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Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink No. 7 | Review and Swatches

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Believe it or not, I grew up using YSL cosmetics, and to this day yearn for a replacement of their dual-ended No. 6 eye pencil that featured the perfect royal purple and royal blue shades. I went through a countless number of these, as did my sister, and we were among the few teens/young adults to wear such luxe eye pencils. Our mom would bring us to the counter, and had the lovely makeup artist apply our makeup and then she would buy what had been applied as a gift. Following this makeup adventure, we would go out to lunch on Union Square– it was an utterly divine way to spend the day together. Therefore, for me, there is a certain level of nostalgia associated with YSL.

For some reason, it has been a while since I last purchased something from YSL, but recently found myself playing with their products at Nordstrom, and ended up purchasing a lipstick that I have been meaning to buy for a very long time.

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink No. 7 is a breathtakingly beautiful light, cool-toned pink– the likes of which is surprisingly difficult to find. It is one of those perfect pinks that innately resonates with me, and while I have known of this shade for a very long time I somehow never bothered to buy it. I have no logical reason for this, but now that I have it I can honestly say that I should have purchased this beauty years ago.
According to YSL,

An object of desire, this award-winning lipstick is wrapped in a romantic, elegant gold case that exudes luxury. Each signature shade saturates lips in captivating color that’s intensely pigmented, and imparts an irresistible glossy shine. The long-lasting, comforting formula is highlighted with a unique Color-shine Complex that leaves lips visibly smoother, plumper and more radiant. Light, silky texture smooths on a veil of satiny, sensual color that’s altogether alluring.
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink No. 7 is a light blue-based pink that is ultra light and creamy in texture, and effortlessly glides across the lips. It is emollient and moisturizing, and therefore the wear-time is not particularly long-lasting (a couple hours of wear on me), but the formula is so amazing that I have no problem reapplying it. That said, when used over a lip pencil I find that I get many more hours of wear. The pigmentation is buildable– therefore you can apply a thin wash of color, or apply several passes for maximum opacity.

Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink No. 7, which incidentally contains an SPF 15,  has a gorgeous and flattering satin finish with the perfect amount of sheen, and it wears comfortably with the perfect amount of cushion.
The signature gold case, punctuated in the center by the color of the lipstick,  is ultra luxe. The bullet has a weight and solidity that feels fantastic in the hand, and makes the ritual of applying lipstick luxurious and pleasurable.
This really is the perfect pink lipstick!
Rouge Volupté Lipstick in Lingerie Pink No. 7 has the perfect satin finish
Below: soft focus to demonstrate the sheen
Ingredients: Pentaerythrityl Tetraisostearate, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene, Butyl Stearate, Butyloctyl Salicylate, Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladipate-2, Polyethylene, Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, Dimethicone, Titanium Dioxide, Cera Microcristallina (Microcrystalline Wax), Cera Alba (Beeswax), Dimethicone Crosspolymer, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Oil Extract, Silica Dimethyl Silylate, Stearyl Stearate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Caprylyl Glycol, Tocopheryl Acetate, Oryzanol, Ammonium Glycyrrhizate, Fragrance, Behenic Acid, Paraffin, Glyceryl Stearate, Lecithin, Tocopherol, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Butylene Glycol, Rosemary (Rosmarinus Officinalis) Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Hexylene Glycol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Citric Acid, Limonene. [+/- May Contain: Ci 77491 (Iron Oxide), Ci 15850 (Red 7), Ci 15850 (Red 6), Ci 45410 (Red 28 Lake), Ci 77499 (Iron Oxide), Ci 77492 (Iron Oxide), Ci 42090 (Blue 1 Lake), Ci 17200 (Red 33 Lake), Ci 73360 (Red 30), Ci 75470 (Carmine), Ci 12085 (Red 36), Ci 15985 (Yellow 6 Lake), Ci 19140 (Yellow 5 Lake), Ci 77019 (Mica), Ci 77742 (Manganese Violet), Ci 77891 (Titanium Dioxide), Calcium Sodium Borosilicate, Ci 77002 (Aluminum Hydroxide), Silica, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Talc].
Overall Assessment: I'm one smitten kitten. I want more colors now!

