Monday, June 28, 2021

Skin, Body Care and Makeup Empties for June 2021

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I somehow thought that I would use up a few more open products in June than I did, but I did manage to use up a few things before they started to turn. I have to preface this by stating that I have really shifted my attention to using up products that I love, and that I would happily use again. That said, I am swimming in skincare and body care products, and it will likely be a while before I need to repurchase anything.

Here is what I used up in June 2021:

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerating Oil ($44.00 for 1 oz. from Credo BeautyBeauty ExpertFollainThe Detox MarketFree PeoplePai's Amazon StoreCult Beauty and Goop): This amber colored nourishing oil, which is suitable for all types of skin, is ultra-rich in Omegas that help regenerate skin without irritating even the most sensitive skin types. It is formulated to combat dullness, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, blemishes, flaky skin, scars, sun damage and dryness.

It is a lightweight, and fast absorbing oil, that neither leaves behind an oily residue, nor an amber stain on the skin. It has a warm and earthy natural aroma that fades soon upon absorption. I simply apply it to warm, and slightly damp, freshly cleansed skin, and immediately note that my skin feels soft, smooth, supple, deeply moisturized and luminous. Its antioxidant-rich anti-inflammatory ingredients calm and soothe irritated skin, and it effectively reduces inflammation when skin is irritated from breakouts or post-peel redness. Repurchase? At some point I definitely will!

African Botanics Résurrection Eye Crème ($180.00 for 0.50 oz. from African BotanicsRevolve and Credo Beauty): The consistency of Résurrection Eye Crème is lightweight and fast absorbing, and this silky smooth cream absolutely melts into the skin in the most luxurious way imaginable. It has a silky, ultra-refined texture without any of the granular particles typically found in many Shea Butter- based products. Unlike the original eye cream, that was housed in a glass pot, this new eye cream comes in an elegant air-tight glass bottle with a pump. 

This beautiful eye cream is healing, hydrating and restorative– leaving the delicate eye area looking and feeling refreshed and youthful. This beautiful, and effective formula, plumps fine lines, lifts and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes, deeply hydrates the skin, and leaves skin with an pronounced clarity and luminosity. The potent healthy ingredients, serious efficacy and superior texture make this eye cream such a joy to use. This luxe eye cream can be used day and night, and because the results are so astounding it is doubtful that you will ever want to use another eye cream. It is remarkably concentrated– therefore, only the smallest amount delivers enviable results, and therefore this bottle will last much longer than expected. Repurchase? I opened another bottle already (it is now in a pump bottle rather than a jar).

Colbert MD Intensify Facial Disks ($70.00 for 20 discs from Dermstore, Olivela and the official Colbert MD Amazon Store): I have regularly used various types of facial exfoliating pads for many years, and have to confess that my experience with Colbert MD Intensify Facial Disks was a real game changer for me all of those years ago. While most of the solution soaked exfoliating pads that I have used are thin and double sided, Colbert MD has reimagined its form and instead has opted for a very plush and thick single sided pad. The generously saturated pre-moistened disks include a small tab on the back that makes holding the disk easy, and allows one to maintain effortless control.

The combination of the mild microdermabrasion action from the surface of the pad coupled with the enzyme action of the solution immediately and effectively encourages cell turnover that aids in the promotion of collagen production. Skin, unobstructed by a proliferation of dead skin cells, is then able to effortlessly and effectively absorb skincare products. The end result is unbelievably soft, smooth, supple and luminous skin. Repurchase? At some point I definitely will, but I have a few other similar products to use up first!

Spongellé Hand Defense Hand Wash Infused Buffer ($14.00 each or $56.00 for a 4-pack from Spongellé): Spongellé Hand Defense is a wonderful new addition to the Spongellé line, and this launch offers a perfect way to thoroughly wash hands during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, you won't mind how often that you need to wash your hands given that these soap infused sponges thoroughly clean and exfoliate, plus they get into every hard to reach spot. Additionally, they don't strip the skin, but instead they leave it hydrated, soft and smooth. The four available scents are delicious, and the creamy lather is incredibly satisfying to the touch. Spongellé suggests that each sponge offers 40+ washes, but I always find that I get more washes out of all of their products than they suggest. Repurchase? I have two more to use before I will need to purchase more.

