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The Beauty Spotlight Team Welcomes Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals & Steals

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales are incredible this season, and if you are looking to spend mindfully and save a bundle, then Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog has a big list of amazing deals!

KBShimmer released their winter collection this week. The Love At Frost Sight Collection is full of fun finishes, sparkles, magnetic, thermal, glitters and more! Kristi from BeginNails has swatches of the first part of the collection.

Never Say Die Beauty does the bulk of her beauty shopping during Black Friday Week. Check out her list of BF2020 sales for the best prices of the year!

Jen from Laugh, Love, Contour has done some shopping to celebrate you! She’s back with her annual 12 Days of Holiday Celebration Giveaway!

A gift for you or a gift for someone else? Beauty Info Zone believes that NECTAR Mix-In Mask Kit is a delight for everyone. Be a magician and create your personalized facial mask. This is a gift sure to please.

Is the Pat McGrath Sublime Perfection Foundation worth the hefty price tag it boasts? Southeast by Midwest has a review letting us know if it is or isn’t.

Rather than talk about makeup and skincare, Stacie’s sharing a recipe for Instant Pot mini cheesecake bites that are sure to please. Check it out on The Makeup Obsessed Mom Blog.

Prime Beauty introduces a wonderful line: 3 Graces. These clean beauty products believe that beauty is more than physical attractiveness, it is an attitude, an inner light, and what they like to call Grace. 

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FOREO BEAR Smart Microcurrent Facial Toning Device Review

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FOREO BEAR Smart Microcurrent Facial Toning Device is an easy to use ergonomic facial toning device that is as effective as it is fun to use. It comes in two sizes, the full size BEAR ($299.00) and the BEAR Mini ($199.00), and I think that the FOREO BEAR is the perfect size for regular use. The FOREO has more settings and features than the Mini, but if you travel a lot and want to save some money, the the Mini might be the best choice for you.

Microcurrent devices are heralded for their ability to tone, firm and lift aging skin and muscles. They also stimulate the muscles, hence this is why you often hear people state that they are like a visit to the gym for the face. However, these types of devices do not offer permanent results, therefore in order to maintain the effects one must continue to use the device.

The FOREO BEAR transmits a microcurrent directly to the skin, through a conducting gel, or the FOREO Serum Serum Serum, and microcurrent devices should never be used on bare skin. Furthermore, one should always use a conducting gel or serum specifically made for this purpose. Often touted as an at-home face lift, microcurrent devices make the skin look and feel refreshed, rejuvenated and more youthful. FOREO BEAR has T-Sonic Pulses that help to improve circulation, which in turn helps to eliminate toxins. After use skin looks smoother, softer, lifted, luminous and more youthful.

FOREO BEAR can be used once a day (AM or PM), but I only use it a couple of times a week for a few minutes. I do not have many fine lines, but the few that I do have become far less visible when I use this device. I only use it on my face, and avoid using it on my neck, but my skin looks smoother, my fine lines are visibly diminished and my skin is lightly plumped and decidedly radiant. Overall, this is one seriously effective device!

When you first unpack your FOREO BEAR, you will need to download the FOREO App on your phone to register and unlock your device, and then you will need to charge it. It is very easy to do, and registering only takes a few minutes. Additionally, you activate your 2 year warranty when you register your device.

If you have any health conditions, and are wondering whether or not a device of this sort is safe for you, then you should check with your doctor before making this purchase.

Inside Your Box


• Toning with BEAR should be comfortable – if you experience any discomfort or irritation, discontinue use immediately and consult a physician.

• Do not use on the chest / breast area, eye area (circular muscle within the orbital rim), mid-line (bone) of neck, or the genitals / groin area.

• Do not use over red skin, raised moles, major arteries (eg. carotid), enlarged capillaries, metal implants, infected areas, or areas with no feeling in them.

• Do not use the device to treat rosacea, moles, warts, open sores, cancerous lesions, or any skin condition.

• Do not use if you have any existing medical conditions such as epilepsy, a hemorrhagic disease, cancer, tumors, or perceptual disturbance.

• Do not use if you have had a laser treatment, chemical peel, or have any other form of injured or damaged skin.

• Do not use if you have had cosmetic surgery on your face.

• Do not use if you have any implanted medical device or any other electronic instrument or body aids.

• Electronic monitoring equipment, such as ECG monitors and ECG alarms, may not operate properly when the device is in use.

• BEAR should not be used on, near, or by children or those with reduced physical and mental abilities. Close supervision is necessary when this device is used, cleaned or stored near children or those with reduced physical or mental abilities.

