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Painted Earth Dimensional Cake Liners in Black Diamond, Chocolate Spice and Plum Crazy REVIEW & SWATCHES

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I am fanatical about eye liners-- whether in the form of pencils, gel pot liners, liquid liners or cake liners. I went through a long phase where I used only cake liners, and once I hit the pan on my last Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Eye Liner I got distracted by other pretty shiny things and moved on. However, I love the precision and wear-time of cake liners, and really enjoy the process of dipping the wet brush into the pan. Furthermore, unlike liquid, gel, or pencil liners one can really manipulate the consistency of cake liners by adjusting the amount of water used. I tend to like the consistency to be a bit thicker since it makes it quite easy to achieve maximum opacity. 
I had recently been in search of a new cake liner formula, and when I noted that Painted Earth had a beautiful selection I was thrilled! Of Painted Earth's four stunning shades, I have three: Black Diamond, Chocolate Spice & Plum Crazy (there is also a stunning shade called Blue Moon).

According to Painted Earth,

Part matte, part shimmer. Pair the two to add definition and drama. Transform eyes with this professionally paired cake eyeliner duo that delivers high definition, real drama and true long lasting color. Use the matte side to define; the shimmering side to dramatize. 

They are Hypoallergenic. Paraben and fragrance-free. 
Black Diamond features a matte black and a black with gorgeous cool toned blue shimmer.
Chocolate Spice features a matte chocolate brown and a chocolate brown with golden shimmer.
Plum Crazy features a matte plum brown and stunning purple with golden shimmer.
 All three sets, and indeed all six shades apply effortlessly, boast rich saturated color and long-wear.
I used a damp brush to apply each of the shades, and all 6 shades apply uniformly, and none of them flake or peel. Furthermore, when using a damp brush I experienced no fall out from the shimmery shades. I love all three immensely, but am particularly thrilled by Black Diamond at the moment. I am certain that the same will be said for Chocolate Spice and Plum Crazy as well. Do note that the shimmer shade in Black Diamond, whitens the appearance of the eyes-- creating a lovely brightening effect. The juxtaposition of the blue shimmer against the black ground brightens the eyes without looking artificial or garish, and the effects are nothing short of stunning.
While I find the shimmer shades in each palette to be astoundingly beautiful and infinitely flattering-- I would not recommend tightlining with them because of the shimmer particles. I have very sensitive eyes so I am vigilant when applying makeup to keep things out of my eyes-- particularly shimmer or glitter particles.
Twinkle twinkle little cake liners....
If you still haven't tried anything from Painted Earth, you really should consider it. It is a small independently owned company that believes in making high quality earth-friendly and human-friendly products. 

Painted Earth was founded to offer an alternative to pore-clogging chemical skincare products, and our exclusively organic, natural and non-toxic products don't force users to sacrifice health for beauty; instead they make accentuating beauty a healthier process.

On top of their dedication to human health, Painted Earth also looks out for the welfare of our furry friends, and does not condone animal testing or use animal by-products.

Why settle for a basic skincare line? Painted Earth products are infused with advanced ingredients, making it easy to transform skin from blah to beautiful. When it comes to finding the perfect skincare products for any complexion needs, it all starts with the ingredients.
Overall Assessment: A stunning modern take on an old school classic! A definite must-have if you love cake liners! I will be complete once I buy Blue Moon!

$16.50 each from Painted Earth (Unaffiliated Link).
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  1. Augh! Plum Crazy (especially that glitter shade) is GORGEOUS! Blue moon also sounds pretty amazing actually...

    I know what you mean about dipping with a wet brush into a cake product - feels like you're a watercolourist getting ready to paint a masterpiece! :-) Having spent my PhD studying how red lake pigments fade (the anthraquinones) I get pretty geeky and start to squee a lot if natural pigments and anything 'painty' starts to happen, LOL!

    1. Isn't Plum Crazy just outrageously GORGEOUS?! Yes, I definitely am very curious about Blue Moon as well! I think that I will be needing that one in my life as well!

      Your description about playing with the brush in the pigments is exactly right! I love that you geek out about the natural pigments-- I always love it when I can use my PhD to geek out on something artful in makeup! I love it when anything 'painty' starts to happen as well! Such a shame that we are clear across the world from one another-- we could get into some good trouble together (and make fun of academia while we are at it). LOL!

  2. Ooh, that would be fun :-) At least we have the blogs to keep us in contact - I feel like there should be a 'Journal of Academic Makeup Geekery' or something. We should totally co-author an article for that. ;-)

    1. I know!!!!! It would be so amazing, but yes-- I agree at least we have what we do have! OMG. I love the idea of a 'Journal of Academic Makeup Geekery' it would have to be peer-reviewed LOL!!!! I LOVE THIS IDEA! We might have to really do something with this!! BRILLIANT IDEA! :-)

  3. ooooooh aaaaaah -- i'm a big fan of cake liner and i don't even know why. it is so old fashion-ey, i remember as a child, it was the only kind one could buy. yes, i remember seeing adults that i idolized using their own saliva to get the perfect consistency of their maybelline black cake liner.

    luckily, by the time i really began to use cake eyeliner, mercier served as my introduction and spit was out as a medium. i have exhausted so many mercier liners and still have a good selection on hand that i doubt i should be purchasing anything new. these are absolutely gorgeous though.

    1. This is definitely a modern take on the old fashioned cake liners! I suppose one could do the old spit-method if you really wanted to-LOL! HILARIOUS recollection, Cheryl! Laura Mercier certainly seems to be the one to resurrect and reintroduce cake liners to the public! Painted Earth has done a lovely job with these gorgeous sparking gems! :-)


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