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By Request: Eco-Friendly Wellness Products, Natural Remedies, Skin Saviors and Healthy Picks Worth Having

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I received a heartfelt request, from a very longtime reader, to feature eco-friendly, healthy natural remedies, and chemical-free products to help her transition away from so many chemical-laden products. She told me that a close family member recently received a cancer diagnosis, with a good prognosis, but that this entire experience has been a life-changing, paradigm-shifting wake-up call like no other. She already shifted to using African Botanics and May Lindstrom skincare products, but wanted to expand her horizons to wellness type products beyond the products used in her skincare routine. She said that she isn't going to abandon all of her mainstream products, but really wanted to add healthier choices to her collection.  

Here is my selection of eco-friendly wellness products:

The Dirt Dirty Balm - Lip Treatment ($10.00 from The Dirt and The Dirt's Amazon Store): This is an ultra-emollient lip balm that offers serious hydration, soothes and heals dry chapped lips, and when used sparingly it serves as a fantastic lipstick base. It has a wonderful aroma from the blend of essential oils, and you don't have to be concerned about ingesting multisyllabic chemical compounds.

According to The Dirt,

You've tried every lip balm on the market but you're about to meet your match. Our lip balm uses traditional beauty secrets from around the world to provide the most effective lip care you have ever tried. This is the BEST lip balm on the PLANET! 

Ingredients: Organic Raw Coconut oil, Organic Cruelty Free Bees Wax, Organic Grass Fed Ghee, Organic Cocoa Butter, Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Carrot Seed Essential Oil, Organic Palmarosa Essential Oil & Organic German Chamomile Essential Oil.
Green Goo Skin Repair-Daily Replenishing Salve ($ 9.50 for .7 oz Travel Tin from Green Goo by Sierra Sage): This salve, which has the consistency of a balm, is a multitasking remedy for a wide range of concerns. It can be used to soften scars, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and puffy eyes, to  help heal minor burn and sunburn– to name but a few of its strengths. It boasts a lightweight consistency, and a concentrated formula– therefore a small jar should last quite a while.

According to Green Goo,

Skin Repair is food for your skin. The nutrient rich blend of Aloe Vera and Vitamin E oils nourish and improve your skin's appearance. 

Our formula helps reduce inflammation and pain due to over-exposure from the sun or other minor burns. Its Aloe-based formula is a soothing after-sun salve. Use as a daily moisturizer or as a night eye cream to help relieve wrinkles, puffy eyes and dark circles.

Suggested Uses:
*Scars (new and old)
*Wrinkles and puffy eyes
*Night eye cream
*Aging and sunspots
*Minor burns and sunburns
*Precancerous sun spots
*Sun damaged skin 
*After-sun care

Ingredients: *Olive Oil, *Coconut Oil, *Rosehip Seed Oil, *Vitamin E Oil, *Aloe Vera Oil, and *Beeswax. Essential Oils: Moroccan Blue Chamomile, Blue Yarrow, and Helichrysum. *Organic.
Green Goo First Aid (Travel Stick .6 oz $ 9.95 from Green Goo): This is a great product to keep in your first aid kit because it addresses so many concerns from cuts and scrapes to blisters and sunburns. You may not need to use it all of the time, but you will be glad that you have it when you do. 

According to Green Goo,

Green Goo First Aid salve is a power packed formula that helps aid the body's own healing abilities. Replacing over 20 traditionally used first aid items, our salve is the first defense for cuts, scrapes, blisters, sunburns, chafing, poison ivy and cracked hands & feet. 

It helps to relieve the itch and sting of insect bites and can be used as a wound dressing. First Aid salve is a perfect all-purpose, carry-it-with-you powerhouse.