• The long-term effects of microcurrent are unknown.

• The safety of the device for use during pregnancy has not been established. If you are pregnant, consult your physician before using this device.

• If you have a skin condition or any medical concerns, please consult a physician before use.

• If you have suspected or diagnosed heart disease, follow precautions recommended by your physician.

• Exercise particular care when toning the under-eye regions and do not bring the device into contact with the eyelids or eyes themselves.

• There may be a perception of flashing lights during the use of your device, resulting from the stimulation of your optic nerve. If you notice this condition constantly without the use of your device, consult your physician.

• A slight tingling sensation may occur while using the device, which is normal and not cause for any concern. Lowering the intensity may reduce or eliminate this sensation.

• Given the efficiency of the FOREO toning routines, we recommend that you do not use BEAR for more than 3 minutes at a time.

• For reasons of hygiene, we do not recommend sharing your BEAR with anyone else. • Do not use while driving or operating heavy machinery.

• Do not use the device when it is plugged in.

• Do not insert any object into any opening of the device.

• Do not use the device if it is overheating or you suspect that it is malfunctioning.

• Avoid leaving your BEAR in direct sunlight and never expose it to extreme heat or boiling water.

• BEAR should be completely dry before activating the microcurrent function. Do not use the device if it has been submerged in water, and do not use with wet hands.

• This device should only be used with a SELV power adapter.

• It is recommended that IEC60950 standard power suppliers are used to charge the device.

• Before charging, make sure that the plug and socket are completely dry. Failure to do so may result in electric shock, short circuit, or fire.

• Do not use the device while charging. Discontinue use if this device or charger is not working properly or appears damaged in any way. Use the power cord supplied with your device only.

• The battery must be removed from the appliance before it is disposed of. The appliance must be disconnected from the supply mains when removing the battery, and the battery is to be disposed of safely.

• This product contains no serviceable parts.

• This device is intended for cosmetic use on the face and neck. Any harmful consequences resulting from misuse, application to other body areas, connection to improper voltage sources, dirty conductive solution or spheres, or any other improper applications are not the responsibility of FOREO.

• Use this device only for its intended use as described in this manual. If you do not find the answer to your specific question, or if you have any other questions regarding the device’s operation, please visit FOREO Support.

According to FOREO,

Offering the same microcurrent facial treatments found at celebrity spas, BEAR helps bring out your inner esthetician so you can enjoy a full, professional spa day in the comfort of your own home.

Smart Microcurrent Facial Toning: With a variety of microcurrent facial workouts, BEAR is your pocket-sized personal trainer. Glide the microcurrent spheres over your skin to build collagen, repair elastin & tighten your face via electrical currents that mimic your body’s own natural processes.

T-Sonic™ Pulsations: Our patented T-Sonic™ pulsations extend deep into your pores to increase circulation, eliminate toxins & ease facial tension, resulting in smoother, softer, glowier skin.

Anti-ShockSystem™BEAR features the patented Anti-Shock System™ - making it the world’s safest microcurrent device. Advanced sensors measure your skin’s resistance to electricity then automatically adjust the intensity to eliminate any chance of shock.

Smart Swedish Design: BEAR’s ergonomic shape perfectly fits all facial curves & contours. Fashioned from ultra-hygienic silicone, BEAR & BEAR mini promise deep, spa-level treatments as well as up to 90 uses per USB charge, with no additional attachments required, ever.

Additional Features:

BEAR features groundbreaking Anti-Shock System™ for the world’s safest, shock-free treatments.

Electrifying microcurrent tech for tighter, brighter skin - the most energizing facial ever.

Advanced App with the widest variety of facial workouts & treatments on the market.

Guided Facial Fitness Routines: Enjoy a variety of guided facial toning fitness workouts.

Personalized Device Settings: Access a range of microcurrent intensities & set up your BEAR to your precise preferences.

Instant App Connectivity: Auto-connects BEAR with your smartphone - never manually sync your device again!

Software Updates: Stay up-to-date with all the latest software improvements.

Find My BEAR™: Locates your device and automatically unlocks it.


1) Dry your BEAR then clean & dry your face carefully so there is no remaining residue. (Any oil on your face will deflect the microcurrent, making it ineffective.) Massage SERUM SERUM SERUM over all the areas you wish to treat until fully absorbed.

2) Press the button to activate BEAR’s microcurrent. The lights beneath the button indicate the microcurrent intensity. To change the intensity, quick-press the button once for each level. Turn off T-Sonic™ action by double-pressing the button. Access a wider range of microcurrent intensities via the app.

