Sunday, March 11, 2012

Illamasqua Human Fundamentalism Collection Spring/Summer 2012 Launches March 15- Take a Look!

Illamasqua's new Human Fundamentalism Collection is hardly subdued. This bold new collection is vibrant and in-your-face, as one expects from Illamasqua's artistic and creative brilliance. There is something in this collection for everyone: from the most vibrant and outrageous shades to the most subtle. The Human Fundamentalism Collection launches March 15 through Illamasqua, but you can preorder now from Illamasqua. The Collection will be available at Sephora on March 20.
The story:

Human Fundamentalism is an explosion of your alter ego. It’s becoming who you are and not who you’re told to be. Beauty isn’t conformity, but the fundamental human desire to express your inner self on the outside. To rise above mainstream limitations and exist in a world where individuality is received with celebration not derision, and breaking the mould is a sign of strength not instability. We stand for freedom of expression, embracing our glorious imperfections and showing the world we’re not ordinary but extraordinary, even if society refuses to accept it. We’re beyond conformity. Beyond control. Beyond hiding who we really are. We are not a religion, but the singular opposite. We are Illamasqua.

Get ready for a startling celebration of humanity’s connection with colour. Introducing the Human Fundamentalism collection, where blinding flashes of pigment provide a sharp contrast to neutral tones, creating a saturated palette that catapults your alter ego to new levels of self-expression. Mix contrasting textures to express your true self, spiraling from rich metallic to pale matt shades. This is nonconformity at its most fundamental. At its unpredictable best.

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