Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Current Makeup Lust List in October 2014

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In the midst of all of the seasonal color collection launches I found myself drawn to lots of shiny sparkly things, but when I narrowed my list down these are the things that I kept coming back to. Surprisingly, not all of my choices are limited edition, but the few that are will likely sell out fast because of their fetching beauty. I definitely leaned heavily into my love of blush and lip products, and if I had to get just three things from this list it would likely be the By Terry Terrybly Rose de Rose Trio Powder Blush, Sisley Paris L'Orchidée Veil and the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. I'm utterly enraptured by these three, and feel compelled to have them all. What I will actually end up with from this list-- well, I suppose time will tell!

1) By Terry Terrybly Rose de Rose Trio Powder Blush Enlightening All-Over (Limited Edition. $115.00 from Space NK): This trio of roses blush compact flatters the complexion with a customizable flush of color. Light-reflective pigments accentuate the cheekbones to bring every skin tone to life with a healthy, natural glow. Amid a cluster of petals blossoms a matte and radiant bouquet of three universal shades which are endlessly modulate. Incredibly fine and luxurious, this blush is enriched with silky photo-luminescent polymers, micro-fused mineral pigments and high-definition light-reflective correctors to blend into skin like a perfect veil infused with delicate scent of roses. Kabuki Brush also included.

2) Sisley Paris 'L'Orchidée' Veil ($110 from Nordstrom): L'Orchidée colors and enhances the complexion with an easy to apply and endlessly adjustable luminous veil. A trio of ultra-luminous, pearly shades is specially designed to beautify and sculpt the face, refracting the light for a natural, sunny finish. In a single sweep, the complexion is revealed and unified, for a subtle, healthy glow.
How to use: Take a small amount of powder and dust off any excess on the back of the hand for a subtle make-up finish.

3) Tom Ford Beauty Traceless Perfecting Foundation SPF 15 in Linen ($80.00 from Neiman Marcus): For Tom Ford, A Flawless Complexion is the essential first step to a balanced and symmetrical face. This natural-finish, longwearing, humidity-resistant foundation hydrates and evens skin tone, creating a flawless, supple and pore-less canvas on which to sculpt the features. Its state-of-the-art formulation includes the skin-nourishing Tom Ford infusing complex to help smooth and renew skin and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Buildable medium-to-full coverage SPF broad-spectrum sun protection shields skin from UVA/UVB damage.

4) Tom Ford Beauty Concealing Pen in Light ($52.00 from Neiman Marcus): Tom Ford believes in balance and symmetry. Designed with a unique applicator, the Tom Ford concealing pen delivers an undetectable finish as it camouflages under-eye circles and areas of uneven skin tone and redness. Its luxurious formula, which includes the Tom Ford infusing complex to rejuvenate skin from within, creates the appearance of a smooth and flawless complexion. Use alone or with Tom Ford Traceless Perfecting Foundation. Available in six shades. Twist end several times to start product flow on first use. Apply pen tip directly onto face. Thereafter, twist end once or twice to re-start flow.

5) Tom Ford Beauty Foundation Brush ($72.00 from Nordstrom): The foundation brush by Tom Ford turns your face into a flawless canvas. With its synthetic bristles, it easily smoothes and blends liquid foundation onto your skin for an even, seamless complexion without streaking.

6) Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette (Limited Edition. $58.00 from Hourglass & Sephora): A limited edition palette featuring three shades of Ambient Lighting Blush, the groundbreaking blush that creates seamless, soft-focus and multidimensional color. Features two of our best-selling shades, Luminous Flush and Mood Exposure, as well as a new shade, Incandescent Electra, which is exclusive to the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette.

7) Serge Lutens Nude Lip Palette ($160.00 from Barneys New York): Four discreetly nude shades with delicate texture. Formulated with high melting point wax and surface-treated pigments, color is exceptionally long-lasting and smudge proof.

8) Sisley Paris Phyto-Lip Twist Tinted Lip Balm in Berry ($50.00 from Nordstrom): Phyto-Lip Twist Tinted Lip Balm gives your pout color similar to a lipstick but with a shine akin to a gloss. It’s formulated to moisturize, condition and plump lips for a visibly smooth, supple look that’s completely irresistible. The easy-to-wear shades are perfect for any skin tone, and because of its design it doesn’t even need a sharpener.

9) Rouge Bunny Rouge Raw Garden Chronos Eye Shadow Palette (Limited Edition. $59.00 from Beautyhabit): Hints of Darkness is one of the signature ideas of the Enchanted Garden, and one that hides a multitude of shades and shadows locked inside....On the edge of metallic and organic, the silky-soft shades of the Limited Eye Shadow Palette RAW GARDEN in ‘Chronos’ are created to beautify every eye color and each classic look that usually is created in a variety of greys and blacks. 

10) Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Empress ($28.00 from Hourglass and Sephora): A richly pigmented, silky smooth and velvety matte lip color that delivers extended wear without flaking or dryness. Empress is a stunning deep aubergine.

11) rms beauty Cream eye polish in Magnetic ($28.00 from Beautyhabit): A veil of sheer metallic hues that gives these unique shadows a glowing, light-reflective finish not seen in traditional eye shadows. They have a subtle, glossy quality, giving them a very fashion forward finish that is both flattering and youthful. rms beauty eye shadows have all the benefits of raw mineral pigments without the dryness that occurs with minerals alone. rms beauty cream eye shadows double as an eye cream to nourish and moisturize the eye area, separating them from commercial eye shadows that can accelerate aging and emphasize lines. These shadows work amazing on dry or aging eyes. 

12) By Terry Gloss Terribly Shine in Honeymoon Kiss ($44.50 from Space NK): By Terry's Gloss Terrybly Shine is bursting with antioxidant, multi-protective, replenishing active extracts to guarantee immediate hydration, extra volume and radiant glow. The 'Kiss Me Quick' extract naturally stimulates the collagen in your lips, boosting volume and plumpness, the perfect quick-fix to your look. Non-sticky texture and a subtle sheen leaving you with long-lasting radiance throughout your day.

13) Deborah Lippmann Until Your Dreams Come True 15th Anniversary Music Box Set (Limited Edition. $195.00 from Nordstrom): Dream big, aim high, forever imagine. Deborah Lippmann Until Your Dreams Come True 15th Anniversary Music Box Set is a limited-edition collection of 15 long-wearing, treatment-infused nail colors. Each shade tells a story from the brand’s hopeful beginnings to the hundreds of hurdles to the extraordinary triumphs, with Deborah’s continued passion for music as an inspirational source. Each shade is formulated with biotin and green tea extract and lasts long, dries quickly and applies evenly and smoothly.

14) ILIA Lip Conditioner in Arabian Knights ($26.00 from Beautyhabit): ILIA Tinted Lip Conditioner combines organic ingredients to soothe and condition the lips. Each shade carries a sheer touch of color, that increases in intensity when applied liberally. Mix with other ILIA colors to create your own personalized shade. Nourish your lips naturally. Off in a far distant land, you wait under a warm, desert moon. Arabian Knights offers a fantasy of mystery and seduction. The deep tones of violet, and burgundy melt together forming a beautiful berry stain. An ideal shade, that is easily carried from day to night.. 

What is on your makeup lust list? Which collections or pieces have captured your imagination? Any splurges on the horizon?


  1. Hi Helen :)
    Love everything on your list- already got myself the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush palette and love it, especially the color in the center. As of now I think I already splurged on my lust list recently, haha...Tom Ford's Nude Dip & Negligee lipstick were at the top. Just waiting for the Sephora 20% discount code so I can stock up on some skincare items.
    I do have the Tom Ford foundation brush, but I don't find it anything special. There are plenty of other brushes that are exactly the same, but cost a lot less. I bought it because I have a weird thing about having matching brushes & how I have to have a odd number of brushes- please don't judge, lol. I much prefer his Cream Foundation Brush that works fantastic with his Traceless Foundation Stick.
    Also I wanted to let you know that the Deborah Lippmann Anniversary box set of 15 will also be available in a folding carton box at a lower price if you don't care for the lacquered box & really just want the 15 mini nail polishes at a more affordable price/savings ;) When it will exactly be released, I am not sure :/
    I look forward to seeing on what you might decide to splurge on from your list!
    x Naomi

    1. Hi Naomi! <3

      I'm so glad to hear that you love the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette! That's a definite must-have on my list, and even more so now that I know that you are loving yours. Naturally, given the similarity in our taste, the one in the middle is the one that speaks to me the most!

      I'm so glad that you got Nude Dip and Negligee! I skipped Negligee because it was close enough to Casablanca (I already have that in my stash), but I wasn't going to risk missing out on Nude Dip because it is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thank you for your honest assessment of the TF paddle foundation brush-- I have his Cream Foundation Blush, and dutifully use it with his stick foundation (and LOVE LOVE LOVE both).

