Friday, April 22, 2016

Rest in Peace, Prince (1958-2016) #PrinceRIP

Absolutely heartbroken. #PrinceRIP


  1. Me too Sis...especially hard when luminaries we've grown up with leave eg Michael Jackson & more recently,Bowie & now, my favourite Prince :( Icon,Pioneer,Legend,Genius..all too easily flung around in these 'celebrity' saturated times but surely Prince was THE epitome of the above. Supremely many great songs,will always regret never getting to see him live as was widely touted as the best on stage....when doves cry indeed :( RIP pocket rocket.

    1. I feel precisely the same way, Sis! I, too, regret having never seen him perform live. Such a rarity in these times to be a gifted musician, singer, song writer and performer. Such a loss to the world. 2016 really seems to be a year filled with the death of so much talent!


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