Sunday, May 21, 2023

Spongellé Launches the New Florica Collection in Mystic Rose

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Spongellé has 6 gorgeous NEW product launches to share. The Florica Collection in Mystic Rose includes an Eau de Parfum Spray, a signature Body Wash Infused Buffer, a Floret Home Diffuser, a Pedi-Buffer for smooth feet, a Travel Size Spongette and a Candle. 

The products smell like bathing in exotic musky rose & spices, transporting you to a European escape. Bring the feeling of spa appointment at a quaint apothecary - no travel needed!

Spongellé Launches Florica Collection in Mystic Rose

Spongellé CEO/Founder Elaine Binder proudly announces the launch of her latest creation: the Florica Collection in Mystic Rose. This 6-piece line combines the luxury of fragrance along with potions from nature that she uses to heal and nourish her body & soul. Elaine, an international trained perfumist, was inspired by the modern free spirit when creating this unique set of products for beauty and home. The Florica Collection in Mystic Rose is full of nature’s finest elements to heal and nourish the skin, using a blend of olive oil, rose, white water lily, & corn flower makes up antioxidants, vitamins, and extracts.

The collection includes an Eau de Parfum, Body Wash Infused Buffer, Floret Diffuser, Pedi-Buffer, Spongette and Candle.

Spongellé Florica Eau de Parfum - $70

A mystical dance at sunrise of refreshing fruit marries with a delicate water lily just beyond the natural woods of the enchanted forest. Layer the magical fusion of joy in a bottle with this bespoke fine fragrance created by Spongellé’s master perfumer.

Spongellé Florica Body Wash Infused Buffer - $28


Introducing Spongellé’s masterpiece body wash infused buffer®. Created with a built-in massage exfoliation feature on one side and a soft scrubber on the other, this multi-sided buffer elevates your shower experience with an intoxicating scent of mystic rose and offers just the right amount of smooth texture to cleanse and nourish the skin.

Spongellé Florica Floret Diffuser - $60


Freshen up your home with Spongellé’s most celebrated fragrances. Created exclusively for Spongellé, the Florets are hand-sewn and made of a natural tapioca fiber that takes on the shade of the fragrance oil—blooming with rich, bold color within 48 hours. Each set features a Floret with a cotton wick and an exquisite hand-blown glass vase to infuse the flower in the diffuser oil for a beautiful time-released fragrance that lasts up to 8 weeks. Refills available for purchase.

Spongellé Florica Pedi Buffer - $22


Perfectly designed to pamper and soothe tired feet, Spongellé’s Pedi buffer has a built-in multisided feature that feels like a reflexology massage. Exfoliate and massage your feet by stimulating pressure points while you cleanse

Spongellé Florica Spongette - $15


The perfect on the go mini buffer to keep your skin happy anywhere. Created with a built-in exfoliating feature, this mini buffer elevates your shower experience by offering just the right amount of the intoxicating Mystic Rose scent to cleanse and nourish the skin.

Spongellé Florica Candle - $45


Elevate your olfactory experience with Spongellé’s Mystic Rose scented candle. A propriety soy base blend and a flickering wooden wick will bring the light, warmth, and luxurious fragrance to enhance the ambiance in any room.

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