Tuesday, May 15, 2012


As much as I tried to keep them off of the counters- it was a lost cause because I was cooking chicken livers for them, and they knew it!


  1. How cute! How does your dog get along with all those kitties?
    Today I received my package of Sunday Riley goodies! Already tried the lip gloss in pink lemonade. Yes, it is very sheer, but I see a slight hint of color & I looove the way it feels on my lips, no stickiness! You were right about loving the formula of these glosses ;) Think I'm gonna have to order the beach shade next time! Haha...I'll try tomorrow the mascara & blush in blushing. The only skin care item I purchased was the Ceramic slip, but look forward to trying all the samples they included from the line. Thanks for all your lovely, in depth reviews on this brand ^_^

    1. Hi Naomi!!
      I'M SOOOO EXCITED that you got your Sunday Riley goodies. I thought that you would love the lip gloss formula-- not everybody loves the lip glosses as we have discussed because they expect more opacity and are disappointed when they see how sheer they are. I don't think that you are going to find too great a difference between Beach Front and Pink Lemonade- Beach Front is nearly completely clear on me-- with a hint of sparkle-- since you already have Pink Lemonade you might want to try something a touch darker-- since it will be quite sheer as well. In the tube they look quite different, but once applied there is very little difference. Sangria which looks so dark in the tube is very very sheer on me. I can't wait to hear what you think about Blushing and the mascara. Please let me know what you think about Ceramic Slip as well!! Off the top of my head I can't remember if we ever talked about the Clarisonic, but if you have one definitely try it with Ceramic Slip-- it is a really fantastic combination!! You are so very welcome!!

      The cats and puppy are pretty funny. Delilah is still a puppy-- so she's a bit of a spaz. Most of them don't really want to play with her, but Zeus (the white kitty on the island) likes to play with her. He's a little bit demented- so they are a pretty good match! xo, L

    2. Good to know the pup has a little friend out of the bunch ;) I have 2 dogs, although one of my dogs certainly behaves like a kitten. Somebody abandon him in an empty warehouse that was full of feral cats & I see he has definitely picked up his self cleaning, nightly ritual from them as my other dog never does such a thing! Lol
      As for the Sunday Riley goodies, still loving the Pink Lemonade gloss, it does give my lips a nice hint of pink. I still want the Beach Front gloss even though it's clear, but I won't purchase it till I finish the Pink Lemonade which won't be long! I will keep Sangria in mind though, thanks for the suggestion. Blushing is gorgeous! I love the fine, silky texture & the color is very natural looking. I put off trying the mascara as I checked when I open the current Hourglass mascara I'm using & still have another good month left. I put off trying the Ceramic Slip as well since I really should finish what I'm using now, but can't wait! Haha, though I wanted to ask you about the Clarisonic. How often do you use yours? Nightly or every other day? What is your complexion? I have a fair complexion with combination skin, large pores. I almost purchased one when Sephora had their friends & family sale, but changed my mind as I've read some people have gotten minor, small broken capillaries on their face from using it, but I'm wondering if it's from overuse? Oops, sorry for all my questions *blush*
      Thanks again for your suggestions ^_^
      x Naomi

    3. That's so interesting that your pup has taken on certain kitty-like behavior! It makes perfect sense that living among feral cats would have helped to shape his identity/behavior. Shame on the cruel individual who dumped him in an empty warehouse. All of my kitties and pup are rescues-- and some with pretty terrible stories as well!

      I think that it is so wise of you to use up what you have before spending the money on replacements. While I most often buy before finishing-- I hate waste-- so I always make sure to finish the haircare and skin & body care products that I buy. It's a little harder to do that with my makeup stash though!

      I'm so glad that you love Blushing-- I figured that you would-- it does offer the perfect natural flush of color.
      Smart to hold off on the mascara too-- finish up your Hourglass first. The shelf-life on mascara is so short to begin with, and if you are buying high-end rather than drugstore you REALLY want to get the most out of the tube before having to toss it!!

