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Empties Galore for March 2024

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I managed to use up 11 full-size products in March 2024, and I am quite pleased by this since I was traveling for work so much of the month! I enjoyed everything that I used, and I would happily use these products again. Here is what I finished in March 2024:
PurelifeBiotics Burst of Brilliance Luxury Shower Steamers in Tangerine, Orange and Tea Tree ($20.00-$30.00 from PurelifeBiotics and Macy's): is a delectable and pleasant way in which to enhance your shower experience. The lovely citrus aroma, with a touch of tea tree and menthol, is such a beautifully aromatic way in which to start or end the day. I absolutely love using these, they really take my shower to the next level. Purchase Again? Without question!

Spongellé For the Two of Us | Sugar Dahlia Heart Buffer ($14.00 from Spongellé): This delightful body buffer makes skin look and feel incredible, and the scent is heavenly. Fragrance Notes: Top: Citrus Nuances, Solar Accord; Middle: Midnight Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Freesia, Muguet, Neroli; Base: Musk. "Send a love letter with Spongelle’s For The Two Of Us Heart Buffer in Sugar Dahlia. Perfect for travel, these heart-shaped body wash infused buffers will cleanse, exfoliate, massage and love your skin." Purchase Again? I have another one waiting in the wings!

Spongellé Bulgarian Rose Body Lotion ($22.00 for 11 oz. from Spongellé): is a gorgeous emollient lotion that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin, and the aroma is an absolute delight to the senses. Purchase Again? YES! I haven't loved a lotion this much in a really long time!

MyKirei by Kao Paw Print Foam Hand Wash ($18.00 for 8.5 oz. from MyKirei and their Amazon Store): This paw print is something your kids are going to absolutely love, and it will make them want to wash their hands frequently! It has a fresh and uplifting citrus fragrance from the Yuzu fruit, and it is a dense and creamy foam that feels wonderful against the skin. Purchase Again? I just opened another one of their amazing hand soaps! They make handwashing fun for kids of all ages!

Ethique Luxurious Face Cleansing Trio Discovery Pack ($12.99 from Ethique and their Amazon Store): from the sustainable and cruelty-free New Zealand brand Ethique, features two gentle soap-free face cleansers and an exfoliating face scrub. All three products are gentle and non-stripping on the skin, and they leave it soft, smooth and supple. The Bliss Bar is unscented, the Deep Green Bar has a light orange aroma and the Gingersnap Face Scrub smells of ginger and spice. All three are a pleasure to use, and Ethique's sustainability practices makes this a brand worth supporting. Purchase Again? Eventually, yes, but I have a lot of facial cleansers to use up first.

Pai Skincare Sea Aster & Wild Oat Instant Calm Redness Serum ($79.00 for oz. from Credo Beauty, Dermstore and Bloomingdale's): This serum has the texture of a lovely light and emollient water-based lotion, and it is formulated to calm and soothe skin and to reduce redness and irritation. Furthermore, it nourishes and hydrates, pampers sensitive skin without any irritation and it leaves it comfortable, soft, supple and luminous. It has a very very light herbal aroma, but it is so faint that it isn't detectable on the skin. Purchase Again? I would definitely use this again, but I don't need another serum right now because I am swimming in them!

