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Barneys New York Love Yourself Bag Event February 12-15, 2014 & STEP-UP Gifts In-Store!

Barneys Love Yourself Bag Event is Pre-selling NOW!
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 **I will be UPDATING this often so bookmark this page**
I know that you have been waiting for details about the upcoming Barneys Bag Event, and here are some for you!! I will be updating this regularly, and am waiting to hear more about line specific Step-Up Gifts.

-The Bag Event will run from February 12- 15, 2014

-Barneys is already pre-selling- this is the best way to reserve the gift bag for you.

-The minimum purchase to get the gift bag is $250.00 (this is based upon total pre-tax purchases in the cosmetics & fragrance department- not limited to a single counter or line). If you spend $250.00 before tax from the store shipping is free (US only. Shipping fees apply to international addresses).

-You can order online to get the bag, but the Step-Up Gifts will likely differ. I will bring you that information as soon as it is provided to me.


-Step-up gifts are line specific gifts beyond the gift bag. For instance, if you spend a certain amount of money with a particular line they will give you an additional gift from their line. They often give full-sized products- making it all the more tempting. You will still get the Gift Bag even if you spend enough in a particular line to qualify for their step up gift.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (if you have more questions- just ask!):

Q: Is the $250.00 minimum for the gift bag before or after tax?
A: It is always a pre-tax minimum.

Q: Is there ever variation in the gift bag contents?
A: Yes, your friend in Chicago might end up with slightly different items than someone in NYC or LA, for instance. Vendors often supply goods even during the week of the event.

Q: Do step-up gift minimum purchase prices ever vary from store to store?
A: It appears that it does happen. That is why I stated that the information that I have provided here is from the Beverly Hills location.

Q: Is it really that important that I pre-purchase what I want?
A: It really is. Things sell out quickly during this event, and they quite often run out of the really hot step-up gifts (sometimes before the sale even officially begins).

Q: Will there be any free international shipping for this event?
A: I was told that free shipping is US only if you spend $250.00 pretax.

Q: If you could give me one piece of advice about the Bag Event, what would it be?
A: Set a realistic budget that you can live with and afford, and stick to it! The Bag Event happens twice a year-- you can do it again! Make a list of what you want and do your best to stick to it-- otherwise it can become a very very expensive event, trust me.

Q: Is there an advantage to ordering from a store over the phone rather than online (since I don't have a store near me)?
A: That depends, but there can be. Here's why: a) First of all, if they sell out of what you want online it may take some time for you to receive notification since they sell so much during these events. This can sometimes mean that you find out after the Bag Event ends, and thus you miss out on the event altogether,  b) Sales associates often add in other samples, and often include their business cards so that you can establish a relationship with them (and then they call you to alert you of specials, pull step-up gifts for you etc.). Trust me, this makes all of the difference in the world, and c) You can be eligible for free shipping with in-store over the phone purchases (provided that you make the $250.00 shipping minimum to a US address). HOWEVER, the online Love Yourself Event features different (and FABULOUS) line specific Step-Up gifts, and the convenience of shopping online cannot be sufficiently underscored. The best way to optimize your online shopping experience is to order sooner rather than later so that you get what you want before things begin to sell out. This is an AMAZING event and so many people shop the event in-store and online that things can sell out very fast!

These Step-Up Gifts are those currently available at the Beverly Hills location at (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613 (not online).

Now for the Gift Bag itself!! Here's a sneak preview of what you will find in the gift bag: Armani Regenessence Eye Balm, Cle de Peau Cotton, Givenchy Mini Le Rouge Lipstick, Hourglass 5 ml Mineral Veil Primer, Kevyn Aucoin Mini The Essential Mascara, Make Full Size Lipstick in Taffy, La Mer gift card for sample of Lift Serum, NARS sample, Shiseido Ultra Protection SPF 50 7 ml. sample, YSL Babydoll Mascara sample, Costume National Cyber Garden, L'Artesan Mûre Et Musc Extreme sample, Irene Neuwirth Fragrance sample, 3LAB Deluse skincare sample, Chantecaille Gold Treatment deluxe sample, Deborah Lipman mini nail polish,  Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream packette, Malin+Goetz Lip Moisturizer, Radical Skincare Deluxe sample of the Peptide Infused Antioxidant Serum, Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner packets, Red Flower Deluxe Sample of the Body Wash, Ritual deluxe sample of the Body Wash Gel, Sachajuan deluxe sample of Hair Repair,  Sunday Riley Artemis Oil sample, TATCHA Brightening Serum sample, and a TOCCA sample packet. Sometimes there are substitutions- so the contents of your bag may vary somewhat.
The bags contain a mixture of full-sized products, deluxe samples, and regular sized samples.

I have had several requests about line specific step-up gifts from my beloved readers- so here are a few of them (click on name brand to direct you to their page on the Barneys website):

3Lab- Spend $250.00 receive a full size Perfect Cleansing Foam. Spend $500.00 and receive a travel kit PLUS a deluxe sample of the M Cream.

