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SpaceNK Special Event: Meet Radical Skincare Co-Founder Rachel Edlich. Receive a Mini-Facial & and an EXTRAORDINARY Gift with Purchase!

Press Release

SpaceNK is thrilled to announce that they will be hosting a very special Radical Skincare Event!

What: Meet Radical Skincare Co-Founder, Rachel Edlich at SpaceNK Sherman Oaks. 

What Else: There will be a one on one skin analysis followed by a mini Radical Skincare Facial .

The Extraordinary Gift with Purchase: Receive an amazing Gift With a $250.00 purchase at the event, or call to have it sent to you (free shipping with a $75.00 purchase to all US addresses).

Where: SpaceNK in Bloomingdale's 14060 Riverside Dr., Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 RSVP to (818) 325-2483

When: Saturday, December 14, 2:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
The amazing Gift with Purchase!

There are a limited number of spots available for the mini-facial, and trust me when I tell you that it is worth calling to reserve your spot! You also don't want to miss out on meeting Rachel Edlich, or on the Gift with Purchase for that matter.

The mini-facial, according to Radical Skincare and SpaceNK includes, "a one-on-one skin analysis followed by energizing mini facial, featuring our signature Instant Revitalizing Mask."
Press Samples (Unaffiliated Links) 

All of my reviews are forthcoming, but be advised that these four products are already Holy Grail status for me (read below).
Here's what you need to know:

Radical Skincare is one of those skincare lines that is just so spectacular that the more you know about it and the more you use it, the more likely you are to fall madly in love with it. The results are so amazing that even a skincare aficionado with a jaundiced view of skincare claims that seldom deliver will be shocked by the efficacy of these remarkable products.

The Radical Skincare story is inspirational and the products themselves are among the very best products that I have ever used.

Radical Skincare was started by Liz and Rachel Edlich, daughters of Dr. Richard F. Edlich MD. Ph.D. a world renowned Professor of Plastic Surgery. Liz and Rachel had early exposure

Working in their father’s lab before the age of ten and at the University of Virginia Burn Unit, they were exposed to the science of skin rejuvenation and wound repair at extreme levels. After having been in the skin care industry in Los Angeles for 15 years and creating over 100 products for celebrities and others, their business became very personal when the unthinkable happened.

Rachel developed Rosacea after having her second child and had red bumps all over her face and was completely inflamed. She was on the 3 types of medication that the doctors said she would be on for life. Liz had turned 46 and realized that gravity was real, noticing wrinkles, loss of elasticity and felt like her skin wasn’t snapping back to the way it use to. They both decided that this was the perfect storm and called upon their chemists and scientists and challenged them to create the most powerful anti-aging solution for Liz that could be used on Rachel's sensitive skin. With no regard to costs and with no intention of selling this youth elixir to the larger public, they identified the prime defect in most anti-aging formulas they corrected it, perfected it and then clinically tested it. The results spoke for themselves. A USDA lab compared their formulas to numerous leading skincare brands* and the potency results were unbeatable.

What Liz & Rachel created in their lab sample bottles which they labeled with a magic marker and used for themselves and their friends radically changed their skin. Liz was stopped on the street asking what she used on her skin, Rachel's rosacea cleared and friends called having similar experiences and wanting more.

Like their father transformed the landscape of medicine, Liz & Rachel felt compelled to share their findings with people worldwide to make a Radical difference in their skin and in their lives.

Radical Results:

Liz, now 50, and Rachel at age 45 have taken Radical Skincare from 2 stores in the United States, Barneys New York, to over 800 prestige stores in 15 countries in less than 3 years.

True to their commitment to put the money in the bottle and not into advertising or paying for expensive packaging or celebrities, Radical Skincare has grown based on its Radical Results and word of mouth. Having created the strongest skincare that can be used on even the most sensitive skins, Liz & Rachel take their skincare with a message of inspiration and empowerment worldwide to create Radical Results and Nothing Less.

Liz and Rachel are proof positive that you can realize your dreams and that even radical dreams can come to pass with perseverance, drive, and an uncompromising vision. Liz asserts that, "The secret of stringing together a life of magical moments directly corresponds with the amount of times that we say 'Yes.'" She continues, "Three simple letters carry so much power and adventure. It is the word most likely to open up doors to a wealth of people and experiences that contribute to the rich tapestry that we look back on as 'our life.' Of course, 'Yes' is a word that can also yield incredible power and momentum in the wrong direction if it is not used with judgment. So, clearly I am not thinking of saying 'Yes' to things that we know intuitively will potentially destroy all that we intent on creating. Rather, 'Yes' to new experiences, people, places, hobbies, etc., instead of 'No, I am too busy, I can’t, the kids, my husband,' and reciting a string of obligations that get in the way."

When they set out to create Radical Skincare, it wasn't with the intention of taking the products to market, but instead they sought to create the best products with the highest quality ingredients that would address Rachel's sensitive Rosacea prone skin, and Liz's desire to have the most effective antioxidant rich anti-aging products that exceeded in quality and potency what was available. Therefore the solution was to create their own products for themselves.

My experience: I have been using the four Radical Skincare products that the company generously sent to me for about 6 weeks now, and I have to say that the results are, indeed, quite radical. My skin looks younger, with greater clarity and luminescence-- and has exceeded my every expectation. I thought that my skin was looking pretty great, but it was the feedback that was proof positive that the results were actually radical and transformational. My sister and husband, among many others, kept asking me what I was doing differently in my skincare routine because my my skin quite literally had never looked better! My answer has been, "Radical Skincare, period." As is often the case, when a company sends me full size products of the entire skincare line- I stop using everything else that I rely upon in my daily skincare routine, and yes, that even meant my favorite luxury face oils. I am utterly astounded by the results of Radical Skincare, and will most definitely be purchasing all of the products that I have tried. Stay tuned for my in-depth individual reviews, but rest-assured each and every one of them will be glowing endorsements of this amazing line!

This event, and/or the Gift with Purchase are not to be missed!

Please take a moment to watch this video about Radical Skincare!
Images, Press Samples, Press Release information and video furnished to Lola's Secret Beauty Blog. Courtesy of Radical Skincare and SpaceNK.
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  1. that's interesting. i picked up their anti-aging restorative moisture during sephora VIB sale and have been using it for about 2 weeks now with no visible improvement. i wonder if it needs the synergy of multiple items in the line to achieve your results?

    1. My guess is that since I have been using the whole core line for about 6 weeks that I am seeing such a difference. I imagine that using their mask alone for 2 weeks isn't enough to experience the full fledged transformation that I have been experiencing. I am thoroughly blown away by the results! :-)


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