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Boxwalla Secret Garden February Beauty Box | Review #Boxwalla

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The Boxwalla Secret Garden February Beauty Box is such a thing of beauty. Needless to say, this is another phenomenal green beauty box from BOXWALLA!

As previously noted, if you have not yet heard of Boxwalla, it is an online bi-monthly subscription box service that was specifically created to introduce people to the finest artists, filmmakers, writers and artisans from across the globe. The creators of Boxwalla have effectively curated what they call a "multi-sensory haven for the multifaceted woman (or man) who wants to experience the best in every category." They currently offer four categories for their subscription boxes that appeal to the senses and the intellect, and each of these carefully curated boxes features the highest quality products imaginable.

Bi-Monthly Subscription Box Categories: 
  • Green Beauty
  • Artisanal Food
  • Books 
  • Film
Boxwalla's Green Beauty boxes feature ultra high quality, cruelty-free healthy skincare and makeup products that introduce you to covet-worthy beauty products that are healthy, a joy to use, and that are affordably priced.
About Boxwalla, 

...we use a bimonthly subscription model to showcase the work of the artists and artisans within these categories. Subscribers have the option of switching between categories before every cycle.

We are passionate about showcasing the most effective, practical and luxurious products we have experienced in each category. The products included in each box are meant to be used together in a slow, pampering beauty ritual, while also complementing the products featured in previous boxes.

Among the brands that they have featured in their Green Beauty boxes: RMS Beauty, Gressa, Axiology Lipstick, Hurraw Lip Balm, Lalun Naturals, Henne Organics, Odacite, MOSS, Biodata. 

Boxwalla Green Beauty Boxes are always Cruelty-Free.
According to BOXWALLA,

This February, we lovingly invite you to step into our Secret Garden: A place filled with the sweetest of Nature's gifts. The wind may be roaring outside & a mountain of snow may be piling up, but inside this secret garden, tranquility prevails. As you enter, you begin to notice a warm protective bubble around you, and you lightly float around this beautiful place. Perhaps you'll spot a rose or two. Maybe jasmine petals shaking of some dew. But there will be Date trees holding secrets untold and lushly studded pomegranates fallen on the grassy floors. Pluck some barbary figs, gather watermelons. There is green tea galore for the asking. Sit a while & admire the pretty hues of elderberries & hibiscus flowers. And as you breathe in, you'll slowly realize that in this lush secret garden of ours, love springs eternal.
Boxwalla Secret Garden February Beauty Box:
This box includes three full-size products 
One Love Organics Love Springs Eternal Youth Preservation Serum (Value: $75.00 for 1 oz.): This nighttime serum, which is quite concentrated, has an ultra-luxe silky texture that is a tactile delight. It is lightweight and it melts into the skin effortlessly– particularly when applied to warm and slightly damp skin that has just been washed. This lovely elixir instantaneously hydrates and nourishes the skin, and it imparts a luminous glow. Each morning when I awaken, I note that my skin is ultra soft, smooth, supple, lifted and dewy. Furthermore, my skin enjoys a pronounced clarity and my fine lines are plumped and softened. It has a light aroma from which I detect the Jasmine Extract, but it does fade markedly once the oil has been absorbed into the skin.

According to One Love Organics,

This luxuriously lightweight oil boasts some of Mother Nature’s most effective (and clinically proven) gifts: Blue Seakale, a marine plant, to soothe and revitalize; and protein-rich sea algae, to deeply moisturize for improved skin tonicity and firmness. Green tea, watermelon and jasmine oils easily absorb into skin for a super effective nighttime boost of emollient moisture. At the heart of this restorative elixir, Barbary Fig Plant Stem Cells and D’Orientine S, a botanical active extracted from date seeds, display strong youth preservation properties and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • 100% of the total ingredients are from natural origin
  • 92.15% of the total ingredients are from organic farming
  • Natural and Organic Cosmetics certified by Ecocert Greenlife according to Ecocert Standard 
Directions: Apply 3-5 drops to clean, damp skin every evening.

Ingredients: Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea) Seed Oil*, Limnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed Oil, Citrullus Vulgaris (Watermelon) Seed Oil, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride (And) Phoenix Dactylifera (Date) Seed Extract, Alaria (Algae) Esculenta Extract, Crambe Maritima (Blue Seakale) Leaf Extract, Opuntia Ficus Indica (Barbary Fig) Cell Extract, Jasminum Officinale (Jasmine) Extract, Tocopherol.
H is for Love Bara Balm Facial Emollient (Value: $70.00 for 1 oz.): This is such a beautiful balm that I am nearly at a loss for words to describe its magnificence. It is lightweight, rather than dense, and, in fact, it is so soft to the touch that one eagerly anticipates its ability to effortlessly melt into the skin– which it does immediately. It can be used alone as a highly effective moisturizer, or it can be used in conjunction with your favorite face oil for added moisture. Skin is left with a smooth, velvety texture that will leave you deliriously happy. It has a hypnotic warm earthy aroma that is soothing to the senses. 

