Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ouidad Friends & Family Sale 25% Off from May 20-28, 2014!

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As a curly-haired girl, I can tell you that my Ouidad products are among my very favorite go-to products-- therefore I was thrilled to see their generous Friends & Family Sale. 

Starting today you can take advantage of the Ouidad Friends and Family Sale by getting 20% off orders under $75 OR 25% off orders over $75!
Here are the details:
Start Date: Tuesday, May 20th
End Date: Monday, May 26th
About Ouidad: Ouidad believes that curly hair is a gift to be embraced and celebrated. We are dedicated to inspiring confidence in our customers by empowering them with the knowledge, tools, products and services to help them look and feel their most beautiful. We formulate our products exclusively for curly hair - working from the inside out to leave hair healthy, manageable, and frizz-free. We are committed to delivering the highest-quality, results-oriented solutions for all kinds of curls.


  1. thanks, helen!

    i have been loving the ouidad products i have received in various subscription boxes. 20% is a nice discount. i shall have to check my inventory of the usual hair suspects and see if there is anything empty enough to justify buying more. right now, i am seriously committed to using up what i already have before bringing in more 'stuff' merely as an act of principle. it's a rough job.


    1. You are so welcome, Cheryl! 20% is nice, but I like the 25% even better-- for me it's worth spending a little bit more to get the higher discount, but I need to go take an inventory of what I have left before pulling out my credit card. I agree with you though-- I love their products as well! You are very wise to use up what you have-- I'm trying to do the same as well! :-)

    2. ok -- the very generous travel size products i have that i really enjoy are the 'ultra nourishing cleansing oil', 'moisture lock leave in conditioner', a half used 'moisture lock define & shine' and the 'botanical boost refreshing spray'.

      i really cannot justify any shampoo/conditioner products, with the exception of the clarifying shampoo, which although not necessary, it's nice to have one around. have you any experience with it? my regular styling cream and the ouidad sample are on their last legs, so a refill would not be out of order. also, my beach spray is running low and as summer is beginning, i will need more, it's a staple for me.

      what other products would you recommend for wavy hair that i enhance any way possible to get serious beachy waves?

    3. I haven't tried the Ultra Nourishing Cleansing Oil, but I sure want to!!!!!! I have a big bottle of the Moisture Lock Leave in Conditioner (which I LOVE), I finished up my small bottle of Botanical Boost Moisture Infusing Refreshing Spray (which I really really liked), and I have a big bottle of Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel (that does a great job keeping the frizz at bay). I have only ever tried samples of any of their cleansing and conditioning products and remember liking everything, but don't remember much beyond that. If you don't get frizz, I think that you can skip the Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel, but you have already tried everything else that I have been using lately (and have left in my stash of haircare products). However, I just took a look at their website and they have all sorts of interesting products targeting wavy hair!


      Take a look at Wave Create:


      Such lovely products!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing! This is a new brand for me :-)

    1. My pleasure!! I have been buying their products for a while now, and have to say that I am quite pleased with everything that I have tried. Their line does wonders for curly hair! :-)


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