Thursday, January 28, 2021

January 2021 Empties

Press Sample & Purchased (Affiliate Links)

January was a tough month all the way around, but losing our kitty, Milo, made it especially rough. I burned lots of candles to honor his life, and to comfort myself, and I took lots of hot baths to soothe my spirit. I actually used up a few more products than I thought that I would, and enjoyed using what I finished up. Here is what I managed to finish up and recycle in January:

Rituals Samaurai Luxurious Bath Foam ($15.00 for 16.9 oz. from Rituals): If you love to take bubble baths, then this bath foam is sure to delight. It has a clean, fresh aroma that is very pleasant, and the Organic Bamboo and Wakame soften the skin. Furthermore, this formula is enriched with natural extracts that gently clean the skin without stripping it. Purchase Again? I have numerous bubble baths to use, but this is on my short list when it comes time to buy another.

Baylis & Harding Cranberry Martini Luxury Bathing Treats (from Walmart): This wonderful gift set, for the holidays, featured a delectably scented body wash, a shower crème and a hand and body lotion. The body wash and crème (shown above) thoroughly clean the skin without stripping it, and they leave it lightly moisturized. Purchase Again? I wish that I could, but they were from a limited edition holiday set. This British brand is really worth trying, their products are luxurious, and very reasonably priced.

Cowshed Gorgeous Cow Blissful Shower Scrub: This scrub is not only gentle, but the delectable rose scent makes using it an unmitigated delight to use. It looks a bit like strawberry jam, and smells equally edible, and unlike many body scrubs that contain oils, this one does not make an oily and slippery mess of your shower. The Jojoba Beads and Coconut Fibre are simultaneously very gentle on the skin and extremely effective in their ability to exfoliate the skin. Purchase Again? In a heartbeat, this is an incredible scrub, but it appears to have been discontinued!
Vermont Soap Sweet Orange Bar Soap (from Vermont Soap): Like the Oatmeal Lavender Bar Soap, the Sweet Orange also leaves the skin soft, supple and hydrated. The creamy lather is non-stripping, and perfectly suited for shaving legs and underarms. The aroma is a sunny, sweet orange that invigorates and refreshes the skin and the senses. Purchase Again? It looks as though they have discontinued this particular bar, and that is a pity! 

Vermont Soap Oatmeal Lavender Bar Soap ($5.98 for 3.25 oz. from Vermont Soap): This gentle face and body bar has a lovely lavender scent that has a lovely twist of citrus. It leaves the skin soft, supple and hydrated. The creamy lather is non-stripping, and perfectly suited for shaving legs and underarms. Purchase Again? Once I use up some of my bar soaps I will definitely consider it.
Fleur & Bee So Clean! Cleanser ($18.00 for 4 oz. from Fleur & Bee): This clear cleanser boasts a nice lather, but it isn't in the least bit stripping. Instead, it thoroughly cleans, removes all traces of dirt and makeup, it balances natural oils, and it soothes and lightly hydrates the skin. It comes in a wonderful thick glass bottle, and it has no detectable aroma. Purchase Again? While I really enjoyed using it, I won't need to buy another cleanser for a very long time.

Shu Uemura Porefinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil ($12.00-$75.00 for 1.69 oz. and 15.22 oz. from Shu Uemura USA and $15.00-$86.00 from Shu Uemura Canada): This feather-weight cleansing oil, with its delectable light floral aroma, is specifically formulated to address the needs of acne-prone/oily skin. While it deep cleans the skin, it does so exceedingly gently and without any stripping or drying. It thoroughly removes dirt and excess oils from the pores, and makeup and dirt from the surface of the skin, and it leaves skin soft, smooth and supple. When water is introduced, this cleansing oil transforms into a milky emulsion that leaves behind no oily residue whatsoever. If you have normal to dry skin, you may find this cleansing oil a bit too clarifying for your skin to use on a daily basis, and while I have normal/combination skin, I only tend to use it a few times a week, or as needed. Purchase Again? I just opened another bottle of one of their other cleansing oils! They are obsession-worthy!

