Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Must Read Post from Everyday Beauty: Living with Lobster Face (aka Battling Rosacea)

Whether you or someone you know has Rosacea, or whether you or someone you know has spent excessive time in the sun- then you really need to read this brilliantly written, wonderfully insightful, and abundantly informative blog post from one of the very best beauty bloggers on the block! Please share this with everyone that you know- particularly before we revisit the sun-drenched days of summer.
Sun damaged Skin
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  1. *blushes ferociously* Oh, wait! That's bad for me, heh.

    Thank you for the link love. And I still owe that tag article.

    1. That's funny!! You are very welcome! I hope more bloggers post the link-- this is very important information to share with everyone! I look forward to your tag article, but take your time!


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