Friday, November 1, 2013

Surratt Automatique Lip Crayon in Mahogany Review & Swatches

 Purchased by me (Affiliate links)
Celebrity makeup Artist Troy Surratt, who is on the tip of every Hollywood A-Lister's tongue, recently launched his eponymously named makeup line at Barneys New York, and the instant buzz is not over-hyped nonsense. His line is worthy of all the accolades that it is receiving because his carefully edited collection boasts high-quality lust-worthy products that every self-respecting makeup addict will want to try at some point!
I chose his Automatique Lip Crayon in Mahogany as my starting point, and it does not disappoint! According to Surratt, the Automatic Lip Crayons feature, "A collection of perfect reds. Heavy on pigment, light on lips. Non-drying, matte finish; suede-like formula."

Mahogany is a gorgeous vampy oxblood shade that truly is non-drying with a gorgeous matte finish and a suede-like formula. It is long-wearing and comfortable on the lips, and I managed to get about 5 hours of wear with light eating and drinking. I have worn this by itself with great success, but have also layered it with a lip gloss. I have also used it as a lip liner paired with a lipstick, with a lip gloss, and then finally with a lipstick and a lip gloss together. It looked and felt amazing each way that I wore it, and all I can say is that I want more colors now!
 Isn't this just gorgeous?!
Overall assessment: Mahogany is the perfect vampy color for the season, and the formula is as great as the color is beautiful! I want more colors!

$34.00 for 0.04 oz. from Barneys New York (Affiliate Link).
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  1. Oooh! The Surratt lip crayon colors look so very tempting!!!

    1. It's just yummy goodness! I know that you are being good on your "no-buy" but weren't you tempted by these after you swatched them at Barneys? This is lovely with TF Black Orchid and Bruised Plum-- I will be posting it with that latter by tomorrow!

  2. *cries weakly* I've recently come to realise that high-slip, high-gloss formulas are more often drying/unflattering to my dry, lined lips than these modern mattes.

    1. That is very interesting indeed!! I wonder what ingredients cause this? Certainly these modern mattes are such a radical departure from their ridiculously drying predecessors!

  3. I'm not 100% happy with my Surratt order but some of the items are wonderful. I bought a Lipslick and will buy more of those since I love it. It's just so difficult knowing what it will look like though with the online swatches.
    Are all the lipliners dark?

    1. What are you not happy with, and why? I am so disappointed to hear that !! This is the only thing that I have purchased so far, but can't wait to read your review about the lipstick that you bought! It's definitely difficult basing your decisions on online swatches alone!

      Yes, the all of the Automatique Lip Crayons are basically dark or bright: there were various shades of red, a purple, this vampy oxblood, a very bright mid-tone pink, and an orange-red. I saw nothing in the way of our beloved nude pink neutrals-- otherwise I would have grabbed one! :-( Bellyhead posted really good swatches of them here:

      What color lipstick did you get? :-)


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