$35.00 for  from YSL BeautyNordstrom, Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf GoodmanNet-A-Porter and Selfridges (Affiliate Links).

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  1. They simply beg one to own more. I have three of the Rouge Volupte Shines in my collection (13 Pink in Paris, 17 Rose In Tension, 18 Prune in Fire) and one of the LE for this past Spring 33 Rose Neillia. Love them!

    1. I agree completely, Kimmy! What a lovely collection you have! I fear that there are many more in my future! :-)

  2. I would love to buy that. I wish these products were just a bit cheaper ^_^
    Makeup, Skin Care, and Hair Care

    1. Hi Karen, It's really lovely. If you are a Sephora VIB, then you can take advantage during their next sale! :-)

  3. Hey Helen, wow, lucky you! I don't think my mom bought me any makeup at all, let alone YSL :) I only own a Rouge Volupte Shine. A friend let me try her Rouge Volupte, but I can't remember what it is about the formula that I didn't like so much. This one does look like the perfect pink for fairer girls tho!

    1. Hey Sunny! Those are really great memories! My mom was a firm believer that we should be using luxurious high quality skincare and makeup, and making such a special event of the shopping experience followed by a lovely lunch became a very meaningful ritual. Then we would go back home and play with all of our goodies together! It was magnificent!

      I don't own any of the Rouge Volupté Shines, but definitely see some in my future. This color is definitely great for fairer girls. I wonder what you found unimpressive about the formula? Perhaps that is wasn't as long-wearing as you would have wanted?

  4. I absolutely love YSL lipsticks! I want to wish you a wonderful winter break and happy holidays my dearest one. I hope that even more good things come your way and that TT line manifests for you. You deserve it!
    much love cosmic twinster.

    1. Hello love! I'm not surprised that you love their beautiful lipsticks!!!! I imagine that your collection is utterly stunning!

      Thank you, my cosmic twin! I hope that you have a beautiful and happy holiday season! I hope that you are able to get some R&R over the winter break! Thank you for your positive vibes about manifesting the TT!! Fingers crossed! Your love and support means the world to me! Any word on the TT that you were seeking? xoxoxoxox

  5. did you see the new tint-in-oil formulas while you were there? i own Volupte Shine in #3 Violet Incognito. i dab it gently on my lips as a stain for day time or swipe for a vampy look at night

    1. I actually didn't pay close enough attention at the time, but they are definitely on my list to try out! Are you loving the formula?

    2. i did review it but the quick version is it's low on tint but high in hydration so i'm a bit conflicted about it. i was wondering how it compared to the hourglass no.28 lip treatment oil if you tried it.

    3. It seems that the reviews are somewhat mixed. I want to try it out though. I love love love the Hourglass No. 28 Lip Treatment!!!!!! I'm going to check out your review!!!!!!!

  6. I love your story, Lola, that you grew up using YSL and your mom was your enabler! How wonderful! I have yet to try any YSL products though I would love one of the lipsticks. I adore the shade you bought. Just perfect!

    1. Thanks, Allison! YEs, my mom was definitely my first enabler! We had so much fun on these shopping excursions! The whole thing was so decadent and fun! I'm glad that you like the color that I chose! <3

  7. Now I know where your enabling prowess came from! I love YSL Rouge Volupte line. This is a pretty pink lippy!

    1. You are absolutely right, Kath! My mom was definitely my first high-end makeup and skincare product enabler! This is definitely a gorgeous pink lippy!!!!! :-)