      I hope that you like Ceramic Slip once you buy it! You will be done with your current cleanser before you know it!

      I use my Clarisonic once a day- in the shower in the morning. I have normal/combination skin (normal on the cheeks, but a pretty active T-Zone). I have a light Olive complexion (I can get fairly dark, but I keep out of the sun). My skin can be sensitive at times, but at other times it is fine (I think that my sensitivity is to certain irritating ingredients more than anything). I use the delicate brush head and I NEVER press the Clarisonic into my skin with any pressure. I just simply allow it to touch the skin and let the sonic vibrations do all of the work. I have read about many people getting broken capillaries, but from what I can tell many of them pressed too hard and used a more firm brush head-- this will do far more damage than good. I think that people often mistakenly believe that more pressure=better and deeper cleaning. That said, there are other people who find the Clarisonic to be too much for their delicate skin (even when used with a feather touch). I do think that when starting out it is best to use it 1-2/x week at the most, and on the lowest setting with a delicate brush. In the 2-3 years that I have been using mine I have never used anything but the lowest setting. Over stimulating the skin can cause skin thinning, breakouts, and broken capillaries- so I definitely think that less is more. The only way that you will know if it is right for you is if you try it. Sephora F&F is a great way to try it-- plus if you have a bad reaction you can return it (but I would double check to make sure that their fantastic return policy includes electronic devices before throwing down that credit card!!

      Don't be sorry, Naomi!! Ask as many questions as you want!! xo, Lola

    4. Hi Lola,
      Thank you for your helpful answers to my Clarisonic questions, I will definitely invest in one along with the delicate brush next time Sephora has a discount code offer.
      Oh boy, I forgot to ask you something else! Haha... I did receive quite a few skincare samples from Sunday Riley & have been going through your reviews as to how each one works, but I'm still a little confused/lost as to what order I should use these products in or if it is even okay to combine them in the first place. Can you offer me any suggestions? Are some better for use in the day or evening? The following are the samples I received: Bionic, Good Genes, Skin Adrenaline, & Stimulant II (as well I received Start Over & Cashmere, but I know what to do with those at least! Haha, & unfortunately I did not get any samples of Juno Oil as they were out of it *boo!*)
      Thank you, look forward to any suggestions you have. Hope you are having a lovely weekend so far ;)
      x Naomi

    5. The Sunday Riley Skincare products are very easily customized, and most products can be used day or night-- except Stimulant III should ONLY be used at night. Here's the general guideline that I suggested in this post: http://lolassecretbeautyblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/sunday-riley-skincare-for-face-body.html

      I. Wash face with desired cleanser. I rotate between Charisma Crème, Ceramic Slip & Gray Exposé depending on the needs of my skin at that moment. I use my Clarisonic in the mornings, and use all three cleansers with it- depending on the needs of my skin each day.

      II. Apply Stimulant I to clean face. I sometimes apply Stimulant II as well, when needed.

      III. Apply Start Over Eye Cream.

      IV. Apply Juno Transformative Lipid Serum to face and neck. I like to warm it up in my palms a bit and then massage it into my face and neck-- it feels AMAZING!

      V. Apply Skin Adrenaline, and/or Bionic. If you have combination or oily skin you will likely find that Skin Adrenaline is enough. If you need more moisture then use Bionic instead. However, lots of people use both together. I generally use Skin Adrenaline during the day.

      VI. Apply Cashmere SPF 30+ to face, neck and décolleté. I mix Cashmere with a pump of Juno- it bolsters the SPF factor, and it feels AMAZING!

      I. Wash face with desired cleanser. I rotate between Charisma Crème, Ceramic Slip & Gray Exposé depending on the needs of my skin at that moment.

      II. Apply Stimulant I and/or Stimulant III. I use both nightly.

      III. Apply Start Over Eye Cream.

      IV. Apply Good Genes ( I use this every morning on my face and neck- before I apply Juno), but this WILL NOT WORK for people with sensitive skin. Many people only use this at night and not every day. If you use this during the day be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen. See my review here for more details. This product is highly active and it effectively exfoliates dead skin. It may make your skin tingle, but if it burns you should NOT use it. Get a sample and try it before purchasing it. For many people it should be used at night only.