      Thanks for the heads up about the DL set!! That seems like a much more economical way to go! I'm curious to see how I cave on this list as well. Right now I really want everything, but that's a bit excessive on my wallet-- so we'll see what I end up doing! xoxo, Helen

  2. I dared not open this post when first glancing the title, hehe. The Ambient Lighting Blush Palette is on my Lust List as well. I'm totally going to own that. :-)

    1. LOL!!! I'm with you, Kimmy-- I need The Ambient Lighting Blush Palette in my life as well! :-)

    2. Fingers crossed it's in stores next week (I'm planning a state side visit) :-)

    3. My fingers are crossed for you! :-)

  3. My darling friend, What are you doing to me? Now I need all of these, minus the eye palettes that is, because I just cannot, I have tried!, put on make up on my eyes; I just cannot!
    I just ordered that YSL fusion Ink and now I want the TF one along with the concealing pen and the Sisley lip crayons. I ordered the Sarah Chapman serum 1. Have you tried it?
    Many hugs. (I'll tell you on an email about the job market but please keep your fingers crossed)
    love to your loved ones,

    1. This is what I think of when I am sick in bed-- how sick is that?! Nice order that you placed!!! I haven't tried that Sarah Chapman Serum 1, but can't wait to hear what you think about it! My fingers are crossed so tightly for you! I can't wait to hear about your job prospects! Huge hugs to you! xoxoxox

  4. i've already picked up the blush palette. it arrived yesterday so all i can say for now is ooo, pretty!

    i've been lusting after the chronos palette ever since i say sunny's post on it but at the time i couldn't find a us retailer that had it. thanks to you, order placed for that as well :P

    other things that i've been eyeing: the benefit cheeky sweet spot box o'blushes. that packaging is just too cute! sunny also has me lusting after the givenchy Noirs en Folie Le Prismissime eye palette. luckily so far there isn't too many things as there were on my lust list last year. a lot of things i'm looking at and thinking t"hank god i picked up the holiday set last year, it was so much better!"

    1. Hi Chia-Yi!

      You lucky happy girl! Nice purchase! Yes, it was Sunny's Chronos post that got to me as well! I'm so glad that you grabbed one from Beautyhabit-- I have buying RBR from them for years now! Plus since they are in Westlake Village you will get it in no time-- I have received parcels from them the day after ordering!

      I like everything that you are contemplating, and Sunny's coverage of the Givenchy Noirs en Folie palette is definitely swoon-worthy! The Benefit Box O'Blushes is such a great value, and I would jump on it if it had more cool colors, but it's gorgeous!!! I can't wait to hear what you end up getting. I am definitely eagerly anticipating the Tom Ford Holiday matte lipsticks-from what I've seen they are gorgeous! :-)

  5. o really? hopefully it'll arrive by the end of the week then in time for my trip to nyc!

    i've been a little hesitant about the box o'blushes. i already own of one of the shades and i've read two of the shades don't swatch the same as their permanent collection single counterparts. i've also read that the packaging is bulking and i'm wondering if i'll regret it down the line as another product that i got suckered into due to packing... maybe i'll visit it in store and see how i feel about it.

    i hope you're feeling better?

    1. I hope it does!

      Oh, in that case I would definitely swatch the palette in store to see if you agree with what you read! If you order it and don't like it then you have to go through the trouble of returning it! Also if you find the packaging unsatisfactory and do end up regretting the purchase down the line then you have something that you don't want and likely won't use. At least this is my methodology for avoiding what will ultimately be unwanted purchases. I'm sick of buying things that end up collecting dust in a drawer. The problem is that we repeatedly get sucked into overhyped limited edition products that we just snap up during their frenzied hype. I'm really trying not to buy in to this, and whenever possible I try to see those things in person first.

      Thanks for asking-- I am still exhausted from this bug, but am feeling better. I emailed my doctor and she told me that this bug hangs on for a LONG time. She reminded me to drink lots of water, and to go for walks-- so while I'm on the mend I'm definitely not 100%! :-)

    2. take it easy and you'll get there!

  6. A definite future buy for me is AFK Cosmetics' limited edition eyeshadow, Aedena and the Saucy Boys, along with The Strip (Vegas inspired!) and Drink Nuclear Cola ones.

    I wanted a couple of the Halloween 3Spoopy5Me limited edition eyeshadows from Shiro Cosmetics but they ran out before I could grab one. :( I'm looking forward to the Mac X Prabal Gurung collection.

    1. Nice lust list, Iris! I'm so sorry that you weren't able to get the Shiro Cosmetics LE eyeshadows! the MAC X Prabal Gurung Collection looks amazing, and the packaging is so gorgeous and luxe! That one pink lipstick looks really lovely! :-)


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