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Clayspray Hydrate H20 Mineral Rich Mountain Spring Water Spray and Mattifying Red Clay Masque Review

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If you have not yet heard about Clayspray products, then you are in for a real treat. I love using water sprays to hydrate and refresh the skin, and I am a major clay mask enthusiast, but Clayspray has created the perfect marriage between these two products. Their approach is a novel one that is sanitary and very pragmatic. Just as the H20 Spray is stored in an airtight opaque bottle, so too is the Clay Mask. The Clay Mask dispenses with an easy to use pump that keeps the contents fresh and uncontaminated. This idea is pure genius! Using a clay mask has never been easier or more fun to use.
H2O Spray Hydrate Mineral Rich Mountain Spring Water "is exceptionally pure. It is extracted by non-invasive methods as natural pressure forces it through geological layers until it flows  to the surface from the ancient aquifer deep below the surface of the mountain where it is extracted. Moisturizes and refreshes the skin."

What it's used for:

Clayspray Hydrate H2O Water Spray features pure thermal spring water that is naturally infused trace minerals that support healthy cell function and fight the signs of aging while providing lightweight hydration. It may also be used to set your makeup and mineral powder sunscreens for longer wear time. To be used with Clayspray treatments to prepare the skin, facilitate massage or extend treatment duration. The smaller droplet size creates a skin microenvironment that protects the skin. Instant moisture that improves elasticity and texture. Fixes makeup. Ideal to refresh the skin in closed environments such offices and airplanes.

Ingredients: Water (Aqua).
A nutrient-rich hydrating toning mist for all skin types.

Mattifying Red Clay Masque: Mineral rich clay, with restorative properties regulates oil secretion in the skin, combats blemishes, and purifies. Deep cleansing, absorbs and eliminates impurities and soothes leaving skin with a fresh matt look."

Mattifying red clay masque for oily skin delivers a truly deep cleanse. Enriched with minerals that possess anti-aging benefits including silica to boost collagen iron to activate the circulation and magnesium to heal. It absorbs impurities whilst helping to reduces blemishes and regulate the skin’s natural oils for a fresh, matt appearance. Oily Skin.

Ingredients: Clay, (argilla), water (aqua), cardamom (elletaria cardamomum) seed oil, citric acid, sodium hexametaphoshate, sodium polyacrylate.

1.   Spray or moisten skin with natural mineral water.
2.   Dispense product into your hand and massage into the area to be treated. Avoid contact with eyes.
3.   Leave on until dry.
4.   Wash skin with water until clay is removed

My experience: Used alone, Hydrate H20 Mineral Rich Mountain Spring Water Spray is a very refreshing and hydrating spray. It emits a very fine mist that delivers the perfect amount of product. Used in conjunction with the Mattifying Red Clay Mask, Hydrate H20 Mineral Rich Mountain Spring Water Spray moistens clean skin just enough to serve as the perfect base for the mask. I spray a very thin veil of the water on my freshly cleaned skin and then apply the Mattifying Red Clay Masque to my moistened skin and allow it to dry completely. Once I remove it my skin is left balanced, radiant and it draws out impurities and unclogs the pores beautifully! Not only is it a highly effective clay mask, but the air tight container assures that it stays fresh, uncontaminated, and that it never dries out and hardens.
Clayspray has five different formulas for different skin types and targeted concerns:

Pore Refining White Clay MasqueExfoliates, removes impurities and environmental toxins. Refines pores, for a smooth look. The Pore Refining Masque purifies skin and refines pores, and perfects for a soft and smooth complexion.

Toning White Clay with Aloe Vera MasqueGently exfoliates, smooths and softens, reveals younger looking skin, standardises skin texture, and unifies skin tone.

Mattifying Red Clay Masque: Mineral rich clay, with restorative properties regulates oil secretion in the skin, combats blemishes, and purifies. Deep cleansing, absorbs and eliminates impurities and soothes leaving skin with a fresh matt look  For oily skin.

Brightening White Clay & Ginseng MasqueExfoliates, and renews. Removes dead skin cells, revealing a fresh new skin surface with energising ginseng to brighten, for an immediate replenished and healthy look.

Glow Red Clay & Cacao MasqueNourishing power of antioxidant rich cacao aids cell regeneration and neutralises the damaging effect of free radicals. For glowing, healthy, and radiant looking skin. 

Clayspray has two formulas of H20 Sprays:

H2O Spray Hydrate Mineral Rich Mountain Spring Water: This is the one that I have, and it only contains fresh mountain water.

H20 Spray & Green Tea ComfortTones and soothes the skin. Green Tea is rich in polyphenols that fight free radicals that cause skin damage. A calming toner that will improve skin texture and relieve tightness after peelings, facials or shaving.
Overall assessment: I am so happy with the results from both of these products that I now want to try the rest of the line!

H20 Spray $24.00 for 4.23 fl oz. from DermstoreBeautyhabit and Urban Outfitters. (Affiliate Links)

Mattifying Red Clay Mask $60.00 for 4.23 fl. oz from Dermstore, BeautyhabitAnthropologie and Urban Outfitters. (Affiliate Links)

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  1. Ok, those look like some good sized cans!! I tried this stuff when they only offered the huge cans, but will have to look at trying some of their other offerings since this is the perfect travel size :-)

    1. Definitely worth trying again, Gummy! I want to try a few of the other clay masques as well! This size would definitely be much easier to carry when you are traveling! :-)

  2. nice find, helen!

    i too am a huge fan of thermal water sprays. they are very helpful in calming a rosacea flush. there are several on the market and each have different trace mineral elements unique to their source. the La Roche Posay offers the best solution i have found so far as it contains zinc and selenium which both are beneficial to rosacean skin.

    now you have introduced me to one which also contains green tea -- another ingredient which is very soothing to a rosacea flush. i am wanting to find out more about which precise trace minerals are in this (sometimes that info is harder to track down, as all products of this type contain basically the one ingredient, aqua). i'm getting curiouser and curiouser about this :)

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      I think that these are definitely worth looking into. You might want to write to the company directly to ask about the trace minerals used. I would think that the green tea thermal H20 would be very soothing for your skin. Their products are quite lovely, and the clay masques in an airtight container is just genius! :)

  3. I love the fact that it's a spray. It's so much easier this way and it's not going to dry out. Plus it's so hygienic. I don't have the h2o spray but I do have others and my Brightening Mask worked like a charm.
    I'm super happy - I lost your emails for over a month and they finally started showing up again!!

    1. Me too, Marcia! This is the most brilliant clay masque-- the sanitary packaging is just pure genius-- I want to try more of their masques now! I'm so glad that you started getting my emails again-- I'm not sure what was going on with Feedburner, but I suspect that lots of my email subscribers weren't getting them either! :-(


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