Suggested Uses: Helps Relieve symptoms associated with: • Insect Bites • Cuts and Scrapes • Cracked Hands • Poison Ivy • Cold Sores • Sunburns • Chapped lips •Blisters • Ingrown toenails • Fungal infections • Chafing

Claims: •replaces over 20 items in your First Aid kit including but not limited to Neosporin, Hydrocortisone, Calamine for Poison Ivy, any anti-itch, anti-fungal •safe for you, your children and your pets including but not limited to dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, horses, cattle.

Ingredients: *Olive Oil,  *Sunflower Oil, *Plantain,  *Chickweed,  *Yarrow,  *Sage,  *Calendula,  *Chaparral,  *St. John's Wort,  *Comfrey Leaf,  Gum Benzoin, Myrrh,  and  *Beeswax. Essential Oils of  Lavender and Rosemary. *Organic.
Sierra Sage Face Wash Herbal Cleansing Oil with Calendula Flowers ($16.95 for 4.5 oz. and $7.95 for 1 oz. from Green Goo by Sierra Sage and Sierra Sage's Amazon Store): This is a lovely cleansing oil that can be used alone, or as part of your double cleansing routine. It is lightweight, it has a lovely light aroma that is punctuated by Lavender, Rosemanty Extract and Calendula. It leaves skin thoroughly cleaned, soft, supple, hydrated and luminous. A little goes a very long way, and therefore the full size bottle should last for quite some time.

According to Sierra Sage,

Experience the suprising miracle of Calendula infused Olive Oil and Vitamin E. with Sierra Sage's Oil Cleansing Face Wash. Gently dissolve harmful dirt and makeup without the harsh drying chemicals found in soap.  The unique combination of antioxidant rich oils and healing herbs nutures the skin leaving it clean and radiant without clogging pores.  Replenish essential nutients your skin will love! Our Facewash is perfect for everyday cleansing and moisturizing.

To begin we recommend that you rinse your face with warm water. A little goes a long way with our cleanser, so you will only need to use a small amount. Massage this into face for approximately 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and then use a small wash cloth to dry face and remove any excess oil still remaing. Your skin is now, clean, moisturizing and glowing! Enjoy

Ingredients: *Olive Oil, *Vitamin E Oil, *Sunflower Oil, *Jojoba Oil, *Calendula Flowers (Calendula officinalis), Lavender Essential Oil (Lavendula angustifolia) Rosemary Extract. (*Organic) Gluten Free. EXTERNAL USE ONLY
Nature's Form African Black Soap ($12.95 for a 3 Pack from Nature's Form's Official Amazon Store): African Black Soap has long been held as a natural healing remedy to treat a plethora of skin conditions such as Dermatitis, Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis and dry skin. It is also very nice to treat dry skin during the colder months of the year. 

According to Nature's Care,

The soap is made by first drying the skins of the Plantain fruit to precise texture in the hot African sun. The skins are then roasted in a clay oven to achieve a particular color, texture and fragrance. The longer they are dried the darker the color of the soap. Next, this base is carefully mixed with palm oil and palm kernal oil. Generous amounts of Ivory Shea Butter are then mixed in. The soap is then hardened by being put into molds and left for days in the African sun to harden. Then it is packaged into air-tight bags in Africa to preserve its centuries old cleansing and medicinal power.

...Our authentic raw African Black Soap by Nature’s Form from Ghana, Africa. Used for many skin conditions and in many skin treatments including Psoriasis scalp, Eczema, dry skin, skin lightening and whitening, Dermatitis and Acne.

• Handmade, organic, all natural ingredients with Shea Butter
• Authentic age-old recipe from west Africa
• Standard-sized bars for use with normal soap dishes
• 3-pack in a slick plastic case for easy and secure storage of unused bars
• Safe and beneficial for all skin types
Nature's Form African Black Soap Ingredients: Palm Oil*, Cocoa Pod*, Palm Kernal Oil*, Coconut Oil*, Unrefined Shea Butter* (38%), Plantain Skin Ash*, Purified Water, Natural Vitamin E, Natural Sodium (* organic).
Sibu Sea Berry Therapy Cleansing Face & Body Bar ($7.95 for a 3.5 oz. bar from SibuWalmart and Amazon): This hydrating face and body bar puts forth a rich and creamy lather, and yet it is not in the least bit stripping to the skin. It also works wonders for shaving legs and underarms because of its delectable lather, and its intoxicating citrus aroma is uplifting and invigorating.