  8. Hi lipstick soul sister!

    Tried responding via the TF post however wouldn't let me (perhaps I exceeded the limit!). Anyway...
    These swatches of LP do look gorgeous & not quite as unwearable pink as I remember...maybe I'll have to try it on again altho it does look pretty similar to TF's pink dusk which I have.
    In response to your previous reply...I've only used vanilla suede with Chanel natural lip liner which doesn't alter colour of the lipstick so def try it with other lip liners that u suggested. OMG we really are lipstick soul sisters....the only rouge g I have is Gabrielle & the only other one I want is Gemma!!!!! Altho now I have TF Olivier, am not sure if Gemma is now required? Speaking of TF minis, they are back on at Selfridges so despite my reservations about size/price etc, have just ordered 2 more-James & Richard which as you know is Negligee...not my usual colour but my friend has negligee & it's so lovely on the lips that I thought best to not miss out on it this time around! Must be the Xmas spirit as went totally crazy & also ordered Flamingo (forget overthinking...I didn't even think!) as figured that I do have 2 bright pinks in my collection (Nars satin lip pencil in Nu & Chanel rouge coco in Romance) & both are gorgeous so a TF bright can't hurt! Who knows I may get really bold & purchase a vamp shade like black dahlia for winter altho would have 2try that on Instore first as is way out of my comfort zone! I do recommend you try the Nars Velvet Matte lip pencils esp Dolce Vita...muted rose....gorgeous! Happy Holidays :) ps love your blogs-so much better than Temptalia :) have u thought about doing lip swatches? x

    1. Hi lipstick soul sister!!! <3

      That's very strange, and it concerns me a bit. There is a definite word count per comment, but you can keep replying– so although the comment will be in multiple pieces you should be able to keep going. However, if it was this comment verbatim there shouldn't have been a problem. I'm going to go in and respond to one of your comments in the TF post to see if I am able. If not, I will try and trouble shoot it.

      Pink Lingerie is far isn't muted the war that Pink Dusk is– PL is decided less neutral, and it is a cleaner blue-based color. Next time that you are near a YSL counter be sure to bring your Pink Dusk with you and you will see that there is quite a difference between them.

      I have the Chanel Natural liner and never thought to pair it with Vanilla Suede– what a brilliant combination! I will definitely give that a try!

      Why am I not in the least bit surprised that you only have Gabrielle, and only want Gemma!!!!! I think that Gemma is far more of a mauvey pink, whereas Olivier is more of a lavender pink. Plus Gemma is far more opaque than Olivier. I had a feeling that you were going to go for more of the Boys, and James and Richard a lovely choices! Today was the day that they were relaunching everywhere that they are being sold– so I suspect that some of the more popular colors will begin selling out quickly. I'm happy for you that you ordered Flamingo, and can't wait to hear what you think. I hope that you are deliriously happy with your purchases! I agree that it's a good idea that you go swatch the vamps shades in store to see how you feel about them, but always remember that you can manipulate their "vampiness" with blotting, and/or a lipliner/lip gloss to take down the intensity of the hue. Also check out Bruised plum to see if you prefer it.

      I will definitely check out Dolce Vita next time I'm near a NARS counter. Thank you so much for your very kind words!! That is such a sweet thing to say. I have thought about doing lip swatches and still consider it periodically. The reason I haven't is because I tend to prefer looking at arm swatches over lip swatches since the color of one's skin on the arms is more uniform than lips, and because lip pigmentation can vary wildly and really change the character of the lipstick color. I therefore always prefer to study arm swatches over lip swatches because I feel as though the colors tend to be more true. xoxo

    2. Yes, thought it was strange...reply button wasn't active & there was no comment box...maybe site crashed.
      I like Chanel lipliner as doesn't change colour of lipstick but sometimes nice to mix things up.
      You are right ref.Olivier being a lavender pink versus Gemma a mauve pink...I actually meant to say TF PussyCat altho being a matte finish is prob quite different to shiny Rouge G Gemma. So thanks for justifying this as my next purchase :) We'll prob end up purchasing at the same time!
      It's funny but TF pink dusk isn't that muted on me..its light pink but bright on me & very cool toned which is why I'm thinking may look similar on me but feel compelled to try it anyway.
      Was thinking of bruised plum or velvet cherry-although that seems more red than I would like. Certainly agree with you that a mini TF black orchid would have been welcome. Ha ha ref. having a feeling I'd purchase more minis (who was I fooling!!) infact, am thinking should have ordered Julian too! & you are spot on with colours selling out...in Selfridges, Stavros & Liam went immediately. Liam looks like a nice vampy shade.
      Totally see your point ref.arm swatches & now you've said it, all the lip swatches never look exactly like (or in some cases remotely like they do when on own lips) so what's the point! Gone off Mac having tried higher end brands-can really feel the difference in quality. Although will have to try Ruby Woo lipstick one day just to know what such an iconic red looks like on me (all reds look awful on me!). TF's eyeliners almost as good as YSL but not quite as long lasting. Ciao 4 now :)