      IV. Apply Juno Transformative Lipid Serum to face and neck.

      V. Apply Skin Adrenaline, and/or Bionic. I use Bionic at night.

      *The use of Sunday Riley skincare products can be personalized and tailored to meet your specific needs. This is what works best for me, but that is after using the line for a few years and making adjustments along the way. I included this guide because I have been getting lots of questions from people looking for more guidance on setting up a Sunday Riley skincare routine.

    6. Continued to Naomi:

      What I wrote above was really structured as a general road map.

      Now to answer your more specific questions.

      1) I tend to prefer using Bionic in the evening because it is a richer cream, and Skin Adrenaline during the day because it is lighter. This is preferable to me because I have combination skin to begin with. Many people with drier skin prefer to use Bionic during the day, and many people actually apply both together (treating Skin Adrenaline as more of a serum because it is so much lighter-- for me this is overkill).

      2) Many people use Good Genes at night because the unneutralized lactic acid is a potent exfoliator. Many people only use it a few nights a week- while others use it every night. I use it every single day, but apply it in the morning every where but around my eyes. It plumps fine lines, gives the skin a healthy glow and exfoliates dead skin. YOU MUST USE A SUNSCREEN if you use this during the day!

      3) Stimulant II is a great anti-aging serum, but it also was formulated to combat all types of redness and inflammation (including solar radiation), and is perfect for people with sensitive skin who can't handle the retinol in Stimulant III. It can be used during the day and night-- I like using it a lot, and often use it 2x/day.

      4) Start over is a lovely eye cream, and I use it day and night-- it does wonders for puffy eyes, and actually makes some peoples eyes water for a few moments while it releases the fluid build-up. I only use it underneath my eyes.

      5) Cashmere is a sunscreen- as such it should only be used during the day. I mix mine with a pump of Juno Oil-- which makes it feel even more lovely, but also ramps up the SPF factor beyond 30+

      Let me know if you need any further clarification, or if you have any further questions!

      Have a lovely weekend, xo Lola

    7. Wow! Thank you very much for your very informative reply ^_^ Now I feel comfortable to start trying those samples! Thanks!
      Don't worry I won't harass you with anymore questions! LOL...unless it's something new of course ;)
      PS Now you got me wanting that RBR Vasco lip liner! Oh dear, I've tried holding off buying any RBR! Grr...haha
      Take care, xo Naomi

    8. Hey Naomi--

      You are FAR from harassing me! Please ask all of the questions you want-- no matter how detailed. I have really learned so many tricks with this line-- that it is safe to say that I can probably answer just about anything you could throw at me, or at the very least get the answer for you in no time if I don't know. SO please don't hesitate. I really can't wait to hear what you think about the products that you are trying!!

      All I can say- is be advised that if you plunge down the RBR rabbit hole-- there's no going back!! Vasco is a really nice lip pencil-- I wear lots of pink lip pies-- so I really like it a lot.

      Enjoy your weekend!
      xoxo, Lola

  2. Hilarious! I've given up, too. Any horizontal surface that has enough room for a cat is fair game. I just go through a lot of cleansing spray.

    I love your kitchen, too. I could move right in.

    1. Pretty ridiculous bunch! I know- the sheer amount of counter cleaner used becomes a bit of a joke! THank you, we are quite happy with the kitchen, but anything would have been a vast improvement over the 1970s avocado green appliances and 30 year old wallpaper covered in red and pink roses!! I'll make up the guest room for you!

  3. Hey! Finally someone who has as many kitties as I do! I know what you mean about keeping them off anything. I basically give them the run of the house and keep an arsenal of cleaning agents close by.

    1. Yay- another person with a lot of cats! Yes, I agree- keeping them off of anything is a losing proposition. I, too, keep tons of cleaning agents on hand at all times!!


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