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Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment: Amazing Results in Only 7 Minutes | Review

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You may have already heard some of the buzz surrounding ROLOXIN Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment, a highly touted Red Carpet Ready facial product, that miraculously reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles at an alarming rate of speed. Naturally the results are not permanent, but skin is left lifted, with improved texture, and lines are plumped.

I was first introduced to the line at Space NK, and was very surprised by the results the first time that I tried it. Clearly, the efficacy of this highly effective was not lost of the editors of Allure Magazine who awarded it the highly coveted Allure Best of Beauty Awards 2014 in the Beauty Breakthroughs category.
ROLOXIN LIFT is a rinse off treatment mask that leaves skin noticeably lifted, even in tone, and tightened with noticeably softened lines. While the mask only needs to be left on the face for about 7 minutes, the effects leave skin appearing virtually airbrushed for about 12 hours. It is almost as though you photoshopped your face, and while you look like you– your skin appears like your skin but better. It is the perfect facial treatment for special occasions because the results are tangible and real.

According to ROLOXIN LIFT,

In a clinical study of women ages 35-65, 95 percent of participants experienced a reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The same women also noticed improved skin texture, decreased pore size and reduced under eye “bags.” Even better, 70 percent reported looking younger and 95 percent reported feeling more confident after application.

Roloxin™ Lift was studied on the face and upper neck.  Some users report good results on the lower neck and décolleté as well.

Roloxin™ Lift is a topical, quick and painless treatment, typically applied once per day, for 7-10 minutes. As soon as it is rinsed off, the wrinkle lift effect is instantly and fully apparent, resulting in the dramatic reduction in the appearance of facial wrinkles and lines.

In addition to instantly reducing the appearance of facial wrinkles and lines, the Roloxin™ Lift technology immediately reduces the appearance of visible pores, providing a bright, luminous, more even skin tone and improved texture.

Typically Roloxin™ Lift is applied once per day, often in the morning, but a second treatment can be applied later in the day if desired. Roloxin™ Lift is gentle enough to be used every day, although a standard treatment regimen is to apply Roloxin™ Lift once a day for 10 straight days, then three times per week thereafter for maintenance. Repeat treatment is not required to produce instant visible results, although research suggests cumulative effect can build over time.
Shown freshly squeezed out of the packet in order for you to see the texture, but you would normally massage it in the package before applying it.

STEP 1: Wash your face, leaving it cleansed and slightly damp.

STEP 2: Activate Roloxin Lift by massaging the packet for 10-20 seconds.

STEP 3: Open the packet and apply the product evenly across your dampened face, avoiding the eyes.

STEP 4: Allow Roloxin Lift to dry to a white powder, which takes approximately 7 minutes.

STEP 5: Gently rinse off Roloxin Lift with only warm water.

STEP 6: Pat dry and always follow with moisturizer.

STEP 7: You will see a brighter, revitalized appearance. That’s Roloxin Lift at work.

Massage ROLOXIN LIFT in the packet for about 10 seconds, in order to activate the ingredients, and it will turns it into a scent-free lotion that effortlessly spreads across the skin. You only need to apply a thin layer, but you will want to use up the contents of the packet.

As it dries you will notice that the lotion transforms into a white powder that you will want to rinse off after about 7 minutes. After you rinse it off you will notice that your skin feels tight and lifted, but it isn't unpleasant or uncomfortable. Each time that I have tried ROLOXIN LIFT my skin is left soft, smooth, radiant, lifted, and fine lines were plumped. I also noticed that my makeup applied effortlessly and smoothly. 
Key Ingredients: Chitosan glycolate and silica (temporarily tighten and even skin tone).
On the shelf at Space NK
Overall Assessment: The results are truly dramatic, and this is the mask for social events when you want your skin to look absolutely amazing!

Roloxin Lift Revitalizing Facial Treatment 30 Count is $270.00 and 10 Count is $110.00. Available from Roloxin LiftSpaceNK US, Bloomingdale'sSkinCareRX, b-glowing and Dermstore (Affiliate Links).

Purchase from Roloxin through January 3rd, 2015, it will delivered to your door with free shipping using the code holidaylift and placing their order on roloxin.com prior to 1:30PM EST.

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  1. The price tag is super-high, but I am lusting for this. Can't decide.....

    1. No question that they are expensive, but the results are pretty amazing. It's worth putting on your Space NK list for their upcoming bag event! At least that way you will be getting one of their phenomenal GWP which will definitely take the sting out of the price of ROLOXIN!

  2. That was my thinking..... If something else more universally 'useful' enters the list, this might be shoved back. But if I am struggling for ideas, this is on the short list.

    1. That sounds like a really good strategy! Happy New Year! :-)

  3. Definitely going in my SpaceNK shopping bag! Thanks for reviewing this product.

    1. It's pretty amazing stuff! I definitely see why Allure gave it the Best of Beauty in the Breakthroughs Category! If you get it, please let me know what you think! I'm doing one tomorrow in honor of the new year! Happy New Year!


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