    3. That is strange! Would you mind trying again at some point to see if it will let you leave a comment on that post– it doesn't have to be much of a comment, but more a test to see if it will let you leave a comment. If you can't then others probably can't, and then there is a problem that I need to fix. It did let me leave a reply to you last night, but I log in as the administrator so that may be a bit different.

      I agree with you about mixing things up with lip liners.

      Oh, you meant Pussycat! Pussycat is a slightly cooler, more purple, and cleaner variant on Tom Ford's Casablanca, but I think that you are right that the matte formula may alter the finish a bit– though it's not a dry flat matte. It would be interesting to compare Pussycat to Gemma, but I suspect that Gemma will be a touch more mauve, but I can't be sure without seeing them side by side.

      It is very interesting that Pink Dusk isn't that muted on your– it is on me, but I have decidedly cool-tones skin, and that has a tendency to make his neutral nude colors look a bit muted, in general.

      Bruised Plum and Velvet Cherry are definitely worth swatching. I really agree with you that colors outside of your comfort zone should be evaluated in person when at all possible. You can also run outside and look at your swatches in the natural light which will give you are much more realistic picture of how the shade actually looks in general and on your skin.The artificial lighting in department stores (no matter how luxurious) does customers no favors in evaluating the true hues of the makeup.

      I'm not at all surprised that Selfridges has already sold out of Stavros and Liam. I agree that Liam is a gorgeous vampy shade!

      I stopped buying lipsticks based upon lip swatches long ago for that very reason. I found that the lipsticks looked so different on my lips than they did on the swatchers, and for that reason found lip swatches rather useless in determining the true nature of the color. It is for that reason that I use my arm and apply swatches heavily so that what you are seeing is the color on a blank canvas that doesn't alter the color. I also prefer to swatch everything on my arm because full makeup, while offering context for the shade on that person, does not give me any indication of how it will look on my skin. Furthermore, I find that a blush chosen or a lipstick chosen can modify the appearance of an eyeshadow, for instance, so my interest is in really seeing the color and finish up close unimpeded by other products, colors and finishes. Don't get me wrong, I think that showing the full makeup for context is nice, but it just doesn't personally help me decide whether a cold or product on me. That's why I always opt to give close up pictures of the swatches–because that method proves the most useful for me.

      Ruby Woo is gorgeous, but definitely a more drying matte red that requires some lip prep pin and moisture to wear. I don't own it, but I do think that it is gorgeous. I don't often purchase MAC, but I do periodically buy one of their lipsticks here and there.

      I still don't own a single Tom Ford Eyeliner, but have been meaning to try Espresso or Onyx. I have swatted them and love the creaminess, but am concerned about transfer and smearing. Do you find that to be a problem? I think that the YSL formula does a pretty good job of staying put, and if I'm going to spend $36.00 on at TF eye pencil I want to be reasonably sure that it's not going to melt all over the place instead of staying put!

      Have a lovely weekend! :-)

    4. Think the issue was prob my end as replied to TF post just now with no probs :)

      Totally agree ref.arm swatches-you are absolutely right & that's why I think your swatches of the TF lips & boys in particular is the best plus your description of the colour/finish is precise & informative so very well done on that.

      I have 1 TF eyeliner-espresso-was after a really nice brown as a change to black & this is great-lovely texture (creamy,waxy) colour & no,doesn't smear everywhere but is easy to smudge abit for a smokey eye (essential for me in an eyeliner). Still, YSL better though.

      Yes,have heard that Ruby Woo is very drying & not the 'luxury matte' formula of TF or YSL.

      It seems the most unique TF minis are selling out & Stavros is the most unique colour I've seen in any collection-not a personal fav but can see why it's popular. Hopefully,will get a chance to try on Liam at some point!