Erno Laszlo AHA Resurfacing Sleep Serum ($115.00 for 1 oz. from Nordstrom): I am a big fan of overnight exfoliators that do the work while you sleep. This sleep serum uses a mixture of Lactic, Glycolic and Citric acids to exfoliate dead skin cells, and reveal smooth, refreshed and luminous skin in the morning. One of the remarkable features about this serum is that it is actually quite gentle on the skin, and I haven't experienced visible peeling, redness or any irritation. It boasts an antioxidant-rich formula that includes ingredients such as Goji Berry and Plum Extracts that help to protect skin from free-radicals, and they also hydrate the skin. The serum, itself, is lightweight, non-greasy and fast absorbing, and it leaves behind no residue. After several weeks of use, I have noted that my skin is soft, smooth, supple and brightened. Fine lines are softened, skin is more luminous and it looks thoroughly refreshed. As with any exfoliating product, you need to make sure to be vigilant in your use of a high SPF sunscreen to protect your exfoliated skin. Purchase Again? I am giving it serious consideration because this is a very effective serum!
Archipelago Botanicals Jar Candle in Hope ($32.50 from Archipelago Botanicals): is the embodiment of Christmas! It is such a thing of beauty, and the blend of Holiday Pine, Bayberry and Clove smells like a Christmas tree and a warm and cozy home. The aroma is green and aromatic with a hint of spice, and the scent fills the room in the most glorious way. Housed in a keepsake glass jar, this ultra-luxe candle is a great gift idea for people on your holiday list, but you may also want one to use since it will fill your home with warmth and holiday spirit. Purchase Again? This was a holiday candle, and it is no longer available, but I have several of their candles and absolutely LOVE them!

Celestial Silk Sleep Mist with Lavender & Chamomile (Currently $7.99- $8.99 regularly $17.99 for 4 oz. from Celestial Silk and their Amazon Store): is a cruelty-free bed linen spray with a delectable lavender and chamomile aroma. It has a calming effect on the senses and the busy mind, and it is a bit like an aromatic lullaby. I mist it over my bedding and close my eyes and breathe deeply, and it is grounding, comforting and calming. It definitely helps me fall asleep faster, and gives me a pronounced sense of wellbeing. Purchase Again? Oh yes, this is so pleasant right before bedtime!
Bootleg Bath Hydrating Shampoo Bar ($16.95 for 2.2 oz. from Bootleg Bath and their Amazon Store): is such a delight to senses, and the grapefruit and bergamot aroma really lifts the spirits. This cruelty-free shampoo bar is formulated for dry hair in need of some hydration, and it works quite well. It forms a very creamy lather that releases its delectable citrus aroma, and it leaves hair soft, smooth, manageable and hydrated. Additionally, while it thoroughly cleans the hair, it neither leaves hair stripped, nor greasy. This eco-friendly soap is a winner, and it means fewer shampoo bottles end up in the recycle bin, or worse yet in the landfill. Purchase Again? I would definitely use this bar again, but I have far too many open bottles of shampoo waiting to be used, and I also have a few that I haven't even opened yet!
Lancôme Le Stylo Waterproof Long-Lasting Eyeliner ($28.00 for 0.01 oz. fromLancôme and Neiman Marcus): in Bronze Riche, which has been reformulated, is a very long-wearing waterproof and transfer-proof formula that never tugs or pulls the skin, and it lasts all day on me without any smearing or fading. There is a smudger sponge on one end of the pencil that works beautifully in its ability to soften the line or enhance a smoky eye. I like to use it quickly because I have found that once the liner sets it really doesn't budge. The fine point offers precision foolproof application, and the creamy formula is very easy to work with. The gorgeous colors are exceedingly flattering, and can be built up to maximum opacity with a few passes. Purchase Again? Yes, this is a gorgeous eyeliner!
Overall Assessment: I hope that I can finish up a few more open products next month, but we will have to wait and see! What did you finish up, toss out, give away or return in March? Any spectacular products to report? Any complete duds?

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  1. I love that you'd buy these all again. That's a sign of greatness. I went on a tossing spree this month and got rid of all my Tom Ford lipsticks (since they all turned), a dozen eyeliner pencils, several glosses, some eyebrow products, and Doll 10 foundation since it won't pump anymore. I hate throwing out so much but I needed to do it. Oh I also gave my sister several concealers.

    1. Thanks, Marcia! I think that is largely because I stopped using products that I don't like or that don't really work for me. I figure that there is no point in forcing myself to use things that I don't enjoy– especially since using them means that some of the things that I do like/love will go bad before I get a change to use them up. Like you, I have gotten rid of so many Tom Ford lipsticks because they all turned. I may have a couple left in shades that I don't really wear. I hate tossing out things that I spent good money on, and TF lipsticks are so expensive to begin with that tossing them really hurts! It's nice that you were able to give your sister some concealers rather than tossing them into the garbage!


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