According to H is for Love,

BARA BALM is our answer to skin in need.  Sometimes skin needs a little extra to soothe and protect.  BARA is formulated to take moisturizing to another level. Each ingredient has been chosen to soften skin, absorbing quickly, leaving your face with an ultra sheer layer of protection against environmental assault. BARA feels light, and has a delightfully sweet and uplifting scent. Its texture is extremely smooth and melts into skin with ease. Use it on its own, as an added boost to your face oil or as a spot treatment wherever extra love may be required.
Ingredients: Jojoba oil*, Macadamia nut oil*, Apricot kernel oil*, Pomegranate seed oil*, Shea butter*, Tamanu oil*, Beeswax, Sea buckthorn oil*, Mixed tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E), Marshmallow root*, Calendula*, Chamomile*, Lemon balm*, Essential oils of: Chinese rose, Vanilla ‘total’ CO2, Frankincense, Lavender*

*These products are made in small batches and with ingredients of the highest quality. Because of this, slight fluctuations in color will occur from batch to batch even though ratios stay consistent.
H is for Love Lip Glacé in Root & Berry (Value: $17.00 for .17 oz): This glossy balm, which is nourishing and ultra-moisturizing, leaves lips soft, silky smooth and supple. It is very emollient, but it clings to the lips without even the slightest hint of stickiness. It has the perfect amount of cushion for comfortable wear, and a single application lasts for several hours. The natural pigments, while intense in the pot and in my swatch, offer a juicy, light wash of red on the lips. There is a very light aroma that is primarily punctuated by the peppermint and vanilla oils, but it fades almost immediately. It is important to note that it is neither in the least bit overpowering, nor is it irritating to the lips– instead it is refreshing and comforting.

According to H is for Love,

Lip Glacé is a universally flattering rose-colored gloss. Its tint is derived from berries, roots and flowers and completely void of mica, iron oxides or mineral pigments. Highly regenerative sea buckthorn CO2 lends a touch of red clay color to the mix. Virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil creates a matte look in the pot, but once warmed by your lips it becomes glossy (glacé!)

Glacé is perfection if you seek a touch of femininity in a deeply hydrating gloss. Its effect is subtle, serving to enhance the natural look of the wearer and it can also layer beautifully over nearly any lipstick color.

Both stunning and discreet, Lip Glacé wears deliciously, imparting hints of peppermint, vanilla and berry but without being overpowering. Healthy, sexy lips – naturally.

Ingredients: Castor bean oil*, Olive oil*, Coconut oil*, Beeswax, Mixed tocopherols (Non-GMO Vitamin E), Alkanet root*, Elder Berries*, Calendula*, Bilberries*, Hibiscus*, Essential oils of: Peppermint*, Sea buckthorn CO2*, Vanilla ‘Total’ CO2*, Rosemary antioxidant CO2*
Image courtesy of Boxwalla

Overall Assessment: First, I have to say that the value for this green beauty box is phenomenal– you get three full size products, with a combined value of $162.00, for only $49.95! All three products boast exceptional quality, are a serious treat to use, and they are ultra-effective. A+

$49.95 from Boxwalla (Affiliate Links).
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  1. I think I'd like to try that Lip Glace! That sounds super nice.

    1. It really is fantastic, and it feels incredible on the lips!

  2. The Lip Glace is really calling to me. It just looks so soothing, and I adore the shade. I forgot that I had been saving a face balm for winter, and I forgot all about it. Going to get it out now. Another lovely box from Boxwalla this month!

    1. It really is quite soothing, and the shade is lovely. It does go on more sheer on the lips, but it is definitely a really lovely lippie that is absolutely worth having! I think that you would use all of the time.

  3. What a fantastic way to find new green beauty brands! I really like the sound of that face balm, I've never heard of such a thing (other than for cleansing!).

    1. Boxwalla is a really amazing green beauty box, and I have been introduced to so many amazing brands because of them!

  4. Replies
    1. It really is, Courtney! They carefully curate these eco-friendly boxes, and the quality of each of the products selected is always exceptional, in my experience! I think that you would love this serum!

  5. I've been wanting to try One Love products. It's such an interesting box of products.

    1. I am very impressed by the One Love serum, and want to try more of their products! Boxwalla is an exceptional beauty box service– to the extent that I am thoroughly impressed each time I open one of their fantastic boxes!

  6. I've been meaning to try an artisanal box, but I'll probably have to drop a sub or two to make room in my budget lol. Everything in this one looks so good!

    1. This one is definitely worth it! They always feature three exquisite quality products and the value is equally phenomenal! I highly recommend BOXWALLA!


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