According to Sibu,

Wash away a day of stress and pollutants with pure, simple and effective Sea Berry Cleansing Face & Body Bar.  This facial bar lathers thick and rich to cleanse, detox, moisturize and repair the skin while creating a protective barrier against cell damaging free radicals.

Ingredients: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit,Avena Sativa (Oat) Kernel Flour, Citrus Medica Limonum (Lemon) Peel Oil, Citrus Reticulata (Tangerine) Peel Oil, Less than 1% of:Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate, Soymilk Powder, Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Leaves, Tetrasodium GlutamateDiacetate, Citric Acit, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891).
Wally's Natural Ear Candles are holistic treatments intended to melt away the stress, and create a tranquil and grounding experience that is meditative. My husband, who is an avid, life-long surfer finds that ear candles gently evaporate the water build-up in his ears. 

According to Wally's

Relax, unwind and enjoy the calming effects of a Wally’s Natural Ear Candle. Ear Candles are a wonderful holistic relaxation device that is used to melt away stress and daily frustrations. As the candle burns warm air and rhythmic sounds moves down the candle creating a tranquil experience.

Ear Candling is safe and easy! All you need is a set of Wally’s Ear Candles, a lighter or match, a damp towel, a bowl of water, and a pair of scissors. It is suggested that you have a friend help you ear candle as it’s more relaxing this way. Prior to Ear Candling make sure to read and understand all instructions and safety warnings that come with the candles.


To start lay a protective device such as a damp towel over the head and neck of the person to be candled in order to protect from any accidental ash dropping. Next, light the larger “Easy to Light” end and simply hold the smaller thinner end to the ear so the tip of the candle rests just inside the ear canal. Wally’s Natural candles feature a “No-Drip-Filter” for the consumer’s safety. This ensures added safety against the chance of wax or other debris falling through the tip of the candle.

Trim the ash or burnt part of the candle approximately every inch or so that the candle burns. Make sure the trimmings go into the bowl of water to ensure they are extinguished.

Do not burn the candle further than the burn line or so the candle is shorter than 4 inches in length. If you reach that point or want to extinguish the candle prior to reaching that point, dunk the entire candle, burning end first, into the bowl of water so it is completely submergedUsually people use between 1 to 3 candles per ear.

Our Spa Collection Ear Candles are made with Soy and Candelilla waxes and a worry free no-drip filter to deliver a deluxe spa experience. Lavender Essential Oil adds just the right touch to soften your mood and ease you into a sense of calm tranquility.

Ingredients: Unbleached Cotton Muslin; No Drip Filter; Soy Wax; Candelilla Wax; and Lavender Essential Oil.

Purified food grade paraffin infused into unbleached cotton muslin makes our Professional collection of ear candles perfect for clinicians in the highest quality salons in America. Reach a deeper sense of relaxation with Ear Candles that are infused with a powerful trio of eucalyptus, echinacea and tea tree essential oils.

Ingredients: Unbleached Cotton Muslin; No Drip Filter; Food Grade Paraffin Wax; Eucalyptus Essential Oil; Tea Tree Essential Oil; and Echinacea Essential Oil.

Luxurious Beeswax Ear Candles combine the exceptional feel and aroma of beeswax with a worry free no-drip filter so you can fully immerse yourself in this indulgent past time. These Unscented Ear Candles are a perfect way to unwind at the end of a long day. Just relax and clear your mind as the warm air travels down the candle creating rhythmic sounds and soothing warmth.