3) Lightly press both metallic spheres to your face then gently glide them across your face & neck. Both microcurrent spheres should touch your skin at all times. Glide BEAR slowly in an upward motion with light pressure for best results.

4) Once you finish your treatment, press & hold the button for 3 seconds to turn off the device. Apply any other skincare products of your choice, if desired.

In the box you receive the USB charger, a stand for the BEAR, storage pouch and a manual.
FOREO BEAR vs. NuFace Trinity: 

The FOREO BEAR is substantially smaller than the NuFace Trinity, and its silicone construction coupled with its size makes it very user friendly, comfortable in the hand and easy to handle. FOREO also has their proprietary Anti-ShockSystem™ to eliminate the chance of getting shocked. Both devices have have 5 micro-intensity levels, and FOREO suggests that you use their device for 3 minutes, whereas NuFace suggests 5 minutes of use. FOREO offers a generous 2 year warranty, whereas NuFace offers a 1 year warranty. One of the chief differences is that the NuFace Trinity has a detachable head and different targeted attachments that can be purchase separately, whereas FOREO BEAR does not. FOREO BEAR has a frequency of 185 Hz, whereas the NuFace Trinity has a frequency of 50/60Hz. FOREO BEAR costs $299.00 and the NuFace Trinity costs $325.00. If you already have a NuFace Trinity the works perfectly, then there is no need to purchase the FOREO BEAR, but if you are in the market for a new microcurrent toning device, then the FOREO BEAR is definitely worthy of your consideration.

FOREO SERUM SERUM SERUM is a conductive Micro-Capsule Serum that can be used with any microcurrent device. This nourishing serum has no scent, and it works very well as a stand alone hydrating serum, or as a microcurrent conducting gel.

According to FOREO,

Our hydrating SERUM SERUM SERUM safely transfers microcurrent* from BEAR to your skin. For optimal conductivity, apply a thin layer before using BEAR or BEAR mini & massage until fully absorbed.

SERUM SERUM SERUM may be used with any microcurrent device. NEVER use BEAR or any microcurrent device without a conductive serum, gel or cream.

Our micro-capsule infused formula ensures maximum penetration of youth-preserving antioxidants down where they can nourish your skin best.

Micro-capsules make sure that all the skin-smoothing squalane in our formula sinks in deeper, works better and stays locked beneath your skin longer.


- Antioxidant power of squalane gives your skin a healthy, youthful look

- Hyaluronic-acid based formula locks in moisture to give you softer, smoother and super-hydrated skin

- Fights free radicals known to damage skin

- Squalane-infused micro-capsules help balance oil production, protect skin, and diminish signs of aging

- Ultra-soothing formula glides effortlessly over your skin and works seamlessly with LUNA 3's firming massage mode which improves the serum’s efficiency


1. Start by making sure that your skin is clean and dry.
2. Massage 1-2 pumps of serum onto your face, neck & décolleté using circular motions.
3. To get the most out of your serum, keep massaging the micro-capsules until they’re fully absorbed into your skin.
4. When using with a FOREO device that has a firming massage function, apply a thin layer of serum to your face and/or neck before starting your firming massage treatment.
5. When used as a conducting agent for the FOREO BEAR apply it to clean, dry skin and follow the precise directions from FOREO.

Full Ingredients

Overall Assessment: If you are seeking a microcurrent facial firming device, the FOREO BEAR is user friendly, effective and a great option.

FOREO BEAR ($299.00 from FOREO).


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Wishing You a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving

Wishing you and your loved ones a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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Boxwalla December Beauty Box: The Textures of Winter

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Boxwalla's eco-luxe beauty boxes are an extraordinary value, and the products themselves are nothing short of spectacular. Their carefully curated cruelty-free green beauty boxes are a tremendous value, with steep discounts, and they feature truly covet-worthy luxurious, and sustainably crafted beauty products. 

The December Beauty Box: The Textures of Winter | $49.95: A Beauty Box for the luxury loving skincare nerd, this box lets you experience the most effective and exquisite beauty products that harness the potency of plant-based ingredients. The last date to subscribe is December 5.

- Bi-Monthly Delivery
- Free U.S. Shipping
- Effective Plant-based Ingredients
- Always Cruelty-Free

The Boxwalla December Beauty Box is themed: The Textures of Winter. The box contains three full sized products and has a retail value of $250.00.

1) Blüh Alchemy's Active Relief Body Oil ($68.00 value)
2) Blüh Alchemy's Multi C Serum ($140.00 value)
3) Live Botanical's Sanctuary Barrier Balm ($42.00 value)

The two brands: Blüh Alchemy and Live Botanical - both wonderful brands founded by amazing women. Blüh Alchemy was founded by Becky Blüh and Live Botanical was founded by Carolyn McRory. 