Fruits of the Islands Toasted Coconut Glycerin Loofah Bar: Several years ago, a very good friend of mine bought me several glycerin loofah bars while on vacation in Hawaii. These appear to have come from a candy company, and they do not appear to sell these anymore, but there are many other companies who produce glycerin soap infused loofahs. They offer such a wonderful way to clean and exfoliate at the same time, and they are great for hand washing as well as bathing. Repurchase? I have lots of soaps to use first, but I definitely liked this enough to use something like it again!
Rituals Shower Happy Buddha Sweet Orange & Cedar Foaming Shower Gel Sensation (Full size $15.00 for 6.7 oz. from Rituals): Longtime readers already know how much I love Rituals products, and their rich and creamy Shower Gels are among my very favorite body washes. Happy Buddha's delectable dense foam, coupled with its intoxicating sweet orange and cedar aroma, make this a shower-time treat that delights the senses. Furthermore, this is a very moisturizing body wash that thoroughly cleanses the skin without any stripping. I also love to use this to shave my legs and underarms! Repurchase? I have another can of this scent, and quite a few others to use first. However, I love their Foaming Shower Gels, and once I run out of them I will buy another one!
Philip B Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo ($84.00 for 7.4 oz. from Philip B.NordstromSpace NK and Net-a-Porter.): is utterly unbelievable! This ultra-nourishing shampoo features time-released botanical moisturizers that make hair soft, supple, hydrated and give it a praiseworthy glossy shine. Oud Royal Forever Shine Shampoo is able to give my naturally curly hair unprecedented shine, and those among you with curly tresses know the extent to which it is difficult achieve shiny curly hair, but this miracle formula really delivers serious shine. Repurchase? Oh what decadent luxury! Perhaps one day, but I do have another Philip B shampoo to use first.

Philip B. Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray ($32.00 for 4.23 oz. from Bloomingdale'sDermstore, and Net-A-Porter): This is a weightless and lovely-scented spray that protects hair from from heated styling tools while imparting greater shine. Furthermore, it is loaded with a mixture of botanical hydrators that condition hair. Repurchase? I am searching to see if I have one more bottle of this magic potion, and if I don't I will; purchase another!

Tom Ford Lip Color Lipstick in Vanilla Suede and So So Vain ($56.00 from Nordstrom and Sephora): Tom Ford's creamy dreamy lipsticks are a true thing of beauty, and they are gorgeous on the lips with their impressive pigmentation and finish. I used up most of Vanilla Suede, but when I went to use it recently, I noticed that it had become rancid. So So Vain, which is an extraordinarily beautiful shade, also turned rancid. I am more upset about the latter, than the former– what a waste. Repurchase? I am trying to purchase cruelty-free products that are clean, and both of these shades appear to have been discontinued anyway.

Tom Ford Traceless Foundation SPF 15 in Pale Dune (Discontinued formula): I absolutely loved this foundation formula, and color, so much. It offered light and seamless coverage. I wanted to photograph it before I tried to pry the top off to get the last few drops at the bottom of the bottle. Would I repurchase it if it were still made? That is a tough question. I am really moving away from brands filled with chemicals, and that are not cruelty-free. 

COCOFLOSS ($9.00 each. Available at Credo Beauty and goop): Cocofloss is a very effective dental floss that deeply cleans teeth and is gentle and soothing on the gums. It actually makes flossing something that I look forward to, and it is available in 4 coconut infused flavors: Delicious Mint, Pure Strawberries, Fresh Coconut and Cara Cara Orange. Repurchase? Definitely, I love this stuff– especially the Delicious Mint. However, I need to use up the other floss that I have first.

Overall Assessment: I called it last month when I said that I wasn't going to be able to finish as many open products in June as I did in May, but I am glad that I finished up some of my favorite products before they became unusable! What did you use up, toss out, return or give away in June? Any great discoveries or regrettable purchases?

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  1. I'm sorry the Tom Ford lipsticks turned rancid. So irritating since they are so lovely and so pricey. The product that stood out to me among your empties was the Resurrection Eye Cream. Some day I would love to try it. Also, I have been wondering about the Happy Buddha Rituals scent. I haven't tried that one yet. I am wondering about the cedar note?

    1. I know, and I fear that a few more of them may have turned as well! The Resurrection Eye Cream is amazing, and thankfully a little goes a long way because it is very expensive! The Buddha scent is a wonderful blend of orange and cedar, and I absolutely love it so much!

  2. You did a remarkable job and it's obvious how much you loved these items. I am so sad that my large stash of Tom Ford lipsticks turned since they were my favorites. I can't ever buy another because of this.

    1. Thank you, Marcia! I am definitely making an effort to use up some of my favorite things each month before they go bad. Sadly that was not the case for a few of my Tom Ford Lipsticks! I remember you telling me that happened to you as well. That certainly doesn't bode well for lipsticks that cost $56.00 each! I also have to confess that I haven't found his makeup collection,s over the last few years, very interesting. I also wish that it was a CF brand.

  3. Great job! That eye gel sounds amazing and everything I need in an eye cream!

    1. Thanks, Cindy! This eye cream is a definite winner!

  4. I have wanted to try one of those loofah bars. I am going to have to look into the one that you used up because that scent sounds amazing.


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