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Westman Atelier Spot Check Brush Review

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Westman Atelier Spot Check Brush is a magic wand, and that is not an exaggeration! This was my final Westman Atelier brush purchase, and now I have the entire set of brushes. These brushes were, without question, a sizable splurge, but this particular brush was actually quite affordable at $38.00.

This small and pointed brush head was conceived to offer spot coverage for blemishes, discoloration (hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation), broken capillaries, redness, dark circles and anything else that you wish to deemphasize. 

It effortlessly and deftly navigates the smallest areas of the face with precision, and it offers a perfected version of your own skin. The synthetic nylon bristles are densely packed, and firm enough to effectively apply foundation or concealer, but not so firm as to be rough against the skin. The bristles themselves are silky soft and gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. The short handle, coupled with its perfect weight, makes this a very efficient tool. I have washed it numerous times, and it has not shed a single bristle. 

Gucci posits that she uses a "Pointillist Concealer Technique" wherein she dips the brush into her Vital Skin Foundation, and then taps three times so that there are no visible edges to the spot that she has sought to conceal. It is a brilliant method, and it is easy and foolproof.
According to Westman Atelier,

Targeted coverage just where you need it. Inspired by Gucci Westman's spot check method for flawless skin, this pointed brush tip conceals imperfections and pigmentation, making it an ideal companion to Vital Skin Foundation.

Luxurious and durable, each brush is handmade in Japan by the most prestigious brush maker in the world using cruelty free, super soft nylon fibers and sustainably sourced birch. Thoughtfully designed shorter handles make for easy, effortless application. Cruelty-Free.

Artisan Design: Handmade in Kumano, Japan using traditional techniques from the most prestigious brush maker in the world. 

Lacquered Handles: Crafted with the finest sustainable hardwood birch from a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe. 

High Performance: Luxurious and durable. Finely tapered nylon fibers feel ultra-smooth with optimal density, softness and function. 

Their brush-making process is cruelty-free.
Gucci's Notes:

This little brush is my secret for creating the absolute best and most beautiful skin. It's always, always in my kit.

Dip the Spot Check Brush into your Vital Skin Foundation stick and dab anywhere you need precise coverage, using a light stippling motion to layer and build. 

For flat red marks and spots, start with a lighter shade of Vital Skin Foundation to neutralize pinkish tones, then follow with a slightly deeper shade on top for a true second skin effect. To diffuse brown spots or raised bumps, skip the lighter shade and go straight for the slightly deeper shade.

Finish by using a fingertip to gently 'tap, tap, tap' on top of the area with a fingertip. This helps Vital Skin settle seamlessly into skin. 

A dab of translucent powder, dabbed directly on top of the spot with a featherlight motion, helps coverage last throughout the day.
The flat surface area effortlessly picks up and deposits foundation and concealer.
This brush is perfectly shaped, and boasts dense, and yet remarkably soft bristles.
You can see that the tip is pointed to get into tight spots and to cover very small spots efficiently.
The nylon bristles are soft, and yet extraordinarily effective and efficient.
"Handmade in Kumano, Japan using traditional techniques from the most prestigious brush maker in the world. The lacquered handles are crafted with the finest sustainable hardwood birch from a Forest Stewardship Council certified forest in Eastern Europe."
The brush is just a little over 4 1/2" in length
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Overall Assessment: I can't begin to express how impressed I am by this hardworking brush, and if you love quality handcrafted makeup brushes, you will really want this beauty in your collection.

$38.00 from Sephora, Credo Beauty, Violet Grey, Net-A-Porter, Cos Bar, Harrods, The Webster, Selfridges and Bergdorf Goodman (Affiliate Links).

Purchased. All views expressed are categorically my own. Copyright © 2021 All Rights Reserved.


  1. No doubt it's a nice brush! I like the shorter handles of this set!

    1. The shorter handles facilitate maximum control and one maneuvers the face! Plus, they are much better for traveling.

  2. I am so impressed with your collection of Westman brushes. Your descriptions are making me drool over them all.

    1. Me too, Marcia! They were a splurge, even with the Sephora sale, and cashing in my points, but they ae the most amazing brushes to use!


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