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VOLOOM 2.0 1.5" Hair Volumizing Iron

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VOLOOM 2.0 1.5" Hair Volumizing Iron is a styling tool, which looks like a flat iron with textured plates, that offers hair an effective way to volumize hair. The plates heat up very quickly, and therefore you don't have to stand around waiting for it to reach an optimal temperature, and it adds very impressive volume to the hair. Furthermore, it is very easy to use, and allows you to either a small amount of volume, or lots of volume. While anyone can use this, the most dramatic transformation is from straight hair that is flat to serious volume.
According to VOLOOM,

...Unlike any other hair tool ever invented, VOLOOM is designed exclusively to add lush, gorgeous healthy volume to any hairstyle – and last for days.

With VOLOOM 2.0, we’ve made it even easier to achieve luxurious volume by adding 50% more volumizing platforms.  You’ll have effortless, better-than-a-blow-out volume that will stay bouncy, and voluminous until your next shampoo.  And you’ll find that you need to shampoo and heat-style your hair far less often with VOLOOM because your hair never goes flat.  That not only saves you time but means your hair will get healthier over time with less damaging washing, blow-drying, and heat styling. It’s a win-win.
Included in this setHeat-resistant carrying case, VOLOOM red brush to section your hair with 3 durable VOLOOM hair clips to hold the sectioned hair in place.
Features & Claims:

For Medium to Thick Hair: The Classic hair iron features 1-½ inch wide plates that are perfect for those with medium to thick hair that is shoulder length or longer. We have other irons for different hair types to get the best volume for your type of hair.

Lasting Volume: The Voloom irons are designed specifically to give you lasting hair volume, so you can extend the amount of time between shampoos and colorings. With fewer colorings and shampoos, your hair will start to become even healthier!

Patented Plate Technology: Ceramic plates paired with a patented checkerboard design work on the under layers of your hair to create a hidden volumizing structure or “volume pockets” that lift the top layers up and away from the scalp, creating a fuller, more Voloominous look!

Adjustable Temperature: Adjustable temperature settings from 220°F to 395°F allows you to experiment and find out what temperature works best for your hair type, and helps to prevent unwanted damage to your hair.

Chemical-Free Hair Care: The VOLOOM iron is a hair volumizer that eliminates the need for costly blowouts and hair styling products such as volumizing sprays, gels and mousses that can weigh hair down.
Pro Tips from VOLOOM: Remember, VOLOOM is used in the underlayers of the hair covered by an untreated top layer. Everyone's hair is unique! Start with a low heat setting and clamp VOLOOM on an underlayer for only a second or two — long enough to say VOLOOM. If you want more volume, raise heat in small increments until you find the temperature that gives you your perfect volume. The most common mistake is clamping too long. For that full glam look, start near the root and clamp and release down to about ear level.
The VOLOOM Classic is perfect for medium to coarse hair that is medium to thick. It works best on hair that is shoulder length to long.
Overall Assessment: This is an effective tool for adding volume to hair, and it takes less time than a professional blow-out.

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