Saturday, December 9, 2023

The Beauty Spotlight Team Preps for the Holidays!

Angie from Your True Self Blog has tips for styling velvet looks, from simple to spectacular, to wear for evenings and holidays.

The Archipelago Botanicals Jar Candle in Peppermint is the embodiment of the holidays, and its delectable aroma earns an A+ from Lola's Secret Beauty Blog.

Wellness Warrior shares different types of journals for mental health that can be used to express oneself in a way that feels most comfortable.

Computer Face, a term used to describe the premature aging effects of prolonged exposure to a computer screen, is discussed by Barbie's Beauty Bits.

Protecting your skin’s barrier is so important, and Allison from Never Say Die Beauty recommends that you consider the new Paula’s Choice Barrier Repair Advanced Moisturizer.

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