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Lisa Hoffman Beauty Goldtone Fragrance Locket & Blending Set | Review

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I am a big fan of Lisa Hoffman Beauty, and their Kerala Ashok Garden Bracelet (reviewed here) is a delightful and gorgeous bracelet that I truly treasure. I can now add their Goldtone Fragrance Locket and Blending Set to my treasured creations from them.

With the gift-giving season upon us, one is faced with finding something special for loved ones, and preferably things that they wouldn't necessarily get for themselves. Finding interesting things that will be treasured can certainly be tricky-- particularly for those need or want nothing.

According to Lisa Hoffman Beauty,

Our fragrance beads are eco-friendly and made from the highest standard of pure perfume. Each piece of jewelry comes with refillable fragrance beads so you can easily refresh the scent in your charm. It’s perfume, we just reinvented the packaging.

Using eco-friendly materials and revolutionary technology, we've engineered our fragrance beads to deliver maximum fragrance in a minimalist design. The spherical shape of the beads combined with a proprietary scenting method allows for maximum fragrance throw and scent retention. What this means is that your Fragrance Jewelry was designed to be as fragrant as possible in the most efficient way.
Lisa Hoffman Beauty offers a lovely range of fragrances, but her line of Fragrance Jewelry is a wonderfully innovative way to enjoy lovely scents without actually applying them to your skin. Lisa Hoffman Beauty aptly describes their Fragrance Jewelry as "Perfume without the Bottle," and it is indeed just that.

According to Lisa Hoffman Beauty,

This necklace features a large bright goldtone oval fragrance locket with an antique-inspired lacy patterned face and glass rhinestones. Measuring 32.5 inches, the goldtone necklace can be worn as a statement piece, double looped, or layered with other necklaces. The included Serenity Fragrance Bead Trio features the rare woody scent of Japanese Agarwood, the sparkling watery notes of French Clary Sage and the sophisticated sweet essence of Tuscan Fig. All three scents can be worn individually or blended together to create your own personalized fragrance. Your Fragrance Locket will brighten your mood with glamour and scent throughout the holiday season.
What is included:

• Fragrance Locket in Goldtone
• Serenity Fragrance Bead Trio of Japanese Agarwood Fragrance Beads, French Clary Sage Fragrance Beads, Tuscan Fig Fragrance Beads (each 0.04oz/1g)
• Satin gold bag for an elegant gift presentation
The locket is not just gorgeous, but it is also very sturdy and easy to open,
You can use any of the fragrance beads alone or blend them to customize your scent.
The vintage inspired locket boasts a gorgeous lacy filigree pattern punctuated by glass rhinestones.
Overall Assessment: A wonderful gift for people who love fragrance!

$50.00 from Lisa Hoffman Beauty. Available in Goldtone and Silvertone (Affiliate Links).

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  1. I have wanted one of her necklaces for years, but I keep forgetting about them around holiday, Vday and bday time. I must remember this in February as an idea to give Jeff for me!! Please remind me in a Vday gift guide, Lola!!

    1. She makes such gorgeous things, Allison! I'm not at all surprised that you have been wanting one of her necklaces for years! This would be great for a V-Day Gift guide, and I definitely think that Jeff should get you one! <3

  2. I like how mention we should give something people wouldn't normally give themselves.

  3. This would make such a unique gift idea!

  4. That's a great type of aromatherapy idea!! Especially when your at the store with 2 screaming children and your husband is whining lol

    1. I agree, Jessica! Definitely needed with screaming kids and a whining husband! That's why I usually leave mine at home when I have to go shopping! LOL!

  5. This is SO unique and stunning! I'd really love to try this and wear the pretty jewelry.

    1. I completely agree with you, Deborah! She makes really lovely things!


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