Monday, May 14, 2012

Susan Thompson Cosmetics Luxurious Signature Compact Review: Part V of a Five-Part Series

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*Special gift with purchase exclusively for lola's secret beauty blog subscribers!
This gorgeous and sturdy double-mirror metal compact comes in a lovely black velvet pouch that keeps it pristine in your makeup bag. The compact itself is adorned with the Thompson Family Coat-of-Arms to commemorate the loving memory of Susan's father- who always encouraged her to follow her dreams. This mirror is about 3 inches in diameter at the widest point making it the perfect size for carrying in your makeup bag.
Key Points:
Well crafted and durable.
Comes in a black velvet pouch
10% goes to charity (The ASPCA and The American Red Cross)
Made in the USA

Overall assessment: This is a gorgeous yet utilitarian mirror. Mine lives in my purse at all times! I was just about to order the Rouge Bunny Rouge Compact Mirror when I got this, and I am so glad that I waited!

$25.00 from Susan Thompson Cosmetics. This price includes tax, shipping, and handling in the US. Customers outside of the US pay for shipping.

*Susan Thompson Cosmetics is offering a special exclusively for lola's secret beauty blog readers! If you spend $100.00 or more you will receive a free full-sized Creamy Lipstick in True Love (a gorgeous soft pink with nude tones).  At checkout use CODE: "Lola's VIP" in the shipping request box.

In the spirit of full disclosure, Susan is my friend and she gave all of these items to me as a gift. It is because I love these products so much that I decided to review them, and had I not loved them I simply would have avoided reviewing them because of our friendship. As is the case with all of my reviews, I am not being paid, and as always the opinions that I express are 100% my own. I wildly love all of her products, and therefore wanted to let you in on this beauty & entertainment industry insider secret because I think these products are too good to remain so exclusive.


  1. What a beautiful compact. And what a generous friend. Made in the USA—hooray!

    1. It is a gorgeous compact-- I am so glad that I didn't order the one from RBR-- because I love this one!!! I know-- I'm grateful that she was so generous! I'm even more thrilled that I madly love her products! I completely agree that it's awesome that it is made in the USA! Suzi is absolutely committed to having everything made here-- even though the production prices are higher.


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