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Sisley Paris Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Cream | Review

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After having loved, and used, Sisley Paris Eye Contour Mask (Reviewed HERE) for more than 3 1/2 years I decided to make the luxury splurge and purchase Sisley Paris Sisleya Eye and Lip Contour Cream. I had been contemplating this purchase for a long time, and it was the price that held me back. However, my love of their Eye Contour Mask, coupled with the fact that many retailers are currently offering a complimentary limited edition Ridoki Massage Applicator Massage Tool with the purchase, made me decide to take the plunge.

The cream, which is touted as an effective anti-aging product, is formulated to treat the delicate areas around the eyes and mouth, and this immediately appealed to me because of its claims to soften the appearance of fine lines, to reduce under eye puffiness and its ability to treat dark circles.

I have some fine lines, but it was really the need to treat dark circles and under eye puffiness that I have sought to treat. While I would neither characterize my dark circles and under eye puffiness as extreme, by any means, they both occur whenever I don't get enough sleep (which is quite often). I work very long hours, sit in Los Angeles traffic commuting for what seems like incalculable amounts of time on a daily basis, and often continue to work when I finally return home. The outcome is that I often don't get enough sleep, and when that happens I often wake up with dark circles and under eye puffiness, and therefore this eye cream and this Ridoki Massage Applicator Massage Tool seemed like a justifiable expense to me.
Sisley asserts that this cream is formulated to fight the visible signs "genetic and environmental aging" that is supposed to be associated with "personal lifestyle." If, by this, they mean my aforementioned lack of sleep and the subsequent dark circles and under eye puffiness that it causes, then I back the veracity of their statements.

The cream, itself, is rather thick and not nearly as emollient as one might expect. That is not to say that it isn't nourishing and moisturizing because it offers an abundance of both of these attributes. Instead, it is thick and fast absorbing, and therefore it leaves behind no greasy residue whatsoever, and it incidentally serves as a perfect base for concealers. At once I note that my eyes are very hydrated, but it also seems to lift and firm the skin as well (without any pulling or discomfort). Unlike many eye creams, this one is also suitable for the upper eyelids and it firms their appearance. I do not have crepey eyelids, but I imagine that this would be deemed effective for those who do.

The big question, for me, is whether this cream lives up to its claims to treat under eye puffiness and dark circles, since this is why I made this extravagant purchase, and the answer is yes– and even more so when used in conjunction with the massage tool. I began testing the cream after a night of very little sleep, and one look in the mirror in the morning was all I needed to determine the necessity of some sort of topical intervention.
Sisley suggests prepping the skin before applying the cream by using the massage tool, and then applying the cream afterward. I have found that I can either use the tool before, during or after the application of the cream, and any of these methods is quite effective for me.

One method that I routinely use involves utilizing little spatula to extract enough cream for both eyes and gently patting it under my eyes and then I roll the cool tip of the massage tool to smooth the skin and press in the remainder of the cream. The cooling metal roller feels delightfully refreshing and exhilarating against the skin, and it is even more effective if it has been cooled in the refrigerator.  Remarkably it radically reduces puffiness, and leaves eyes looking soft, smooth, supple, hydrated, luminous and thoroughly de-puffed. It likewise lightens the appearance of dark circles, but that seemed to work a little more gradually for me– with a more cumulative effect after using it for a longer period of time.
As to whether or not it works to contour the lip area and make lips appear "reshaped and visibly more defined"– I just don't know, I have not used it for my lips, and have no need to treat that area for the aforementioned reasons. Furthermore, this is an expensive product and I don't want to waste it where it is not needed.
According to Sisley Paris,

