Sunday, January 28, 2018

Valentine's Day Manicure Tips from Skyy Hadley

 Images & Skyy Hadley Tips Courtesy of PR

Whatever you will be doing on Valentine’s Day, whether watching rom-coms at home or going out, there is nothing more festive than a pink or red manicure. Enjoy these fun Valentine's Day-inspired nail ideas from nail expert, Skyy Hadley, to give yourself a stunning manicure.

A lesson in red: If you can't decide which color is your perfect red, just try them all at once for this monochromatic look (shown above).

Tips from Skyy Hadley:
· Always use a base coat
· Stay away from quick-dry nail polish (it dehydrates and can dry out your nails)
· Apply cuticle oil religiously
· Hold your hands under cold water post paint job
· Apply thin, not thick, coats of polish
· Always use a top coat
Pink lines: Simply add a strip of thin tape horizontally, then paint over in your favorite pink lacquer. Wait until tacky, then remove the tape. Once the color is completely dry, finish the look with a clear top coat.

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