Monday, February 3, 2014

Illamasqua "I'm the One" Collection for Valentine's Day Press Release

Press Release (Affiliate Links)

This Valentine’s Day, we invite you to cherish the person with whom you have the most intimate relationship; yourself. Allow our scarlet quartet to enhance your unique features. Seek comfort in the familiarity of three classic Illamasqua shades, and open your heart to a brand new addition to our Intense Lipgloss range.

NEW! Intense Lipgloss in Touch ($22.00): Infused with fine shimmer particles, this plush gloss will add depth and fullness to your lips.
Nail Varnish in Throb ($17.00): Apply 2 coats of this glossy blood red shade for an elegant, classic manicure.
NEW! Coloring Pencil in Feisty ($20.00): A creamy addition to your lip collection, use our Feisty pencil to create a precise and alluring red lip.
Lipstick in Maneater ($26.00): An intense, full coverage formula, apply this lipstick to bare lips for a long-lasting pop of color. 
Show us @illamasqua you’re the one!

Use the #ImTheOne hashtag on Instagram and Facebook from the January, 29th – February, 15th to blow @illamasqua a Red Lipstick Selfie for the chance to be shown on Illamasqua store screens and to qualify for our daily competitions to win pieces from the ‘I’m The One’ collection.
“I’m the One” available from January 29th, 2014
Available at: Select Bloomingdale’s locations nationwide, Sephora, and
Press Release provided to Lola's Secret Beauty Blog courtesy of Illamasqua.


  1. Maneater: I am not fond of this overly aggressive names. To some degree, they discourage me. They just sound silly to me. I have yet to find a man who wants to be eaten by a red lip. On a more positive note, I need this for my red lipsticks collection. I have some Illamasqua's lipsticks yet they are very drying on my lips :(

    1. LOL!! It's funny, the name evoked the Hall & Oats song for me more than anything else! The color is definitely a gorgeous gorgeous red. Can you comfortably wear their lipsticks over a balm, or are they drying no matter what you do?

  2. Terribly drying no matter what I do. I tend to sacrifice the well being of my lips for a bold color. My lips look bad on nudes. I dream of wearing soft, demure nudes but my whole complexion disappears and blurs when I try. My face comes to life when I wear blue pinks and blue reds. I cannot wear tomato reds either. Orange tones make me look like a painted my face with a brick! Ahhhhh, the vicissitudes of my face! how are the lovely ones doing? Here we had yet another storm and a few more to come for what I heard.
    Many hugs!

    1. Then it hardly seems worth trying to wear!! I wonder if you are sensitive to some of the ingredients or if the issue is that the formula is just more drying? Ah yes, blue pinks and blue reds are the best-- orange tones, tomato reds etc. look ghastly on me. They totally wash me out and make me look like I have malaria! While clear blue-based colors look the best on me, I love wearing nudes :-)

      The furry creatures are doing well! I'm sure that you are ready for the weather to thaw and the sun to come out! xoxox

  3. I LOVE both of the promo pictures! ~Pam

    1. Hi Pam, I completely agree with you-- both of the promo images are stunning! :-)


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