Behavioral and lifestyle factors, such as stress or overexposure to the sun, can have an effect on the fragile eye contour area. In Sisleÿa L'Integral Anti-Age Eye and Lip Contour Cream, Sisley addresses the visible signs associated with the three types of aging: genetic and environmental aging, and now, those linked to personal lifestyle. Persian Acacia and Lindera extracts, combined with Yeast and Soy Protein Complex, help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for a more youthful look. Enriched with Soy peptide extract, the formula visibly firms the upper eyelids. The combination of Atlas Cedar extract and Pomegranate fermented extract, helps to lighten the appearance of blue and brown dark circles: the eyes look visibly brighter. Finally, Passion Fruit extract works to reduce the look of under eye puffiness. Tolerance tested under dermatological and ophthalmological conditions. Formulated without essential oils. Suitable for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Included with the cream, is a limited edition ridoki massage applicator to cool, prep and soothe the area prior to cream application.
Persian Acacia and Lindera extracts, combined with Yeast and Soy Protein Complex, contribute to re-energizing the eye contour and reducing wrinkles and fine lines for a visibly fresher and more youthful look. Enriched with Soy peptide extract, this formula firms the upper eyelids for eyes that look redefined and wider, as if opened up. The vertical lines above the lips, an area particularly influenced by behavioral factors (smoking, sun, etc.), are visibly smoother.

The combination of plant-based expert key ingredients, including Atlas Cedar extract and Pomegranate fermented extract, helps to lighten the blue and brown coloration of dark circles: the eyes look visibly brighter. Finally, Passion Fruit extract works to reduce puffiness.
Directions: Apply morning and evening along the eye contour area, eyelids and the contours of the lips. Prepare the eye and lip area prior to applying the cream by utilizing the cool-tip massage tool. Smooth above the eyebrow and over the eyelid and below the eye, always using a motion away from the inner eye. Also, smooth around the mouth area above the lips, using a motion from the center of the mouth to the outer edges. Use gentle, light pressing motions around the entire eyelid and below the eye area to support microcirculation. Gently move the massage tool in a zigzag pattern between the brows and under the eye area to help de-puff. Use a gentle back-and-forth motion between the eyebrow, along the outer corners of the eye and above the lip to smooth wrinkles.
Massage Tool Technique: 
Overall Assessment: I suppose the real question is whether or not I need this. Well, of course not, but its efficacy in diminishing my under eye puffiness and dark circles made this a very sensible purchase for me. While I wish that it was less expensive, I have found that the cream is concentrated enough that I only need to use a very small amount, and therefore I imagine that this jar will last me quite a long time. Furthermore, the inclusion of the Ridoki Massage Applicator Massage Tool made this purchase feel even more justifiable. I have used this massage tool with a wide variety of eye creams and serums, and I will continue to use it long after I have finished this eye cream. 

Would I repurchase this eye cream? Yes, based upon my experience it has proven to be a great purchase. However, by the time that I finish this jar I might have discovered something else. Do you need it? Of course not, but if you have issues with puffiness and dark circles– then I think that you will be equally amazed by its efficacy. Plus if you purchase it with the complimentary Ridoki Massage Applicator Massage Tool, then you are in for a serious treat. A+

Purchased. All views expressed are categorically my own.
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  1. Ah, sounds like the contour cream and massager would be appropriate for my crepey lids, but alas that price 😢

    1. It is extraordinary, and the price is precisely what held me back for so long! You would absolutely LOVE it!

  2. Nordstrom has three times points coming up and if they offer the tool too then it would be worth it. But most Sisley has fragrance, what about this?

    1. Yes the points and the tool would make it worth it– even more so if you have accumulated some Nordstrom Notes! It has no discernible fragrance or scent, and it isn't listed in the ingredients, either. I don't think that you would have any trouble with this eye cream, Marcia.

  3. wow $210! I'm more of a procedure kind of girl, simple on skincare but indulge on lasers, lol

    1. Well topical can't compete with lasers, but this is definitely a first rate eye cream!

  4. Sounds like a total pampering experience that I'm sure I would love.

  5. I would love help with the bags under my eyes!

    1. This is definitely a first rate eye cream, and it is really great with under eye bags!

  6. Omg the applicator massage tool is what caught my eye first! My tired eyes would LOVE that!

    1. Me too. I had been wanting the eye cream for a long time, but as soon as I saw the tool as a GWP, I was sold!


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