Blüh Alchemy Active Relief Body Oil ($68.00  for 4 oz.): This is a brand new launch from Blüh Alchemy, and does it ever smell delectable! This body oil contains anti-inflammatory and healing ingredients such as Copaiba Oleoresin, Hinoki, Arnica and Tulsi. This combination of ingredients creates a highly nourishing oil that leaves skin soft, smooth, supple, hydrated and luminous. The lightweight silky texture melts into damp skin immediately. This is a truly extraordinary body oil made in a base of cold pressed Rice bran, Camelia, Tamanu & Sesame oils. This luscious oil is formulated, "to lock moisture into skin, to improve skin tone & soothe overworked muscles. It integrates cell nourishing fatty acids, phytoceramides & powerful antioxidants with herbs used in plant medicine for centuries." Ingredients such as Copaiba oleoresin, Hinoki wood oil, distilled from the Japanese Cypress tree, Peru Balsam, Vanilla, Tulsi and a tiny amount of Patchouli, create a warm and creamy aroma that soothes the spirit.

Blüh Alchemy Multi C Serum ($140.00 for 1 oz. value): This antioxidant-rich creamy gel-based Vitamin C serum is lightweight, fast absorbing and it has a delectable warm dreamy aroma. It is filled with botanical actives and peptides that deliver potent and bioactive Vitamin C to help plump, brighten and firm the skin. It combines, "a stable cellular extraction of wild harvested Kakadu plum (which is one of the highest sources of botanical, bioactive Vitamin C), with a stable Vitamin C ester (Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate) and then enhances the effectiveness of all that Vitamin C goodness with Kangaroo Paw Flower which is rich in Ferulic Acid." Furthermore, it is formulated to strengthen capillaries, increase collagen production, deeply hydrate, and to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

According to Blüh Alchemy,

Multi C Serum harnesses the power of age defying peptides and the world’s first stable vitamin C from wild harvested Kakadu plum cellular extract. This innovative extraction process delivers the highest known source of vitamin C, potent and bioactive as it exists in nature. Multi C Serum has a luxurious creamy-gel consistency that absorbs quickly to plump, firm and brighten skin tone, resulting in the ultimate youth renewal for your skin.

Directions: After cleansing and toning apply 1-2 pumps to the face, neck and décolleté, AM + PM. For all skin types.

Key Bioactives:

Kakadu Plum is the world’s highest source of vitamin C. It activates collagen production and brightens skin tone.

Kangaroo Paw Flower has powerful humectant properties and is rich in ferulic acid, a potent antioxidant that enhances vitamin C and protects from UV damage and oxidative stress.

Quandong strengthens capillaries and has potent antioxidant properties that fight free radical damage, reducing the signs of fine lines and wrinkles.

Ingredients: *Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Rosa Damascena (Rose) Flower Distillate, **Terminalia Ferdinandiana (Kakadu Plum) Extract, **Santalum Acuminatum (Quandong) Extract, **Davidsonia Pruriens (Davidson Plum) Extract, **Anigozanthos Flavidus (Kangaroo Paw Flower) Extract, *Opuntia Ficus Indica (Prickly Pear) Seed Oil, *Rosa Rubiginosa (Rosehip) Seed Oil, Rubis Idaeus (Red Raspberry) Seed Oil, *Hippophae Rhamnoides (Sea Buckthorn) Berry Oil, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, *Coffea Arabica (Raw Green Coffee) Bean Oil, Sclerotium Gum (Mushroom), Lactobacillus Ferment, *Glycyrrhiza Glabra (Licorice) Extract, *Centella Asiatica (Gotu Kola) Extract, MSM, Ecocert Propanediol, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid), *Daucus Carota (Carrot) Seed Oil, Argania Spinosa (Argan ) Kernel Oil, Astaxanthin, Squalene (Olive), Ascorbyl Palminate (Vitamin C ) Ester, Ubiquinone (CoQ10), Tocopherol (Non-GMO), Tocotrienol (Non-GMO), *Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) C02 Extract, **Boswellia Carterii (Frankincense) Oil, Rosa Centifolia (Rose) Absolute Oil, *Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavander) Oil, *Pelargonium Graveolens (Rose Geranium) Oil. *Organic  ** Wild harvested 

Live Botanical Sanctuary Barrier Balm ($42.00 for 30ml.): This luscious balm has a remarkably emollient light whipped fluffy texture that immediately melts into the skin. It contains a wonderful array of Amazonian butters such as: Murmuru, Tucuma, Ucuuba and Bacuri, that are rich, nourishing and healing anti-inflammatory ingredients. This balm deeply hydrates the skin, it helps to prevent water-loss, it protects, softens, repairs and moisturizes even the most sensitive skins. It contains no essential oils, and has no detectable aroma. This wondrous balm can also we used as a overnight mask, and it is miraculous in its ability to heal and rejuvenate the skin.