Ingredients: Unbleached Cotton Muslin; No Drip Filter; Purified Beeswax.
Earth's Care Dry & Cracked Skin Balm ($9.01-$10.99 for 2.5 oz. from Earth's Care and Amazon):

Earth's Care Dry & Cracked Skin Balm is an ultra-rich, seriously emollient balm that heals badly chapped and cracked skin. It leaves skin soft, supple and deeply moisturized. If you run around barefoot, or work in the garden this is a great choice for rough, chapped and cracked skin.

Cajeput Oil, renowned for its beneficial properties, is distilled from the leaves of the Cajeput tree which grows wild in the forests of Southeast Asia and Australia. The Arnica flower, native to Europe, has been used medicinally for centuries and has proven its value for a variety of skin conditions. Vitamin E is a natural anti-oxidant prized for its restorative qualities while Shea Butter is a rich extract from the nut of the African Shea tree. Earth's Care Dry and Cracked Skin Balm is a 100% natural formula that quickly soothes damaged skin and makes it feel visibly softer and smoother. Ideal for rough or cracked skin on hands, elbows and feet, this replenishing blend features nature's most therapeutic oils and extracts from around the world. This balm is suitable for everyday use on damage-prone areas to keep skin healthy, moisturized, and supple. Directions Apply Earth's Care Dry and Cracked Skin Balm as needed to chapped, dry or damaged skin on the hands, elbows, heels, body, face and legs.
Earth's Care Dry & Cracked Skin Balm Ingredients: Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Beeswax, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, Vegetable Oil (Glycerides), Gaultheria Procumbens L. (Wintergreen) Oil, Myroxylon Pereirae (Balsam Peru), Arnica Montana (Arnica) Flower Extract, Matricaria Recutita (Chamomile) Flower Extract, Tocopherol (Natural Vitamin E), Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Oil, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract, Melaleuca Cajeputi (Cajeput) Oil, Heterotheca Inuloides Flower Extract, Allantoin (Natural).
Painted Earth Legendary Blend of Thieves Essential Oil ($44.00 for 1 oz. and $11.00 for .5ml from Painted Earth): Painted Earth Legendary Blend of Thieves oil is a magical blend of five essential oils (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Rosemary and Eucalypus Radiata) that have anti-infectious, antiviral, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. Painted Earth suggests using it when you have the flu, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, sore throat, strep, toothache, cuts, poison ivy, and as an immune stimulant. It has a delectable clove aroma that is such a wonderful and relaxing treat to the senses.

According to Painted Earth,

This healing oil is a blend of five different therapeutic grade essential oils, including cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. This combination of healing oils covers a broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity and contains properties that strengthen the immune system. Due to its effectiveness against highly infectious germs, including viruses and bacteria, it is one of nature’s most powerful natural home remedies.

Painted Earth's Thief Oil is based upon a 15th century recipe found in the Royal English Archives. This recipe protected a group of thieves from the black plague even as they robbed the highly contagious bodies of the plagues dead victims. During the course of their plundering, four of the thieves were caught by the king’s men. In exchange for not being burned at the stake, the four thieves disclosed the secret of their immunity. Painted Earth's Thief Oil has been specially blended to offer the same kind of defense.

Painted Earth's Suggested Uses:


Diffusing is a great way to get this healing oil blend into the respiratory system of household members. Inhaling diffused oils strengthens the immune and respiratory systems which are often the target of bacteria and viruses. Purifying the air adds a valuable level of protection and support in the health and wellness of your family. Many germs that travel through the air are linked to common ailments such as the cold and flu.

In addition to diffusing throughout the day, you can diffuse therapeutic grade essential oils in the bedroom at night during sleep. It is a wonderful way to support the respiratory and immune system if someone is fighting an infection.


This healing oil can be diluted and massaged into the skin to help protect against the germs that cause illness. It is also very beneficial in the care of illness. Two very effective areas to massage are the reflex areas or vita-flex points on the feet, for example the lungs, sinus, bronchials, ears, etc., and also along the spine where bacteria and viruses tend to hibernate.

