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Empties Post Volume XXVIII: December 2014 Edition

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In my last Empties post of the year, I managed to finish up a fair number of full sized products. That said, in the spirit of full disclosure, many of these products were nearly finished up by the end of November. Nevertheless, I am pleased to be able to toss these empty containers into the recycle bin by the end of the year.

1) Everyday Shea Moisturizing Body Wash in Vanilla Mint (reviewed here): I love everything that I have used from Alaffia and their Everyday Shea line. Their Moisturizing Body Wash is one of my favorite products for washing my hands and body. I will definitely be purchasing another bottle on one of my next trips to Whole Foods.

2) J.R. Watkins Naturals Hand Soap in Aloe & Green Tea (reviewed here): They make my very favorite hand soaps, period! The formula is non-stripping and moisturizing, and the scents are absolutely amazing!

3) J.R. Watkins Naturals Foaming Hand Soap in Lemon (reviewed here): I might even like foaming version of their hand soaps better than their regular hand soaps. The foam is so soft and creamy, and the lemon scent is so refreshing and delicious!

4) Kiehl's Eye Alert (reviewed here): I bought this because my friend swore it was the greatest thing that he had ever tried, and he implored me to get a tube. I love this stuff! It's designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and does a great job in that capacity. It provides enough moisture to last all day on me, and I like it enough that I already purchased another tube.

5) Surface Men Shampoo & Body Wash (reviewed here): While this was my husband's, I liked shaving my legs with it periodically. He loved it as a shampoo, and wants another bottle.

6) HYD for Men Razor Shield (reviewed here): While this was also my husband's, I often used it on my razor as well. It helped keep the blade sharp and lubricated.

7) Bikini Soft Smooth Shave Oil (reviewed here): This is such a great shaving oil because it facilitates a very close shave, and leaves skin unbelievably soft and silky. While I really enjoyed using it, my husband was so obsessed with it that I tried not to dip too far into his stash of this fab oil!

8-9)  Osmia Organics Waterlily Body Oil (reviewed hereOsmia Organics Sunset Body Oil (reviewed here): Osmia Organics makes amazing handcrafted skincare products, and their body oils are very nourishing and hydrating. The scents are glorious, intoxicating and calming.

10) This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray: There was only enough for a few uses, but it made my pillow smell delightful, and the scent of lavender was very soothing and relaxing!

11) Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask: While this was only a sample, I was given enough for one full mask, and I have to say that I was very impressed by the results. This is a lovely clay-based mask that draws out impurities and really cleans out the pores. It is perfect for combination to oilier skin types. I definitely want a tube of this!

12) Bare Love Body Luxury Body Fuel (reviewed here): I loved using every single drop of this novel firm oil. It has the consistency of a gel, but it is a remarkably hydrating oil. This is definitely on my list of things to replenish!

13) 3LAB Perfect Cleansing Gel (reviewed here): This is a very gentle foaming cleanser that leaves skin very soft and moisturized, but thoroughly cleansed. It is wonderful when used alone, but the results are extraordinary when used with a Clarisonic.

14) Desert Essence Coconut Body Wash (reviewed here): This body wash smells so good, and was so moisturizing on my skin that it is definitely at the very top of my list the next time I shop at Whole Foods.
15) Keratin Perfect Silk Keratin Enhanced Conditioner (reviewed here): This conditioner left my unruly naturally curly hair soft, manageable and shiny. Furthermore, I was able to effortlessly and painlessly comb my hair without any pulling or tangles!

16) Christine Shampoo by Van Thomas Concepts (reviewed here): This is a non-stripping and thoroughly cleansing shampoo that leaves hair soft and manageable. I loved it so much that I added water at the end to use up the very last bit!

17) Surface Men Shave Cream (reviewed here): While this was technically my husband's shave cream, I loved it so much that I repeatedly used it! It has a super creamy low foam lather that allows for a close shave, but it also leaves skin soft, smooth, supple and moisturized.

18) Teadora Rainforest at Dusk Nourishing Body Polish (reviewed here): I used this entirely too fast because I was completely obsessed with it. It is a non-greasy, non-oily gentle body scrub that thoroughly removes dead skin. It leaves skin silky smooth and indescribably soft and moisturized. I need more!

19) Bare Love Beauty Luxury Hair Fuel (reviewed here): This is one of my very favorite hair oils, and in part because it is so unique. It is a firm oil that is lightweight and highly concentrated, and it leaves hair soft, silky smooth, moisturized, and shiny. It smells of warm vanilla that I find intoxicating!

I'm pretty pleased that I was able to finish up all of these products by the end of 2014! It feels especially cathartic to be able to recycle all of these bottles and tubes before the year ends so that I can begin 2015 with fresh new products!

What did you finish up, give away, toss out, or return in December?
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  1. Osmia are on my to try list. I didn't use up many products this month. Just two and one I tossed.

    The finished items are:
    -Hemper-Fi Omega 3 hemp conditioning shampoo
    -Alterna Bamboo Style dry shampoo in Mango Coconut

    I tossed out:
    -mark by Avon That's Brilliant Eye and Face Luminizer
    There was about 20% left. I wasn't able to get the rest of the product out. Not too fond of the packaging; it either dispensed too much or not enough. Smashbox's BB Cream for eyes is much better.

    1. Hi Iris! Osmia Organics is so wonderful– I love everything that I have tried from the line, and I think that you would really love their products!

      I think that you still did a great job finishing things up! It takes a long time for me to get through full sized shampoos and conditioners!

      Too bad that the mark by Avon was a packaging fail! I'm glad that you have something that you prefer!


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