      Looking fwd 2trying on Lingerie Pink & Gemma & your next reviews :)

    5. I'm glad that the comment posting issue resolved itself! Sometimes there are just hiccups with technology!

      I'm really glad that the way that I swatched and organized the Lips & Boys post resonated with you. I tend to try to organize things in a logical way with as much information as possible. I noticed that Tom Ford didn't furnish color descriptions– so instead I sought to describe them the best that I could to make it as clear as possible what colors people would be getting if they were ordering online. I'm glad that you found my efforts successful!

      Thank you for your lovely description of the TF Espresso liner, and of course you would have one of the colors that most interest me! Thank you for your assessment of how well it compares to the YSL liners!

      Ruby Woo is definitely pretty, but a touch too drying for my taste, and I would rather not have to work so hard to wear a lipstick that will ultimately dry out my lips. Plus I VERY seldom wear red lipsticks, and would opt for a more forgiving formula instead. That said, there are scores of people who love Ruby Woo so much who wear it very happily!

      Stavros definitely seems to have been a wildly successful shade! If I had to wager a bet, I would guess that the wildly successful shades from this collection will be repromoted again, and with any luck some might eventually make it into the permanent line, but who knows!

      I can't wait to hear what your take is on Lingerie Pink and Gemma! I'm going Gemma again too! Have a lovely evening! More reviews on the way! :-)

    6. You will certainly b the first to know ref. Lingerie Pink & Gemma.

      Yes, u r prob right ref. repromoting the most popular shades or including them in full sized classic collection...aside from Stavros & Liam, who r the other hot boys?!

      Enjoy talking about TF products in particular so absolutely no probs in sharing my views on the eyeliner (the dark blue/midnight) also appeals to me....as does the mascara but have so far reigned myself in on that one as very rarely wear mascara (bit too much of a faff for me!).

      Gosh we r def. lipstick soul sisters as I seldom wear red...actually, never because as mentioned previously just doesn't suit me plus never feel 'right' with red on however ironically am always on quest to find that 'perfect' red for me as surely every girl should have a red in her collection. I even purchased YSL's le rouge at one point-gorgeous formula (pur couture) & colour but in reality just didn't work for me. Will let u know my thoughts on Ruby Woo if I ever try it! Speaking of YSL something has take my fancy which isn't completely new...the Kiss & blush pots. They look like nail polish pots that can b used as a blush & lipstick & feel like whipped air (or how I imagine whipped air to feel!) & are utterly gorgeous. I tried on no.7 which is a coral/muted orange & can't stop thinking about it so will just have to purchase! There's a nice mauve one too although not sure how that will translate on cheeks as a blush!

      Take Care & Bye 4 now :) x

    7. Let's hope that TF does repromote some of those Lips & Boys!

      I enjoy talking about them as well! I will definitely have to check out the dark blue/Midnight eyeliner– that sounds like a shade that I would use often! I have been curious about trying his mascara as well, but like you I often forego mascara altogether!

      Haha– why off course we are on the same page about red lipsticks! I would definitely think that you might want a more forgiving formula than Ruby Woo, if you only want to have one or two classic reds in your collection. Then again, if you won't often wear it/them– then it might not be worth spending a small fortune on something that may go bad long before you use enough to justify its purchase.

      I have looked at YSL's Kiss & Blush pots, but I haven't played with them yet! I will definitely play with them next time I am near a counter. The No. 7 sounds gorgeous!

      I hope that you have a very Happy New Year! Talk to you soon! <3

    8. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

      Love Navy Blue eyeliners altho black is my ultimate! Used to love Mac's smoulder but YSL's has surpassed it. Surprise, surprise neither of us are mascara fans!

      C your point ref. more forgiving formula but I do think red & dark colours in general look best matte...having said that I remember regular Mac lipsticks being terribly drying anyway so can only imagine what Ruby Woo must feel like on (lip balm at the ready!).

      Play away with the YSL pots...they are lovely with a great selection of colours.

      Really enjoy our chats & look fwd 2exchanging more fab makeup tales...altho it's free time like this I should be using to paint my nails!