Aesop Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste ($53.00 for 2.9 oz. from Nordstrom): This is a non-lathering cream-based exfoliator that uses fine quartz and lactic acid to gently exfoliate dead skin cells. The former physically exfoliates skin while the latter helps to dissolve dead skin cells, and the combination of the two simultaneously removes dirt and helps to clear clogged pores. The end result is thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated, and yet unstripped, skin that is rendered soft, smooth and supple. Furthermore, it rinses very clean and therefore leaves behind no greasy residue. One can detect the aromas of the Rosa Canina Fruit Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, the Lavender Oil and the Rosemary Oil, and their combination is at once earthy, calming and very pleasant. This is well suited to my normal/combination skin. Purchase Again? Very likely, but I have several exfoliants to use up first.
Bed Head Calma Sutra Cleansing Conditioner ($10.99 for 12.6 oz. from Ulta and Select Salons Nationwide): This is a wonderfully effective, sulfate-free no-foam cleansing conditioner that gently cleanses the hair and scalp, removes excess product build-up and moisturizes the hair. It leaves tresses soft, smooth, manageable, frizz-free and shiny. It has a fresh green scent that is pleasant, but not in the least bit overpowering, and it does quickly fade. It is a wonderful choice for wavy and curly hair, that tends to be on the dry side, and it is such a pleasure to use. Purchase Again? Definitely!

Derma E Thickening Conditioner ($9.99 for 10 oz. from Derma E): This nourishing conditioner is very hydrating and it offers volume and lift to hair that needs a bit of extra life. It has a light herbal/menthol aroma and it is safe for color-treated hair. Purchase Again? Maybe. While I liked it a lot, I have lots of conditioners to use up first.

KMS MOISTREPAIR Shampoo ($21.50 for 10.1 oz.) from KMS Salons nationwide, MankindBeauty Expert and HQ Hair): This is a very gentle and non-stripping shampoo that replenishes moisture, and helps to repair damage and reduce breakage. It also helps to restore hair's natural protective coating without any build-up that weighs hair down. For all hair types. Purchase Again? I liked it enough to consider it when I need another bottle of shampoo.
Davines OI All in One Milk ($35.00 for 4.56 oz from Nordstrom, Amazon and Cult Beauty): I am a huge fan of Davines haircare products, and this wonderful multipurpose product tames frizz and flyaways, softens, detangles, and protects the hair from heat. Purchase again? I loved it down to the very last drop, and it is on my must-purchase list!

Philip B. Oud Royal Thermal Protection Spray ($32.00 for 4.23 oz. from Bloomingdale'sDermstore and Net-A-Porter): This is a weightless and lovely-scented spray that protects hair from from heated styling tools while imparting greater shine. Furthermore, it is loaded with a mixture of botanical hydrators that condition hair. Purchase Again? I already have another bottle waiting!
Fleur & Bee Dis-Mist Hand Sanitizer Spray ($12.00 for a 2 pack bundle 59 mL / 2 oz. each from Fleur & Bee): If ever there was a time to stock up on hand sanitizers it would be now. Between flu season and the pandemic, being vigilant about hand-washing and hand-sanitizing is crucial. This has no aroma, save for the alcohol that dissipates quickly, and it doesn't dry and chap my hands. I actually prefer hand sanitizers sprays because they are less messy and far more convenient to use. Plus, I often use them to disinfect surfaces when I am in public. Fleur & Bee products are cruelty-free, high quality and kind to the body and the environment. Purchase Again? I already have another bottle!

Baylis & Harding Cranberry Martini Hand Wash (from Walmart): The cranberry aroma is delicious and uplifting and it is gentle on the skin and never strips it. Their hand soaps are among my favorites. Purchase Again? This was part of the holiday collection, and it is sold out, but I have more of their hand soaps that I am currently using!

African Botanics Marula Botanical Hand Cream ($55.00 for 2 oz. from African Botanics, Net-A-Porter, Bluemercury and Revolve): The ultra-emollient luxury oil-infused cream boasts a refreshingly creamy lightweight texture that sinks into the skin immediately and doesn't leave hands in the least bit greasy. If you adhere to the belief that one needs to use thick and greasy hand creams in order to stave-off and heal dry and chapped hands, then you will be astonished by the efficacy of this ingenious hand cream. In fact, I think that it is more accurate to classify Marula Botanical Hand Cream as a cutting-edge antioxidant-rich anti-aging serum/cream hybrid that protects, nourishes, hydrates, soothes, brightens and repairs the skin with great efficacy.

Not only are my hands soft, supple and ultra moisturized, but they are left with the type of pronounced luminosity that I have only ever experienced in luxurious serums and beauty oils for the face. The delectable warm and earthy scent heightens the sensory experience of using this luxe hand cream, but it does fade soon upon application, and therefore won't pose a problem for those among you who prefer scent-free products.

