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Susan Thompson Cosmetics Creamy Lipstick in True Love- Review & Swatches

Susan Thompson Cosmetics Creamy Lipsticks are gloriously creamy, comfortable to wear, and rival the best luxury lipsticks in quality and beauty. They are long-wearing, moisturizing, silky smooth, gorgeously pigmented, buildable, and they feel light and comfortable on the lips. They also include refined HD particles making them perfect for HD and Red Camera Projects, but were likewise created for everyday use.
For a long time I have favored wearing lip gloss over lipstick, one of the primary reasons has been that many lipsticks have tended to dry out my lips, or they have felt too heavy and present for my taste. These Creamy Lipsticks are so comfortable and luminescent that I simply can't resist their charms. I actually find myself reaching for these over lip glosses these days!
True Love is a lovely soft pinky peachy nude tone that is stunningly gorgeous, and perfectly on-trend for the season. This is one nude lipstick that all nude lip lovers need to have in their stash, period!  It is moisturizing and buildable with a creamy velvety texture and a glorious sheen. If I want a barely there lip- one pass is all that I need to get the perfect hint of color, but as noted it is a very buildable formula with excellent pigmentation. The formula is one of the very best that I have ever tried including that of the most expensive high-end luxury lipsticks. For swatches of all of her colors click here. For more about Susan Thompson Cosmetics and Suzi herself, click here.
Not only is True Love a magnificent stand alone lip color, but it also can be morphed into other gorgeous hues by layering. I am a big proponent of lip product layering, and I relish the idea of creating new shades by combining products-- and have always done this. In fact my beloved sister routinely asks me what I'm wearing on my lips because she loves the color and finish, and after I go through the list of what I'm wearing she rolls her eyes and tells me that she will never take the time to do that. I, on the other hand, can't imagine not mixing. To that end, I have done quite a bit of playing with True Love, and here is one of my favorite and simple combinations: True Love + Evelyn's Journey Pout Poppers (review forthcoming) = Truly, Madly, Deeply in Love!! As you can see from the swatches below mixing these two gorgeous shades has magical consequences. If you are sensitive to lip plumpers this look can be achieved by adding your favorite vampy lip gloss, and I am really looking forward to putting Le Métier de Beauté's Uma Paro Sheer Brillance Lip Gloss (review forthcoming) on top of True Love- because True Love is every bit as good as any lip product by LMdB!! I'm a self-professed lippie mixologist, and generally cannot just leave a color alone straight out of the tube- though I do occasionally. Truth be told, I do this with blush and eye shadow as well. I tend to think more like a painter when I see makeup colors and imagine how they would combine- sometimes the results are amazing, and sometimes they leave much to be desired, but the experimentation is so much fun! Not only is it fun, but you stand to exponentially increase your lipstick/lip gloss stash by doing so!
Susan Thompson Cosmetics not only features the most impressive products, but elegant presentation is not lost on Suzi. Each lipstick sold comes in this lovely velvet draw string pouch along with a generous sample of Mim's the Word Liquid Blush (reviewed here). Trust me when I tell you that once you try Mim's the Word you will need it in your life!!
Key Features:
High Definition Make Up
Paraben Free
Cruelty Free
Recycled packaging
10% goes to charity (The ASPCA and The American Red Cross)
Made in the USA

Overall assessment: I dare you to try to find a more gorgeous nude lipstick- especially with a wonderfully moisturizing formula! This is pure unmitigated nude lip heaven! I am madly in love with this lipstick! These are luxury lipsticks that are affordable, and the quality is astounding. Susan Thompson Cosmetics offers a well edited collection of colors that can be combined and mixed. A+++

$20.00 each from Susan Thompson Cosmetics. This price includes tax, shipping, and handling in the US. Customers outside of the US pay for shipping.