      :) :)

    9. And I am wishing you a very Happy New Year as well!

      Black is always my ultimate eyeliner as well, but the perfect Navy Blue is so nice to have as an alternative to blacks and dark browns! I know, right?! I think that we have a definite doppelgänger thing going on here! I'm not sure why I don't bother with mascara most of the time, but I just don't! Plus it always feels like a pain to take off, and it makes such a mess!

      I completely agree with you about matte red lipsticks, they are so sumptuous and sexy. Maybe this year we can coax each other into wearing a red lipstick! I need to wear TF Ruby Rush and Velvet Cherry since I have them, and since they are both so gorgeous! Did you see my review of his mattes?


      Dark colors definitely look especially lovely in the matte formula! If you found the regular MAC lipsticks terribly drying, then I imagine that Ruby Woo might such the life right out of your lips!

      I will definitely make a point of playing with the YSL pots. I am particularly obsessed with Saint Laurent wallets and handbags as well! I wish I could just have them all! LOL!

      The feeling is absolutely mutualI very much enjoy our chats as well! :-)

    10. Mac Night Trail is one of the best Navy Blues I've used as its a true dark blue. Am coming to the end of the pencil & was thinking of YSL's No.3 next or TF's midnight. Any recommendations for a good navy?

      Ha yes totally agree with the hassle & mess of taking mascara off..who can be bothered!!

      No, I haven't seen that review (is there a way to get email alerts to your postings as & when?) but can't wait to devour it! LOVE TF matte range (I have first time & pussycat) & the reds look gorgeous-Velvet Cherry in particular (actually, all of his reds look amazing...I gather Cherry Lush & Scarlet Rouge are popular). You must wear as a new year treat & post a review....would be eager to know what you think of his matte reds.

      Oh don't get me started on purses & handbags...love the wallets & small handbags with Y on them. My all time favs in that dept are Chanel & Prada...have a pink quilted chanel wallet & black with gold detailing Prada black wallet & matching handbag which I just look at & literally die! I say look at because rarely go out anywhere & actually use these gorgeous items (not to mention my vast collection of clothes,shoes & boots) as am a complete homebody! Oh....the irony! :)

    11. MAC Night Trail sounds gorgeous! I don't think that I actually have any true Navy Blue liners in my collection. I think that I will also have to look at YSL No. 3 and TF Midnight!

      Mascara definitely feels like a mess to remove for me as well, but I have to admit that it really does finish off eye makeup so nicely!

      Yes, the TF Matte range is just amazing. He has definitely ushered in a whole new breed of mattes! Pussycat is gorgeous, and I think that I need to get it! HIs matte reds are absolutely sublime! I think that you are right– I will have to ring in the new year by wearing these luscious reds of his!

      I have a couple of Prada purses,, and love them. I love that pink quilted Chanel that you have, you lucky girl! What a lovely collection you have! When I am at work I tend to carry big bags filled with my teaching materials– so I seldom carry an actual purse on campus. A homebody can enjoy their designer handbags just as much as someone who barely spends any time at home! It's all about your enjoyment of those lovely luxurious things! :)

    12. I like the 'idea' of mascara but is too much of a faff for me...am always tempted to try TF's though (surprise surprise!). I'm also tempted by TF eyeshadow quads as I do like to wear eyeshadow sometimes purely since discovering Laura Mercier's Caviar Sticks (simply amazing!).

      PussyCat is a keeper-such a unique shade. I feel like getting pink tease (altho may be able to control here as am swamped by pinks) & velvet cherry (looks like a lovely, wearable red).

      I do indeed have a great collection of 'girly luxuries' (& have a lovely, very hardworking man to thank for that) but they need to get out & about more!! Time is flying by & I'm sure it won't be long before my 7yr old (going on 16!) will be 'borrowing' this & that! I love big bags....even though can never find anything in them!

    13. I know exactly what you mean, and agree. I also have the same temptation, but I always stop myself. I know it's purported to be a wonderful mascara, but the high price tag coupled with the short shelf-life after opening it seems an ill-suited combination for someone who only sporadically wears mascara in the first place. If one is only supposed to keep a mascara for somewhere between 3-6 months, it hardly seems cost effective to buy such an expensive one. On the other hand, perhaps a phenomenal mascara formula would be so wonderful that I might want to wear it more often! Is this your reasoning as well?