Test for sensitivity. Cinnamon and clove oil are powerful oils and could cause a reaction in some people. Diluting this essential oil in vegetable or carrier oil before applying to the skin is recommended. The bottom of the feet is always the safest place to use and test oils, especially on children and those with known sensitivities or allergies. For your health and safety always test first!


Disinfect and Clean Thieves oil diluted in water or vinegar is an amazing all purpose house cleaner. Kills germs and odors safely and naturally. 

Ingredients & Attributes:
Clove: Immune enhancing, powerful antioxidant
Lemon Oil: Powerful antioxidant, natural solvent and cleanser, supports circulation
Cinnamon Bark: High in antioxidants, supports digestive system, relieves discomfort
Rosemary Oil: Naturally energizing, helps to restore mental alertness when experiencing mental fatigue
Eucalyptus Radiata: Highly antiviral, supports respiratory system, antibacterial

Painted Earth Boo Boo Gel ($25.00 for 2 oz. from Painted Earth): Boo Boo Gel heals pimples, bug bites, burns and small cuts. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties eliminate acne-causing bacteria, and reduce the redness, irritation and inflammation.

According to Painted Earth,

Boo Boo Gel represents nothing less than a revolution in the treatment of skin ailments. By focusing on actually treating the root causes of inflammation related ailment as opposed to simply masking the symptoms, the recovery process is accelerated in thousands of cases, skin problems have been successfully & dramatically alleviated. 

Smooth it on daily for blemish free skin. Then grab it when you need it for burns, bites, and small cuts. It’s full of great ingredients that calm and heal the skin.…just about anything skin related. No home should be with out this natural fix all, safe and effective for the old and young . For quick relief, this natural anti-inflammatory will sooth, heal, and nourish your skin. This blemish banisher keeps troubled skin clean and clear. It also dramatically reduces the appearance of pores.

Ingredients: Aqua, Dimethyl Sulfone (MSM), Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract (Organic Aloe), Mentha Piperita Oil (Peppermint Essential Oil), Menthol, Colloidal Silver, Arnica Montana Extract (Organic Arnica), Camellia Sinensis Extract (Organic Green Tea), Althaea Officinalis Extract (Organic Marshmallow), Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract (Organic Licorice), Centella Asiatica Extract (Organic Gotu Kola), Equisetum Arvense Extract (Horsetail), Taraxacum Officinale Extract (Dandelion), Geranium Maculatum Extract (Wild Geranium), (2s)-2-Amino-5-guanidinopentanoic Acid, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer 
Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick ($26.00 for 2 oz. from Dr. Fedorenko and Dr. Fedorenko's Amazon Store): This is a perfect thing to have on hand if you hike, camp or hang out in the outdoors. This healthy, Deet-Free formula actually nourishes the skin while scaring away unwanted bugs. 

According to Dr. Fedorenko, 

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Bug Stick is designed to protect and nourish skin while keeping mosquitoes, ticks, gnats, horseflies, and biting flies away. Created by moms for their families and yours. 

USDA Organic Certified & Made in USA
Not tested on animals.

Directions: For best results, apply liberally to exposed skin every 2 to 3 hours or as needed. Avoid contact with eyes and mouth. Test on a small area of your skin for any irritation before use.

Active ingredients: 2.5%*Cymbopogon Shoenanthus (Lemongrass) Oil, 2%*Cymbopogon Nardus (Citronella) Oil, 2%*Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, 1.48%*Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Oil, 1%*Cedrus Atlantica (Cedar) Oil, 0.81%*Eugenia Caryophyllus (Clove) Flower Oil, 0.10%*Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) Flower Oil. Inactive Ingredients: *Cera Alba (Beeswax), *Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, *Vanilla Flavor, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, *Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, *Nepeta Cataria (Catnip) Oil, *Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange Peel) Oil, *Piper Nigerum (Black Pepper) Fruit Oil, *Prunus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E), *Eucalyptus Citriodora (Lemon Eucalyptus) Oil, *Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract
Ingredients Marked (*) are Organic.

