Monday, February 20, 2012

MAC Viva Glam Nicki & Ricky Review & Swatches

MAC's latest Viva Glam Campaign featuring Nicki Minaj & Ricky Martin has finally launched!! Oh happy days! I am a huge fan of the MAC AIDS Fund, it is an important philanthropic organization devoted to serving "people of all ages, all races and all sexes affected by HIV and AIDS."

100% of the proceeds from the sale of each of these products goes directly toward helping men, women & children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS!

MAC describes Nicki's Lipstick as a Bright Yellow Pink (Satin) $14.50 U.S./$17.50 CDN, and Ricky's Lip Conditioner is Clear $15.00 U.S./ $18.00 CDN.

Nicki's Lipstick definitely is a warm-leaning pink with a touch of coral, and this is the type of color that I tend to shy away from given that I am a cool leaning NC-25. However,  I was going to buy both lip products to support the cause- so I just needed to find a way to make this lipstick work for me, rather than to collect dust. I am no newbie to mixing colors to make less than flattering colors work for my skin tone, but this is a gorgeous color. So I tried it with a variety of cool leaning lip liners and lip glosses to customize it to the perfect shade of pink. The point is, don't be afraid of this bright color because you can easily morph it into the perfect shade if it is just a little too warm, or just a little too loud for you.

As for Ricky's Lip Conditioner, it is clear and fairly thick. It feels amazing on the lips and offers the perfect amount of sheen and moisture. It is great alone or on top of Nicki's Lipstick (or any lipstick for that matter). It comes in a squeeze tube which makes it very convenient and sanitary.

Check out the Nicki & Ricky behind the scenes video for Viva Glam here.

Both are now available everywhere MAC Cosmetics is sold.

Overall assessment: Both are must haves! You can feel great about supporting a FANTASTIC cause, and you will have two lovely lip products as a reminder!


  1. Nicki's might be a bit bright for me but it's such a good cause!

    1. Hi OPI Addict- It's definitely a bit brighter than I am used to as well, but it's quite pretty. I just tone it down by applying it really lightly or cooling the color down with a liner and/or lip gloss. All by itself at full-throttle it's too out of my comfort zone-- so I just modify it. I have also mixed it with other lipsticks to alter the shade a bit too. I totally agree with you that it's such a great cause. Because of that I was going to get it no matter what it looked like-- so now I'm having fun being creative with it.


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