      I don't have any of the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, but think that they are lovely. I have the By Terry version, and think that it is amazing!

      Pussy Cat and Pink Tease are two of my favorites from the mattes, and yet I own neither at this point. I'm sure that I will eventually get both. I, too, am completely overtaken by my huge collection of pinks! I am trying to be wise in my purchases because I already have so many lonely lipsticks that suffer from neglect!

      Girly luxuries are wonderful, and a hardworking man who loves you and wants you to have the things that make you happy is wonderful! Time definitely does have a way of flying by, and I have no doubt that your 7 year old will be playing with your things before you know it! I love big bags too, and have a few of them, but I do get frustrated when I can't find anything in them. It's a bit like a black hole for me, and trying to find my keys and worrying that I lost them is no fun! That certainly doesn't deter me from using them though!

    14. I knew that I missed something! I just saw that you mentioned TF eyeshadow quads, and I can tell you that I am quite happy with his eyeshadows. Nude Dip makes me a very happy girl, indeed! I tend to prefer wearing a simple wash of color on my lids and then doing a winged liner on top. I very seldom to anything like a complicated smoky eye, and prefer a more simple look and add any drama with the liner. If he repromoted Nude Dip, grab one if the neutrals are shades that you would wear. The quality of that quad is exemplary!

    15. That certainly has been my reasoning in the past ref. mascara therefore have purchased from YSL,Dior & cult Japanese brands that have the fibre extension things (there is a more technical name!) all wonderful mascaras yet alas once the initial excitement of new product waned (after approx 2 uses!) were barely used again & then as u correctly mention, exceeded their very limited shelf life. Who knows,maybe TF could be the one to change all this!! Regarding eyeshadows, I have heard good things about Nude Dip & earlier quads like She Wolf...as tempted as I am by most things TF...I doubt I'll purchase a quad as Laura Merceir caviar sticks are truly amazing & so easy to use probably like the by Terry ones (literally just swipe & go...no faffing with brushes etc) & secondly, I have the TF eye & cheek palette (White & gold compact) from Summer 2014 collection which has 3 eyeshadows in & as gorgeous as it is, I've hardly used it! Really, I'm essentially just an eyeliner (I like winged too but also smudgy kohl) & lipstick girl...the former being essential & the latter a pleasurable addition (& addiction!).

    16. Sorry for the slow response my lipstick soul sister. This is the first week of the new quarter, and I have been on campus long hours :-) I see that one's actual use speaks volumes, and if the lustre of a new product or type of product wears off in two days it's a pretty good indication that it's probably not worth purchasing expensive luxury versions of those types of products. There are also so many excellent quality drugstore brand mascaras on the market these days that one doesn't have to feel guilty about throwing out after the requisite period of time. I used to just use mascara samples that I would get in gifts with purchase because their size is perfect for the whole use and toss paradigm. If anyone could get me to commit to wearing mascara more frequently it would probably be Tom Ford though!

      I have, and love, She Wolf, and think that it is definitely one of his great limited edition palettes, and Nude Dip is perfection. Like you, unsurprisingly, I'm a total swipe and go kind of girl. LM & BT definitely offer a perfect solution to this, and LM certainly has a lovely range of colors in her Caviar sticks.

      I contemplated that TF LE Unabashed Eye and Cheek palette, but ultimately opted not to get it despite the fact that it is gorgeous. The two eyeshadows looked close enough to two of the three colors in the She Wolf Palette, and the blush was a touch too peach for my complexion. TF Frantic Pink is about as peachy as I can go before looking sallow.

      I definitely love blushes, and have collected more than I could ever possibly use in 10 lifetimes! However, you can achieve a pretty complete and dramatic look with nothing more than a lipstick and a good eye crayon! :-) <3

    17. Yes, I think the various Maybelline mascaras are great. Love the comment that if any1 can...TF can...feels like we r his groupies!!

      The TF palette is truly gorgeous, not least because of it's gorgeous white/gold asethetic...just like the original lipstick range (which by the way I prefer over the mahogany) however I spend a lot of time looking at it on my dresser as opposed to using it!

