Sunday, June 10, 2018

Choffy El Sonado French Roast Brewed Chocolate

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I drink coffee, and while I don't drink more than one to two cups per day– it is definitely one of my vices. However, I avoid drinking it after about 11:00AM in an effort to avoid getting the coffee jitters. I was recently introduced to Choffy, which is a cocoa bean based beverage, that has a flavor that resides somewhere between coffee and cocoa. It is, in a word, delicious. It is rich, smooth and utterly delectable, and one can add a creamer and sweetener to give it a creamier and sweeter flavor. They are available in pods or ground, and since I use a French Press, I opted for the latter. It is as easy to make as coffee, and very bit as enjoyable to drink.

About El Sonado French Roast,

El Sonado French Roast was born out of the greatness of it's predecessor El Sonado Dark (to date our fastest growing product.) This French roast is without a doubt the darkest and most robust product that has ever been in our line up.  How does it taste? Bold, but not bitter.  Strong, yet smooth.  Certainly the El Sonado estate has a coffee-like flavor, which this french roast is the most coffee-like of this estate line up and is the best replacement for coffee that we offer.  If you like dark, rich, robust, get this one.  It's a winner.
According to Choffy,

100% Natural dark chocolate drink!  Choffy – Brewed Chocolate is made with cocoa beans that are roasted, ground and then packaged so that you can brew them just like coffee, but get all the health benefits of dark chocolate.

Unlike coffee, Choffy supplies you with long-lasting energy throughout the day without the crash, jitters, or other negative effects of caffeine. Which means you can drink as much as you want, whenever you want. So if you wake up craving a cup of Choffy, it’s only because it tastes so good!

Since cocoa beans are not naturally sweet (kind of like a baker’s cocoa) you may want to add a little something to your Choffy. There are all sorts of things that you can add to Choffy, but here are a few ideas to get you started.

Directions: You brew it just like you would coffee.  In a French Press, Percolator, Pour Over, Areopress, Coffee Maker with a reusable filter, and even in K-Cups! If you are using a coffee maker or a French press here are a few directions.
Overall Assessment: I am really enjoying drinking Choffy, and plan to buy another bag once I finish this one.

$14.99 for 12 oz. from Choffy Amazon Store (Affiliate Links).
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