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Sun Stick Broad Spectrum Sunscreen + Moisturizer ($24.00 for 2 oz. from Dr. Fedorenko and Dr. Fedorenko's Amazon Store): This is a moisturizing stick mineral sunscreen that is filled with nourishing oils and botanical extracts that leave the skin soft, smooth and hydrated while protecting it against the harmful  rays of the sun.

According to Dr. Fedorenko,

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Sun Stick botanical daily body moisturizer provides Broad Spectrum sun protection and helps nourish, revitalize, calm and improve skin elasticity. Helps to promote vital, youthful and radiant skin.

• Sun Stick Organic Broad Spectrum SPF 30
• Does Not contain Nano Particles. 
• For All Skin Types. 
• Hand Crafted in Sag Harbor, New York. 
• Certified to NSF/ANSI 305 by Oregon Tilth. 
• Not harmful to Corals. 
• 20% Fair Trade Certified Ingredients. 

100% Natural Content – Pure and Eco-Friendly Ingredients – Natural Botanical Butters – Essential Oils – No Synthetic Fragrances or Colors – No Chemicals – Paraben & Phthalate Free – Dairy & Soy Free.

Active Ingredients: - Zinc Oxide 13% Sunscreen. Inactive Ingredients: *Calendula Officinalis (Calendula) Flower Extract, *Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu) Oil, *Cera Flava (Beeswax), *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Flavor, *Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Fruit Oil, *Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, *Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, *Rubus Idaeus (Red Raspberry) Seed Oil, Fair Trade CertifiedTM *Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E). * Organic

Dr. Fedorenko True Organic Skin Stick Protective Moisturizer for Lips, Cheeks and Body ($24.00 for 2 oz. from Dr. Fedorenko and Dr. Fedorenko's Amazon Store): If you love the smell of cocoa butter, then you will absolutely love, love love this multipurpose moisturizing stick. It is perfect for chapped lips, heels, elbows and anywhere else that you have dry, chapped skin.

According to Dr. Fedorenko,

Rescue your rough skin with this fragrance-free DrFedorenko True Organic™ Skin Stick™. Eradicate flaky dryness with a super moisturizing complex of certified organic luxurious butters and oils. So smooth you’ll think it’s hitting on you.

Caution: For external use only. Rinse with water to remove. Keep out of eyes. Keep out of reach of small children. Do not use on damaged or broken skin. Stop use and ask a doctor if rash occurs. 

Not tested on animals.
100% Natural Content – Certified Organic and Eco-Friendly Ingredients – 
Organic Botanical Butters – Pure Organic Oils – No Synthetic Fragrances or Colors – No Chemicals Paraben & Phthalate Free – Dairy & Soy Free

Ingredients: *Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, *Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, *Cera Flava (Beeswax), *Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E).
The Dirt - Trace Mineral Tooth Brushing Powder ($29.99 for a 51g Glass Jar Lasts 6+ months from The Dirt and The Dirt's Amazon Store): If you prefer not to use mainstream toothpastes, or you like to alternate them with natural tooth powders and toothpastes, then this ultra-concentrated tooth powder is worth your consideration. It is a little messy to use, but it leaves your teeth very clean, your breath very fresh, and the cinnamon flavor is absolutely delicious!

According to The Dirt,

The original and best spiced trace mineral tooth brushing powder! Did you know the glycerin in modern toothpaste can coat your teeth and prevent the natural process of re-mineralization that keeps your teeth strong and white? The Dirt is made to support your natural re-mineralization process and get your teeth back to their strong, sparkly selves. It has a sweet spiced orange flavor that will leave your mouth feeling clean and spicy!

Fluoride free
Naturally whitening
Tastes great, no xylitol

Ingredients: Extra Fine Bentonite Clay, Organic Saigon Cinnamon, Baking Soda, Organic Myrrh Gum Powder, Organic Nutmeg, Sweet Orange Essential Oil & Organic Cardamon Essential Oil

The Dirt MCT Oil Toothpaste ($9.99 from The Dirt and The Dirt's Amazon Store): This toothpaste has a wonderful rose aroma that tastes as good as it smells, and it does a fantastic job cleaning your teeth without leaving them stripped.