It is noteworthy that the formula is very concentrated, and the effects are very long-lasting– therefore a single tube goes a very very long way.  If you treat yourself to one new body product this season, then African Botanics Marula Botanical Hand Cream should be at the top of your list. I kid you not, this hand cream is that extraordinary. Purchase Again? I just opened a new tube! This is an amazing splurge-worthy hand cream!

Kneipp Arnica Joint & Muscle Intensive Cream ($22.00 for 3.52 oz. from Kneipp): If you seek relief for post workout aches and pains, or have acing joints and muscles, then this Arnica-based cream will definitely help ease your discomfort. It is a lightweight cream that sinks in immediately, and it leaves behind no greasy residue. Purchase Again? Yes, definitely!

Terra Essential Rosemary & White Sage Candle ($19.99 for a 12 oz. candle from Etsy): This is a wonderful, calming soy candle the comes in a gorgeous 12 oz. tumbler with a wooden lid. It burns for 30+ hours, smells divine and is a great way to add ambiance to any room. Purchase Again? I think so, I really enjoyed this candle a lot.

L'Occitane Lavender Scented Candle: This lovely candle was part of a gift set from 5 years ago, and it is sadly unavailable! It smelled so lovely, and filled the room with the most intoxicatingly beautiful Lavender aroma imaginable. Purchase Again? I would in a heartbeat, if it were still available!

Diptyque Roses Candle ($36.00-$68.00 for 2.4 oz. and 6.5 oz. from Nordstrom, Diptyque and Space NK): If you love the most refined rose candle imaginable, then you will gleeful the second you smell this gem. Purchase Again? Yes, again and again and again! I love everything about this fragrance and I already have another one that I am just about to light!

Diptyque Baies Candle ($36.00-$68.00 for 2.4 oz. and 6.5 oz. from NordstromDiptyque and Space NK): I love Diptyque candles, and this one is really lovely. It is described as, "An irresistibly fresh and fruity scented candle that warms your heart and home." I used this on my nightstand, and it was calming and beautiful. Purchase Again? I think so.

Diptyque Le Redouté Candle ($87.00 for 7.7oz. from Nordstrom and Diptyque): This is "a reinterpretation of a mysterious potpourri that could be found in the original boutique when it first opened, Le Redouté fills the air with the scent of flowers and spices." According to Diptyque this is a, "cinnamon, clove and orange float on a warm breeze over a bed of roses, cedar and amber. It is positively luscious! Purchase Again? At some point, but Roses is the next on my list!
Overall Assessment: I opened quite a few new products at the end of January, and therefore I am not sure how many bottles, tubes and jars that I will finish in February, but we will have to wait and see! What did you finish up, toss out, give away or return in January? Any real winners or duds to report?

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  1. As always, you did very well! I hope to get my empties post up soon. I have always been curious about the Diptype Baies candle. What does it smell like?

    1. Thank you, Allison! I can't wait to see yours! It is definitely fresh and fruity as they describe it, but there is another element that is hard to pinpoint. It is richer and more complex that a mere fresh and fruity aroma. They make remarkable candles, but they are definitely pricey indulgences!

  2. This is a great way to start the year (other than precious Milo). You really finished up some wonderful products. I'm using the Baylis hand soaps now and they are great.

    1. Thanks, Marcia! The loss of Milo definitely made for a rough start to 2021– aside from all of the other things happening in the world. Baylis & Harding is such a great brand, and it's amazing that their products are spot affordable!

  3. Wow, I can't believe all of these are just from January! Well done!! And I spy so many of my own favorites in your pile as well, from baylis & harding, derma e, diptyque, rituals, aesop and more!

    1. Well, having to work from home, during the pandemic, has definitely meant that I am around my products all day– so it does make it easier to finish up more empties each month! Strange times!

  4. So sorry for the loss of your cat. I have been there many times and it is the worst feeling in the world. I would recommend getting another cat to help fill the gaping hole that is left! I have figured out that we have a lot of love to give and when a pet dies, there is no place for it to go. So sorry!

    1. Thank you so much for your kindness, Jackie! It really is the worst feeling in the world, and sadly I have gone through this many times as well! If we didn't have other kitties, we would definitely be adopting another one. I was especially worried about his littermate, Lola (after whom this blog was named), but she seems to be adjusting to his absence. Thank you again for your lovely sentiments, they mean a great deal to me!


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