Sunday, April 14, 2013

Le Métier de Beauté Aurora Lip Kaleidoscope- There are still a Few Available! Swatches & Review!

Purchased by me
Le Métier de Beauté's Kaleidoscope Lip Kit mixes mysterious and luxurious hues reflective of the Northern Lights, a natural light display in the night sky. Caused by a collision of naturally charged atomic particles in the atmosphere, the Aurora Borealis turns the sky from purples to magentas to blues and magnetic color abounds. Beauty becomes a natural extension with soft focus, yet edgy hues flattering every lip.

Blending luxury and shine for an opulent pout, Aurora features four lush hues:
- Illuminate (shimmering, hot pink with a sheer finish).
- Voltaic (satin-nude mauve).
- Dynamos (effervescent coral-tangerine).
- Eos (opaque fuchsia).
Illuminate (shimmering, hot pink with a sheer finish)
 Voltaic (satin-nude mauve)
 Dynamos (effervescent coral-tangerine)
  Eos (opaque fuchsia)
 Left to right:  Illuminate, Voltaic, Dynamos and Eos 
Aurora may just be my very favorite LMdB Lip Kaleidoscope of all time. I was shocked to discover that there were a few of these beauties left at Nordstrom since it is from a Limited Edition Spring 2012 release. I didn't want to regret missing out- therefore I snapped one up before they were gone. The reason for the belated review and swatches? There are a few left if you feel as I did!
Every shade from this gorgeous Lip Kit is stunning by itself, or when layered in any desired combination. The formula is unbelievably comfortable on the lips boasting the perfect amount of cushion, and it isn't even remotely sticky.
Suggested use: How to use: To apply, use Le Métier de Beauté's exclusive 'Couches de Colour' application technique and layer the scrumptious shades from top to bottom.
Soft focus to reveal the sparkle
 The result of mixing all four shades.
Overall assessment: Simply stunning, and what an amazing find!

$95.00 at Nordstrom. (Not an affiliate link). While the website states that they are out of stock, I called Customer Service and they found about 6 left in the system. If you do the same- be sure to furnish them with the item  number (#548596) and name (Aurora).


  1. That is just lush to look at, I only have one lip one and have nearly used it all up, must save up for another :) xx

    1. Hi Replica! It's a truly glorious kaleidoscope! I'm glad that I grabbed it before it was gone!! I have 3 of them, and am very impressed by the quality! xoxo

  2. This lip kit is so beautiful. My favorite one is illuminate. It looks stunning with such a sparkly finish.

    1. I agree, The Unprofessional Beauty Blog!! I have three of them, but sadly Illuminate is not among them! I really love these lip kits!!

  3. Such pretty swatches!! They colors look really lovely layered together and not thick either.

    1. Hi Bellyhead! I'm glad that you like the swatches!!! This combination of colors lends itself to infinite possibilities-- I'm very very fond of this lip kit!!!!!!!!! Definitely not too thick!! :D

  4. ooo so pretty! i don't have anything from lmdb. :( I do hope to get my hands on a creme tint sooner rather than later! :)


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