According to Live Botanical, 

An essential oil free balm that is our most occlusive, yet breathable formula.  A moisture-locking blend filled with nutrient-dense raw butters and oils plus plant-based waxes, sterols, and phospholipids.  Working in harmony to provide sanctuary for dry, sensitive conditions. This balm contains no added essential oils and the scent is natural and very earthy.

What sets this balm apart from others is the inclusion of unrefined oil-based phospholipids.  On a cellular level, the molecules attract and hold onto water while also organizing themselves into a structure similar to natural skin.  So when layered on damp skin, it creates an effective skin-identical layer.

It also helps improve the absorption of active ingredients and the delivery of sustained moisture throughout the day. Acting as a mild emulsifier to better incorporate water-based hydrating serums without causing harm to the lipid barrier.

Amazonian butters of murumuru, tucuma, ucuuba and bacuri are abundant in naturally occurring anti-inflammatory compounds that soothe irritated skin.  Helping to maintain elasticity, a key component to healthy skin.  Raw enzymes from the butters feed the skin to better protect against hypersensitivity while the emollients soften rough, dry patches.  If the skin is damaged, the properties help repair wounds such as sun or wind-burn.

Buriti, graviola/soursop, and carrot seed oils (not essential oils) provide a complex array of antioxidants such as flavonoids and polyphenols to protect against cellular degradation from UV and other environmental stressors.

The ceramide rich rice bran wax and protective pomegranate sterols create the seal providing the final occlusive element - preventing water loss and supporting the other ingredients to improve all-over moisture. 

The Amazonian ingredients used were all harvested by small, independent co-ops that help prevent rainforest clear-cutting. The fruit/nut trees harvested from provide important monetary opportunities to local communities vs. using the trees for lumber or cleared to graze livestock.  We focus mainly on regional ingredients but feel in small volumes this was a beneficial way to support indigenous groups.  We also will be donating $2 per full size balm sold for preservation efforts in addition to our normal donations relating to environmental and social justice causes.

Directions: Apply as the final layer in your skincare routine. For best results, ensure the skin is damp/hydrated to improve moisture function. It can also be used as a restorative night mask by applying a thicker layer, allowing a slow absorption while you sleep. During warmer months or when not as dry, mix in your palm with a hydrating serum to create a day cream for a lighter application.

Ingredients: Astrocaryum Murumuru Butter#, Astrocaryum Tucuma Butter#, Virola Sebifera (Ucuuba) Butter#, Daucus Carota Stavia (Carrot) Seed Lipid Oil (Not Essential Oil)*^, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Wax*^, Mauritia Flexuosa (Buriti) Fruit Oil#, Annona Muricata (Soursop - Graviola) Oil#, Corylus Avellana (Hazelnut) Oil*^, Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax^, Punica Granatum (Pomegranate) Sterols, Platonia Insignis (Bacuri) Butter# And Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil* & Lecithin* & Cucurbita Pepo (Pumpkin) Seed Oil* & Corthellus Shiitake (Mushroom) Extract* 41% regionally sourced. *organic, ^regionally sourced and #fair-trade/co-op
Overall Assessment: These products are absolutely amazing, and the value is unbelievable. You receive 3 full size products with a $200.00 savings!

*THIS IS A SUBSCRIPTION* You will be charged immediately when you purchase. Automatic renewal occurs every two months until you cancel. Make sure to cancel before the 20th of the preceding month. The December Box will ship in December. The last date to subscribe is December 5.