      Do you have any TF blushes? Have a feeling you do & bet they are great?!

    18. Haha, in a way we sort of are!

      I agree that it is a gorgeous palette, and at least you are enjoying it for the true beauty that it is! I like the white lipstick bullets a lot as well! They are really elegant.

      Yes, I have three of his blushes: Frantic Pinks, Wicked and Narcissist. The other colors are too warm for my complexion. They are really great. They are very finely milled, boast extraordinary pigmentation, glide across the skin effortlessly, don't emphasize pores, and they have a gorgeous ethereal glow. I wear Frantic Pink all of the time. It is subtle and lovely! I'm pretty smitten with the formula. You should try the blush in your palette to see what you think about it!

    19. I have tried the blusher (it's a coral one) & agree the formula is fantastic (no surprises there!) but I suppose because I'm not a blusher user,can't really appreciate it fully..there is also a bronzer/highlighter which is nice. On the odd occassion I want abit of colour on cheeks/temples, my go to product is Nars multiple in Palm Beach which gives a lovely sun kissed glow. Maybe when I get the YSL kiss & blush pot I'll get into blusher..actually hope not as my eyeliner & lipstick obsessions are costly enough!

    20. You probably just don't really need to use one, and it doesn't matter how great it is– if it's not the type of product that you would often each for there is no reason to collect them. The nice thing about the YSL Kiss & Blush pot is that you can also use it on your lips, and if you never used it on your cheeks it wouldn't even matter since you are a lipstick girl! Palm Beach is a beautiful multiple, and perfect for a touch of color when you want it! I agree about these costly habits of ours, and frankly it could be disastrous to have obsessions with too many type of products! <3

    21. Yes you are right...I have a Mediterranean skin tone (altho my parents are Indian) altho bizarrely have freckles so don't normally feel like any colour on face apart from a bronzing tone occassionally & there my palm beach is fantastic. I think my aversion to blusher comes from modelling years ago where foundation & blusher was piled on & both of these products I never use now! Looking fwd 2using the YSL pot tho...did try the coral one on cheeks & was really nice...can imagine it being esp great in summer! & yes, as its high end make-up that I tend to only buy now (have become spoilt!) best to limit to the specific products I love & keep accumulating & really for me thats the TF lipsticks-they are the tour de force! I was just thinking the other day that I used to have numerous perfumes & now all I wear is TF Tobacco Vanille...even my Chanel Coco & No.5 (previously my HG scents) have had to take a back seat! All hail the master!

    22. Haha! My skin, while fair without sun exposure, is a light mediterranean (my dad had dark olive mediterranean skin, and my mom has fair european skin, and I got a little of both–though it takes very little sun for me to get quite dark).

      I think that your experience as a model would definitely have created such an aversion!

      I imagine that the coral YSL pot looks absolutely stunning on you! I read through your other comment, and noticed that you saw my TF matte swatches on eBay do you think that you would be able to find it again and send me a link? That way I can send them a scary letter to take it down since they are violating my copyright! I hate it when this happens, but sadly it happens regularly on the internet!

    23. Both have Mediterranean skin tones...whatever next?!

      Have emailed ebay link.

    24. Who knows! Thank you, I got the link and sent the seller a cease and desist order!

  9. Ps love the reference about your mum-really nice. Also, love Ysl eyeliners-so pigmented & comfortable..used to think Mac did great eyeliners but not after trying YSL!

    1. Thanks, Nishi! I'm not sure if my mom has even seen this post yet, but those are seriously meaningful memories, and we had so much fun! I agree with you that the YSL eyeliners are lovely, and I definitely prefer their quality to that of MAC. That said, I still love MAC's Powersurge eye liner!

  10. I love the YSL Rouge Volupte line... I only own 3 lippies... but they will last because I have a hard time using them up... knowing I don't want to spend the money to replace them. lol haha - I see where you got your high end love from! :)

    1. Hi Honey, They are really lovely! How nice that you have three of them! Which colors do you have? Yes, my mom is definitely the one who created that craving!


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