use, and several deluxe samples of this to use first, but I would definitely repurchase this once I need another cleansing oil.

Lumene Sisu Defend & Replenish Antioxidant Mist ($14.99 for 3.4 oz. from Amazon): This refreshing and hydrating antioxidant mist can be used any time of the day when your skin needs a little boost, but it can also be used to set your makeup. I prefer to store it in the refrigerator when I use it during the warmer weather because it gives the skin such relief during the summer. It leaves skin hydrated, soft, smooth and luminous. It has a light fruity aroma, but it is very pleasant and it isn't long-lasting. Purchase Again? At some point when I don't have so many like-products, but this one was definitely a joy to use.
Derma E UPLIFT Skin Beneficial Mist ($18.95 for 1 oz. from Derma E): is a gorgeous blend of citrus tempered by chamomile and lavender, and the end result is a slightly spicy citrus that is as uplifting and invigorating as the name suggests! It awakens the senses and it smells utterly delectable. Purchase Again? Maybe when I finish up my back up bottle of Create.

Derma E CALM Skin Beneficial Mist ($18.95 for 1 oz. from Derma E): is a very relaxing and calming blend of  Lemon, Eucalyptus, Sage and Rosemary, and a single deep breath of this essence slows a busy mind, calms a tense body and leaves the spirit soothed. Purchase Again? I will definitely consider purchasing this one again once I finish my last bottle of Create.

Derma E CREATE Skin Beneficial Mist ($18.95-$18.99 for 1 oz. from Derma E): is a wonderfully refreshing and stimulating blend of Rosemary, Ginger, Spearmint– an inspiring amalgam of essential oils that are a pleasure to the senses. A touch of Cardamom, which helps promote focus and clarity, comes through in the base notes, and it adds a touch of spice to this beautiful blend. Purchase Again? I just opened a new bottle! 
Baylis & Harding Oud, Cedar & Amber Natural Hand Soap ($5.99 for 16.9 oz. from Target): is a rich, creamy and warm blend that is so luxe that it is hard to believe that it could be as affordable as it actually is. It is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. Purchase Again? Without question! This is amazing hand soap from an extraordinary brand! A+

Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Wash Infused Buffer ($14.00 each or $56.00 for a 4-pack from Spongellé): This is a wonderful new addition to the Spongellé line, and this launch offers a perfect way to thoroughly wash hands during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, you won't mind how often that you need to wash your hands given that these soap infused sponges thoroughly clean and exfoliate, plus they get into every hard to reach spot. Additionally, they don't strip the skin, but instead they leave it hydrated, soft and smooth. The four available scents are delicious, and the creamy lather is incredibly satisfying to the touch. Spongellé suggests that each sponge offers 40+ washes, but I always find that I get more washes out of all of their products than they suggest. Purchase Again? I still have one left!

Spongellé Let's Celebrate Butterfly Holiday Gift Set ($20.00 for a set of 2 from Spongellé): I have such love for Spongellé Body Buffers, they are so easy and convenient to use, they are incredibly effective, and they smell delicious! You simply dampen the Spongellé Body Wash Infused Buffers with water to activate the lather to effortlessly clean and exfoliate the skin. Each gift set sponge is filled with enough body wash for a minimum of 5+ washes, but I am able to get closer to 10 washes per sponge. 

Once you have used up all of the body wash, the sponge itself is still quite intact, and therefore all you need to do is use it in conjunction with your favorite liquid or bar soaps. The hanging ribbon allows the buffer to dry out easily, but I recommend hanging it outside of the moist environment of the shower to avoid bacterial growth.

These sponges not only effectively remove dead skin cells, but they also leave the skin deliciously baby soft, smooth, supple and moisturized.  Body wash infused body buffers are such a treat to use, and the Spongellé Body Wash Infused Buffers really excel in their ability to clean and exfoliate the skin while delighting the senses with their delightful aromas. Purchase Again? I still have one left from this fantastic set!

Revitalash Thickening Shampoo ($36.00 for 8.5 oz. from Revitalash and Amazon): When I wash my hair with this shampoo, and after I massage it into my scalp and work it though the length of my hair, I allow it to sit for a few minutes to optimize its efficacy. When I rinse it out, I immediately note that my hair is clean, but not stripped. Purchase Again? I have lots of shampoo to use before buying any more.

Revitalash Thickening Conditioner ($37.00 for 8.5 oz. from Revitalash and Amazon): This wonderfully nourishing, and ultra-hydrating, conditioner leaves my scalp comfortable, my hair shiny and silky-smooth, and in conjunction with their shampoo there is decidedly less hair in the drain of my shower. My hair has more volume, it feels thicker and it is definitely more hydrated, manageable and healthy. Purchase Again? Not likely, simply because I have a ridiculous number of bottles of conditioner to use up first. However, this is really good conditioner, and I was sad when I finished the bottle!

Tom Ford Cheek Color in Frantic Pink ($67.00 from Nordstrom): Frantic Pink (discussed here and here) is a pinky peach shade with warm multicolor pearl, and it was my favorite go-to daily blush for a very long time. I think that the color and formula changed slightly, and it looks as though most places are sold out– therefore, I am not sure if they are out of stock or if something new is replacing it. I still have a couple of Tom Ford Cheek Color compacts left, in other colors, but I really did love this blush and used every last bit. Purchase Again? Probably not because I have lots of blushes to use, and I am gravitating toward other brands these days.This was one gorgeous blush!
Overall Assessment: There you have it! I am extremely happy that I was able to finish up this many products in July. I should say, however, that it is less impressive than it seems because they were all nearly empty to begin with. Nonetheless, I managed to finish them up and recycle or repurpose their containers. What did you use up, toss out, give away or return in July? Do tell!

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  1. You blow me away every month with the number of full size products you use up! And you completely finished a blush compact? You deserve a blue ribbon for that one!!!

    1. Thanks, Allison. It definitely looks more impressive than it actually is because a lot of these were quite used up before I made the final push to finish them this month. The toughest one to finish was definitely the blush, but I left it out on my vanity and wore it every day. It is so seldom that I actually finish a blush!

  2. What wonderful items you used up. It hurt when I finished the Ven Effect moisturizer a while ago since it's too expensive for me to buy again, it's a great splurge though. My one blush from Tom Ford is still going strong since I have so many blushes but I'll be sad if I finish it.

    1. Hi Marcia! I know what you mean about the VENeffect moisturizer! I was very sad when I finished this jar as well! I actually can't believe that I finish Tom Ford's Frantic Pink– I almost never hit the pan, let alone actually finish a full blush. I have a several more of his blushes to finish (2 regular blushes and then two in his big holiday palettes.

  3. Such a good feeling to finally finish a bunch of products off. I’m on a mission to finish up everything in my shower right now!

    1. It really is such a great feeling! I really dislike being wasteful, and using up so many opened, and half-used, products is so fulfilling!

  4. Such a great feeling finishing up products! I have a lot to work through right now. Right now trying to finish everything in my shower!

    1. Are you making a dent in the products in your shower, Claudia! My shower is where I place lots of mostly used products so that they are right in my line of sight. That way I really have a good chance of using them before they expire!


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