$49.95 (a $250.00 value) from Boxwalla (Affiliate Links).
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SEPHORA HOLIYAY SALE: Get Up to 50% Off Sale Until Monday, 11/30

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The Sephora Holiyay Sale is offering up to 50% Off an amazing selection of products, and Sephora has a lot of amazing deals on their HUGE SALE PAGE, and it is one of my regular daily haunts where I find so many things to buy for myself and others. Here is a sampling of a few of their great bargain finds. Visit:
† Free standard shipping offer valid on merchandise purchases made through 11:59pm PT on 11/30/20 on Offer not valid in Sephora US stores, in Sephora Canada stores, in Sephora inside JCPenney stores, on sephora Canada, on jcp online, previous purchases, gift wrapping, packaging, or taxes. Promotion offer has no cash value and may not be altered, sold, or transferred. Sephora in its sole discretion may refuse to redeem any promotion code or offer that it believes in good faith to be fraudulently or improperly obtained and/or that has not been redeemed by the intended recipient of the promotion code or offer. Sephora in its sole discretion reserves the right to invalidate and/or not honor promotion codes or offers that are obtained through any party other than Sephora, including, but not limited to, through third-party sites. Not valid on orders shipping outside the US and Canada. Can be used in conjunction with other offers. Sephora and JCPenney employees are not eligible for this offer. Offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.
                         Visit: Sale Page:

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Amazing Luxury Gift Guide Skincare Sets for the Holidays: Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals!

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If you are anything like me, then your holiday shopping is likely happening exclusively online, and you are being especially mindful of the purchases that you do make. Whether you are treating yourself, gifting, or both– these skincare holiday gift sets feature extraordinary brands and their first-rate products.

Inna Organic “Let It Glow” Frankincense Revitalizing Sheet Mask Gift Set ($71.89 from Amazon): This limited-edition holiday gift idea is the ultimate clean beauty indulgence that also gives back. Inna Organic is donating 10% of the set’s revenue to the Africa Educational Trust, an organization that provides education to children and adults affected by conflict and poverty in Eastern Africa. Crafted from certified-organic cotton, woven into soft, luxurious masks, the “Let It Glow” gift set features (10) of their best-selling Frankincense Rich Revitalizing sheet & eye masks, creating a relaxing, aromatherapy spa experience. EWG & COSMOS certified-organic. 100% vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free. Formulated without parabens, phthalates, silicones, sulfates (SLS/SLES) & artificial fragrances.
Note that my selection of Inna Organic Masks includes their Frankincense Revitalizing Sheet Mask, but includes others as well. Inna Organic is offering 30% off ALL sheet mask and holiday gift sets and 30% off select Frankincense skincare from November 27th-30th!

The A Method® by Tina Alster, M.D. 2020 Holiday Kit ( $70.00 for a $120.00 value from Amazon): Created by celebrated dermatologist Tina Alster, M.D., this powerful antioxidant kit features six medical grade products designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, stimulate natural cell growth and reduce the signs of aging in all skin types. It is the ideal introduction to The A Method® Family and a perfect travel size gift for the holiday season! The kit features Cleanse Gentle Daily Cleanser, C Antioxidant Gel 20% (the brand's best selling Vitamin C serum), H2Biome Probiotic Moisturizer, Protect SPF 30 Sunscreen, C-Kissed Lip Balm, and two of the NEW C Gel Facial Masks.
Their packaging is attractive and sturdy, and it eliminates the need for an additional gift box. November 25th until midnight on Cyber Monday November 30th, enjoy 30% off site wide with Free Shipping over $30 at Shoppers will also receive a FREE C Gel Facial Mask & Lip Balm with EVERY purchase. Bring Dermatology to Your Door with this skincare line created by world-renowned dermatologist Tina Alster, MD, FAAD. The brand was developed to provide retail consumers with the same medical grade formulations that are used/sold by dermatologists and certified estheticians.

Cure Beauty Set ($90.00 from Amazon): The Cure Beauty Set has everything you need to gift the experience of Cure’s “Remove, Replenish, and Retain” skincare regimen. Along with Cure Natural Aqua Gel, one of the most popular exfoliating gels from Japan (it currently has 5,100+ reviews on Amazon!), this gift set also includes Cure Water Treatment (use as an all-in-one toner, moisturizer, serum, and make-up primer) and Cure Bathtime (an at-home facial product made of 100% Ruby Rock Salt from Nepal) - perfect for anyone who loves skincare and at home spa treatments!
The Cure Beauty Set comes in its own gift box. The Cure Beauty Set will be 20% off with FREE shipping on Cyber Monday via But, you will be able to shop this same deal November 28th-December 1st too

N1o1 Nitric Oxide Activating Anti-Aging Serum Gift Set ($180.00 from Amazon): Clinically proven, N1o1 blends the latest in cutting edge, scientific development with age-defying skincare to target wrinkles, dark spots, blemishes, and uneven skin. Created by world renowned biochemist Dr. Nathan S. Bryan, this patent pending face serum restores vital nitric oxide production. Nitric oxide addresses the root cause of aging, restoring youth naturally. Enclosed in a beautiful silver cosmetic bag, N1o1 Nitric Oxide Activating Anti-Aging Serum delivers results you can count on without the use of harsh chemicals or fragrances. Hypo-allergenic and perfect for even the most sensitive skin this holiday season!