According to The Dirt,

We know how much you already love our tooth brushing powder but some of you are die hard paste fans. There are a million toothpastes in the world so we thought to ourselves "how can we make a toothpaste that blows all others out of the water?" Well we have done it! Our MCT oil toothpaste combines the great effects of MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) with the benefits of bentonite clay and a touch of theobromine, a natural part of the cacao pod that has been shown to improve oral health and prevent decay. Our paste is concentrated so you'll only need a 'split pea' amount for each use. Our large tubes last 5 months and the smaller tubes last about 6 weeks and are TSA friendly.

Wonderful flavor won't overwhelm you
Goes a long way, only need a tiny amount
Fluoride free
Glycerine free
Xylitol free
Soy Free
Gluten Free

Available Flavors:
Royal Rose Cacao Mint
Cacao Mint
Sweet Cinnamon

The Dirt Anti-Microbial Copper Tongue Scraper ($9.99 from The Dirt and The Dirt's Amazon Store): If you use a tongue scraper, or have been considering it, then this pure copper variant is a definite must-have. Not only does it effectively remove excessive unwanted bacteria from your mouth, which also freshens breath, but the results are immediately noticeable.

According to The Dirt,

Take fresh breath to the next level. Our copper tongue scraper removes the gunk that brushing alone simply cannot. Why copper? Various forms of copper have been used for medicinal purposes throughout the history of mankind, the Egyptians used copper for their water pipes, ship builders used copper to keep algae off ships, copper has recently been tested in the fight against the deadly MRSA virus.

Overall Assessment: I have always kept eco-friendly wellness products in my bathroom cabinet, and these represent some of my current favorites.

What are your favorite eco-friendly products? Are there any misses that you won't replace, or any that you will never go without?

Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own (Affiliate Links).
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  1. This is an amazing array of eco-friendly products. I love the many items available by these brands. The only one I used so far is Painted Earth which makes some great products.

    1. I definitely agree! Yes, Painted Earth really does make some great products!

  2. What a fantastic post, Helen! Thank you for introducing me to so many new brands and products. Did you like the Green Goo products? They contacted me a while back, but I was swamped with skincare and passed on it and regretted that decision. So many interesting things to try. I wondered what happened to Painted Earth - glad to see they're still around. The ear candles sound terrifying but I'm glad they work for your surfer dude. Hopefully, you're right there helping him. I am wondering about the Bug Stick. I'd love to find something natural that works but it's kind of pricey in case it doesn't. Thankfully, bug season is over till next year so I can think about it!

    1. Thank you, Allison! Yes, I really like the Green Goo– especially their Skin Repair! Definitely say yes next time, or send them an email saying that your editorial calendar now has a space to review these!

      Painted Earth is definitely still around, and they have so many great products!

      The ear candles freaked me out a bit, but I did it on my husband, and it was pretty cool!

      I tried the Bug Stick, but each time I tested it there weren't many bugs out. The real test will be on my husband who sits plays ball with Delilah in the midst of all of the biting bugs!

  3. This is such a fantastic post! So many great products that I need to check out!

    1. Thank you, Babi! These are definitely rally fantastic products and brands worth knowing about and trying!

  4. These all sound fabulous and definitely a list of products I want to check out. I love a good black soap and this one looks like something I'd like.

    1. They really are fantastic products worth checking out, Honey!

  5. What an awesome round up of natural products. I've always been very curious about ear candleing!

    1. Thanks, Kristina! I am quite impressed by these products! Ear candling is pretty interesting!

  6. Treating herpes is to address the plaque formations after contracting the virus. Natural medicine has shown to be extremely effective in breaking down plaque. lemon balm antiviral salve


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