*Susan Thompson Cosmetics is offering a special exclusively for lola's secret beauty blog readers! If you spend $100.00 or more you will receive a free full-sized Creamy Lipstick in True Love (a gorgeous soft pink with nude tones).  At checkout use CODE: "Lola's VIP" in the shipping request box.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Susan is my close personal friend and she gave all of these items to me as a gift. It is because I love these products so much that I decided to review them, and had I not loved them I simply would have avoided reviewing them because of our friendship. As is the case with all of my reviews, I am not being paid, and as always the opinions that I express are 100% my own. I wildly love all of her products, and therefore wanted to let you in on this beauty & entertainment industry insider secret because I think these products are too good to remain so exclusive.


  1. Here's a job for you Ms Lola - make me a list of what to buy! I do light lips. Pick out two lipsticks for me!! Also I'm going to get the cream blush since that looks like my kind of product. Which two should I get or should I start with one? I need a treat after all I've gone through with my mother lately!!
    Thanks... this is your mission Lola and you know I take my missions seriously.

    1. You definitely deserve something to make you happy given what you have been going through!! I hope that your mom's health is stabilized and is improving!

      My two very favorite must-have lipsticks are True Love and Cleo. While I know that you a light lipstick girl (and True Love is a gorgeous nude that will satisfy that) I think that you would really love Cleo as well-- even though it can be worn as a vampy wine shade-- it actually also applies very lightly- in the same way as RBR Murmurings does. What I have found extraordinary is how a light pass of Cleo looks when topped with a color along the lines of LMdB Purple Haze Lip Creme. Do you still have yours, or have you used it up? Suzi's makeup-- like LMdB loves to be mixed. And as far as the blushes go-- if you are getting one- I think Mim's the Word is the one that will make you super happy! I'm emailing you swatches so that you can study them more closely. However, you and I are makeup twins- so I think that those are the ones that would make your heart sing. xoxox

    2. I haven't had the time to go shopping but I'm absolutely going to soon. I know I need True Love and Mims the Word. I just have to decide what else. Thanks so much for all your help.

    3. You definitely need True Love and Mim's the Word, for sure! I'm wearing a lot of Chi Chi Liquid Blush these days as well. I wore Renate's Love Liquid Blush today along with Cleo Creamy Lipstick with Chantecaille Love Gloss on top and LOVED the look. The lip color combination made it this gorgeous pink with depth, and I sheered out the blush so that I had a lovely natural flush. I really loved the look!! If you want me t send you pictures of the Pot Poppers, let me know-- but if you don't like lip plumpers- you definitely want to avoid these. :-)

  2. Oh Lola--True Love is so beautiful! I LOVE nude shades like this with the PERFECT amount of pink and/or peach. I'm one of those people that can't wear a "real" nude lip to save my life. I will always look like a corpse without fail. But pinky-nudes are a different story--and I've been really into them lately! I also love a nice, comfortable formula that doesn't dry out my already-dry lips. These look great!

    1. Oh Becca, it's a total must-have lippie for those who love a good nude! It also plays so well with others-- I have morphed it into so many astonishingly gorgeous colors! It definitely has HG status in my book! I suspect that I will need to get another one by the end of the summer! The formula is amazing and comfortable-- it's just a delightful lipstick. I can't recommend it highly enough! It's definitely true Love for me!!! Plus-- it's nice that the price includes tax and shipping within the US making this lipstick end up costing about what a MAC lipstick costs, but it is MUCH better quality!

  3. Ahhh... in better times, I would have been very tempted by that deal. Unfortunately (or depending on how you look at it), I was just gifted a whole bunch of lippies and am swimming in lipsticks! These sound lovely though and it's funny you mention layering - I never do but was thinking today that I should! :)

    1. Ahhh, but better times will come again! You will have to do a post of all of your gifted lippies!!! What a great gift. I often get piles of makeup and skincare hand-me-downs from my mom and sister-- I squeal with joy every time I get to haul without a credit card!! Layering is so much fun, and it really is such a pragmatic way to multiply the colors in your stash. The possibilities really are endless! :)


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