N1o1 Nitric Oxide Activating Anti-Aging Serum Gift Set comes with its own festive holiday makeup bag. The N1o1 Nitric Oxide Activating Serum will be 20% off on Amazon November 21st-December 1st.

Elina Organics Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution ($38.00 from Amazon): A gift idea to bring out your inner esthetician, this fun find is a must for the skincare lover who is always on social media. Created by cosmetic chemist and celebrity esthetician Elina Fedotova, it will help to liquefy excessive oil deposits and literally bubble out the blackheads from your pores with the power of oxygen. Apply over the congested areas of your skin using a Q-Tip or a cotton pad. Wait 30 seconds to allow blackheads in your pores to come to the surface. Wipe the impurities off in circular motions using the same Q-Tip or cotton pad.⁠
Elina Organics Pore Purifying Oxygen Solution is a great gift to keep skin clear during the holiday season. Black Friday: 20% off all products on with Code: BLKFRIDAY. Cyber Monday: 15% off all products on + FREE shipping with Code: CYBRMON.

Vitabrid C12 Dual Sheet Mask Box Sets ($35 for a box of 5 masks from Vitabrid): Available in two formulas, Brightening & Luminous (white) and Age-Defying & Firming (red), these soft, non-stimulating microfiber sheets perfectly and comfortably adhere to the skin – all while promoting even absorption of their active ingredients. Brightening & Luminous instantly brightens tired and distressed skin and enhances radiance and luminosity. It boosts skin regeneration, elasticity, and moisturization, while also delivering soothing and illuminating effects.

The Age Defying & Firming formula promotes the feel of increased collagen, replaces skin's moisture, and improves the overall look of your complexion. This soothing and revitalizing mask works in minutes, leaving skin dewy and radiant, and fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

From November 27th-30th, enjoy 40% off select hair and skincare products & FREE shipping on Some top buys this year include:

Vitabrid C12 Dual Sheet Mask Gift Sets: $35 --> $21

Vitabrid C12 Dual Drop Serum: $62 --> $37.20

Vitabrid C12 Scalp Shampoo: $32 --> $19.20

Overall Assessment: If you are looking for great holiday skincare gift sets this season, then these are among the very best from which to choose! The great Black Friday and Cyber Monday savings makes these excellent choices! A+

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Monday, November 23, 2020

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals and Steals 2020


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Aéropostale: Sale 50-70% off everything. Enjoy Free Economy Shipping on orders of $50 or more.

Alternative Apparel: EXTRA 50% OFF SALE.

Amazon: Lots of early Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals.

Ann Taylor: 50% OFF FULL PRICE. Extra 70% Off All Sale Styles.

Ann Taylor Loft: 50% Off your purchase.

Anthropologie: Huge Sale section!

ASOS: 70% Off Outlet plus and Extra 15% Off. Use Code: SAVEMORE.

Bed, Bath & Beyond: Thousands of Black Friday Week Deals! Up to 60% Off on select items. Receive 20% Off if you order online and pickup in store or curbside.

Benefit: Check out there amazing sale items. Their Black Friday Sale is coming soon!

Bergdorf Goodman: Check huge sale section.

Best Buy: Shop Black Friday Huge savings in every department. This is a great place to do all of your holiday electronics shopping because of their steep discounts.

b-glowing: Shop Sitewide Offer  /  30% Off $75+ Select Beauty  /  25% Off $60+ Select Beauty  /  20% Off $60+ Select Beauty. 30% Off Black Friday with orders of $399.00+ Use Code: BFRIDAY30  / 25% Off Orders of $125.00+ Use Code: BFRIDAY25.

Bloomingdale's: Huge Sales sitewide. Take $25.00 Off every $125.00 you spend.

Boden: Up to 30% Off Womenswear Use Code: N7X7.

Charlottle Tilbury Beauty: 30% OFF MAGICAL KITS.

Chico's: 40% Off Your Purchase. Use Code: 79855 | Exclusions Apply

Clarins: See "Offers" section for specials.

Clinique: See "Special Offers" section.

Coach: Sale 30% Off select styles. Use Code: THANKS30

Cole Haan: 50% Off almost everything.

Crate & Barrel: Up to 65% Off of sale items.

Cult Beauty: Up to 30% Off best selling brands. Here is a full list of the brands that they stock.

Derma-E: 20% Off best sellers. Plus free gift with $30.00 purchase. Use Code: BEST20.

