Friday, March 8, 2013

At Long Last Burberry Lip Glow in Fondant Pink No. 21 Arrived!!!

The Burberry Lip Glow in Fondant Pink No. 21 is no longer backordered, and much to my delight mine arrived a few days ago. I actually began fetishizing this particular lip gloss because I ordered it the moment that the Burberry Spring Collection launched, and was beginning to think that it would never arrive.
The formula is smooth and creamy, has the perfect amount of cushion, and isn't sticky. The wear time is  a couple of hours for me, but your mileage may vary. As with all Burberry lip products, Fondant Pink No. 21 contains a floral scented fragrance- though this one seems somewhat less pronounced, and I do find that the scent dissipates rapidly.
When I initially swatched the entire Spring Collection, I built up each of the Lip Glows in order to demonstrate the depth of each of the colors. While each of the colors is buildable, Fondant Pink is less so than the other 3 shades. Fondant pink is only marginally buildable because it is a pale milky pink, and therefore the most sheer shade from the collection. It can have a tendency to settle into lip lines if you do not apply enough, but that is easily remedied with a second coat- or better yet by applying it over a like-colored lip liner (the perfect shade is Rouge Bunny Rouge Vasco), or layering it on top of a lipstick.
Thick Swatch
Normal Swatch

Overall assessment: I like this shade a great deal- especially worn over Rouge Bunny Rouge Vasco. It is quite sheer, and the color (while lovely) is not particularly unique. I happen to really like these soft pale milky pinks a great deal, but if you prefer more opacity Fondant Pink will not provide it.

$27.00 I purchased mine from Nordstrom
Stock image from Nordstrom.
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  1. It's a lovely gloss if you go for that sheer, colorless oomph on your lips. I know I do, but I already have Nude Rose ( it's No 14 by the way) for it, so I skipped this one and opted for Mallow Pink and Pink Sweet Pea instead. Seeing it swatched makes me crave it just a little bit though...
    Anyway, I'm glad you finally have it in your beauty arsenal after almost giving up on it (don't you love a good surprise?) and I hope you fully enjoy it now that spring is upon us!

    1. Hi Mel,

      That is it in a nutshell! I definitely like it a great deal, but it is a very dupable color. Nude Rose is so gorgeous! I think that you chose wisely with Mallow Pink and Pink Sweet Pea from collection. I had to have Fondant Pink because I am a sucker for pale milky pinks, and I love the Lip Glow formula, but I do think that this shade lacks that certain oomph that many people are looking for because it is so sheer. I definitely think that I will get a lot of wear out of it this spring! I do love a good surprise, and was thrilled when it did finally show up on my doorstep!

      Have a lovely weekend! :-)

  2. Ahhhh so pretty! It looks sugary and delicate and absolutely perfect for spring!!! :D

    1. Hi Becca! It really is such a pretty feminine pink. I agree that it is perfect for spring!! :D

  3. Ooooh, I'm not usually one for pale lip glosses but I've come across a couple of lipsticks in my stash while organizing that are a bit too bold for my liking. Something along the lines of Fondant Pink would be just the ticket for toning them down me thinks!

    1. Hi lov2read68!

      Fondant Pink is quite pretty, but it really is very sheer when applied. It might not shift the bold colors as much as you might like, but it would definitely help. Chantecaille Pink Melon Luminous Gloss might be more effective at accomplishing that result. I will be posting it either tomorrow or Tuesday. It has a little more pigmentation and lasting power than Fondant Pink. That said, I am really happy that I have both of them. <3


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