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Celestial Silk Rose Quartz Roller Review

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Celestial Silk Rose Quartz Roller is an affordable and high quality Rose Quartz face roller relaxes the muscles, encourages lymphatic drainage and de-puffing and helps promote circulation. The small end is perfect for under your eyes and the large end is just the right size for larger surface areas of the face, neck and décolleté. Additionally, when used in conjunction with your face oils and serums it does an enviable job pressing them deeper into the skin, and it feels incredible. If you want to go for added de-puffing, or you just want a thoroughly refreshing experience, then store your face roller in the refrigerator. 

- Helps instantly contour and reduce facial puffiness.
- Promotes lymphatic drainage.
- Helps tighten and reduce the appearance of pores.
- Works to improve skin texture and tone.
- Provides a calming facial massage and cooling sensation for stress relief.
- Minimizes appearance of dark under-eye circles.
- Comes with instructions inside a gift-box.
According to Celestial Silk,

Made with premium, genuine rose quartz and expertly handcrafted, our Rose Quartz Crystal Facial Roller is a great addition to your self-care sessions. 

Help relieve tension, depuff, boost product absorption and minimize fine lines with natural crystal. Rose quartz is said to promote self-love and have a calming effect. 

The dual sides of the roller help your entire face and neck get the attention they deserve. The large side is for larger areas, like your neck, cheeks and forehead, while the smaller side is perfect for delicate areas around the eyes

Celestial Silk Product Claims:

Rejuvenating Rose Quartz Roller: This spa face roller is made of real rose quartz gemstones that gently glide over your skin under the eyes, along the jawline, and across the cheeks or forehead to improve and restore healthy and radiant skin.

Restore Your Fresh, Glowing Complexion: Our neck and face massage roller applies smooth, even pressure against your facial muscles to stimulate blood flow, reduce puffy bags and circles, and refresh and revitalize your entire face.

Our Rose Quartz Facial Roller Feels Cool Against the Skin: The roller massages & stimulates lymphatic drainage, and causes blood vessels to contract which reduces the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.

Restore Balance by Relieving Stress and Tension: Along with toning and tightening the skin our face roller rose quartz tool helps reduce stress and tension.

Enhance Skin Cream and Serum Absorption: Use our rose quartz roller with skin creams, serums, lotions, and oils to increase their effectiveness and to create relaxing self-care massage sessions that leave you feeling revitalized inside and out.

Overall Assessment: This is a wonderful gift for yourself or for the people you love.

$17.99-$19.99 from Celestial Silk and their Amazon Store (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. I gave one as a gift two years ago and I still get thanks for it.

    1. I have given them as gifts as well! Such a great gift idea, Marcia!


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