Dermstore: Check out their huge sale section and gifts with purchase.

Etsy: Check for select sales and amazing holiday gift ideas.

Finish Line: Check out the holiday gifts.Up to 40% Off select styles.

FOREO: Save up to 35% off on select items at! During the Black Friday Sale.

Frye: Up to 50% off Black Friday Sale.

Gilt: Exclusive deals and HUGE sales. Up to 75% Off.


H&M: Pre-Black Friday Sale up to 50% Off online and in-store.

Hautelook: Too many amazing sales to list. Definitely take a look at all of their current flash sales.

Kate Spade: Take 50% Off select styles. Use Code: GIVEJOY. (Ends 11/25 at 11:59 PT).

Kate Somerville: Our Gift To You: Kate's Best Of 2020 Minis ($76 Value) With Any $140 Purchase. No promo code required.

Kérastase: 20% off Friends & Family Sitewide. Plus Bonus Gift & Free Shipping.

Kiehl's: Receive a FREE 5-piece gift on $135 ($75 Value). Use Code: BEST 
Samples may vary. See daily deals.

Kneipp: Kneipp’s Black Friday into Cyber Monday beauty sales! See their website for details.
Lancôme: FRIENDS & FAMILY 25% OFF. No Code Necessary. Valid: 11/17-11/25.

Lands' End: Receive up to 60% off your order! Use Code: PUMPKIN

L'Occitane: Amazing Holiday Gift Sets and Black Friday deals.

Macy's: Too many Black Friday deals to list!

Madewell: Up to 50% Off Black Friday Best Sellers. 30% Off  your purchase.

Marc Jacobs Beauty: Check the HUGE Sale section with deep discounts.

MICHAEL KORS: UP TO 60% OFF SALE STYLES. 25% Off Full Price Styles.

Molton Brown: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale, which will be 25% OFF Sitewide + FREE Shipping from Nov. 26 – Nov. 30.

MUJJO: 25% discount sitewide. Use Code: #25off (valid from Nov 25 to Dec 1).

NARS: Check out the Last Chance and Holiday sections!

Net-A-Porter: Up to 50% Off Sale.

NINE WEST: Black Friday Sale Preview 50% Off all boots and booties. Huge sale section and clearance section for steep savings.

Nordstrom: Cyber Deals up to 50% Off: Beauty SalesWomen's SaleMen's SaleTrend SaleKid's Sale & Home Sale!

Nordstrom Rack: HUGE Savings sitewide. Check out today's Black Friday Reveals!

Paula's Choice: 25% Off Holiday Kits & 20% Off Glow-Makers.

Pottery Barn: Far too many special offers to list!

REN: 25% Off Zero Waste Skincare. Use Code: HERO25

REVOLVE: Up to 50% Off Sale.

Saks Fifth Avenue: Holiday Gifts. Sale up to 50% Off.

Sephora: Lots of amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday Specials.There are also lots of incredible Sale Items. Sale of the Season. Up to 50% off your favorite beauty every day plus free shipping until Cyber Monday, 11/30! In stores and online. (11/23 – 11/30).

Shopbop: Huge sale section and daily specials.

Shu Uemura: Black Friday 35% OFF Sitewide. Use Code: SHUFRIDAY.

Skinstore: HUGE Selection of Black Friday deals.

Space NK: Huge selection of gift sets. Free shipping on orders of $50.00 or more. Check back for specials.

Sur La Table: Early Access Black Friday Sales Galore! Up to 75% OFF!

Target: HUGE Black Friday Deals!

TATCHA: Delight in skincare sets & save up to 40% Off!

The Body Shop: 30% Off site wide.

The Container Store: Sales and specials galore. 25% Off any single item for POP! Members.

The Detox Market: See their holiday gifts galore.

Ulta: Lots of AMAZING Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals are coming! Sales, Specials and Coupons.

Urban Outfitters: Huge Sale section. 20% Off your entire purchase.

Walgreens: 25% Off site wide. Use Code: TAKE25

Walmart: HUIGE Selection Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials.

West Elm: Huge selection on sales and specials. Up to 50% Off furniture. Extra 20% Off Clearance. Use Code: SCORE.

Williams Sonoma: Extra 20% Off Clearance. Use Code: EXTRA. Black Friday Deals up to 50% Off.

World Market: 20% Off almost everything. Extra 15% Off All curbside pick-up orders.

YSL: 50% Off Beauty Byes Use Code: FALL. 40% Off Rouge Volupté Rock'n Shine Lipstick. No Code Required.

Zadig & Voltaire Paris: 40% Off Sale.
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