Aesop- Spend $250.00 and receive an Aesop bag with deluxe Geranium Body Wash, deluxe Reverence Hand wash, deluxe Rind Concentrate.

Armani Beauty- Spend $150.00 and receive a cosmetic bag with a deluxe samples of: skincare,  mascara, and a lipstick card with 3 shades.

Beauty is Life- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

By Terry- Spend $250.00 and receive a deluxe size of Huile de Rose Firming Lifting Oil.

Chanel- No formal step-up gift, but they are always very generous with the samples they have. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Chantecaille- Spend $250.00 and receive a honeycomb faux croc makeup bag with deluxe samples of Flower Infused Cleansing Milk, Nano Gold Energizing Face Cream, Jasmine & Lily Healing Cream, Lucky Brilliant Gloss, and Petales Parfum Vial.

Clé de Peau Beauté- Spend $500.00 and receive a full size Lip Treatment.

Colbert MD- Spend $200.00 and receive the Travel Trio Skincare set. Spend $300.00 receive a full size Heal and Soothe Night Cream.

Davines- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Dr. Sebagh- Spend $250.00 and receive deluxe skincare samples (serum, cream, exfoliant).

Eve Lom- Spend $250.00 and receive a Cuticle Cream or Dynaspot.

Frédéric Malle- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Fresh- Receive a baby blue gift bag with deluxe Soy Face Cleanser, deluxe Creme Ancienne, deluxe Sugar Lip Balm, and deluxe fragrance. Waiting to hear the qualifier amount.

Givenchy- Spend $150.00 and receive a deluxe Le Rouge Lipstick in a cute back patent leather bag.

Hourglass- Spend $250.00 and receive a full-size Aura Sheer Lip Stain.

Kai- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Kevyn Aucoin- Spend $200.00 and receive a full size lip gloss.

Kiehl's- Spend $150.00 and receive a free 8.4oz. 8.4 Creme de Corps Body Cream.

Koh Gen Do- Spend $200.00 and receive a gorgeous black velvet clutch filled with travel size samples of the whole Oriental Plants Line (Oriental Plants Cleansing Cream (Net Wt.0.53 oz. / 15g)- Oriental Plants Clean Foam (Net Wt.0.53 oz. / 15g)- Oriental Plants Soap (Net Wt.0.35 oz. / 10g)- Oriental Plants Essence (0.17 fl. oz. / 5ml)- Oriental Plants Skin Lotion (1.01 fl. oz. / 30ml)- Oriental Plants Emollient Cream (Net Wt.0.14 oz. / 4g)- Whipping Net mini (3.5" w × 5.16" h)!)

La Mer- Spend $350.00 and receive 4 deluxe skincare samples.

MAKE- Spend $100.00 and receive deluxe samples of eyeshadows and lipsticks.

Malin+Goetz- Spend $200.00 and receive a full size Chamomile Treatment Oil (for face, body and hair). This is a $68.00 value!

Mila Moursi- Spend $250.00 and receive 2 deluxe skincare samples. Spend $350.00 and receive 2 deluxe samples and a travel size of either the toner, cleanser or night cream. Spend $450.00 and receive 2 deluxe skincare samples, a travel size of either the toner, cleanser or night cream, and a Mila Moursi facial!

NARS- Spend $150.00 and receive a deluxe size sample of Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger. Spend $200.00 and receive a full-size 2 Color Eyeshadow Palette and a  Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger. Spend $250.00 and receive a full size Laguna Body Illuminator, a full-size 2 Color Eyeshadow Palette, and a  deluxe sample size of Larger Than Life Lip Gloss in Gold Digger.

Natura Bissé- Spend $250.00 receive deluxe skincare samples.

Oribe- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Radical Skincare- Spend $300.00 and/or $500.00 receive 2 Deluxe Samples and one 15 ml sample.Youth Infusion Serum, Restorative Moisture, and Extreme Moisture. The more you spend, the more gifts you receive. While supplies last (these are great gifts).

Red Flower- Receive a Moroccan Rose Body Wash with your Red Flower purchase.

REN- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Révive- Spend $400.00 and receive a pouch with deluxe skincare samples. Spend $650.00 and receive an Intensité Crème Suprême (body cream).

Rodin Olio Lusso- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Serge Lutens- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Shiseido- Spend $200.00 and receive a Lacquer Rouge in Drama.

själ- Spend $250.00 and receive a deluxe size Balans Cleanser and packet samples in a clear bag.

Sunday Riley- Spend $350.00 and receive a patent leather makeup bag with 2 full-size eyeshadows, a lip gloss, and a precision eyeliner brush.

Surratt- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

T. LECLERC- Spend $250.00 and receive your choice of a lipstick, lip gloss, blush, eyeliner or travel brush. While supplies last.

TATCHA- Spend $250.00 and receive travel sizes of many of the skincare products.

The Organic Pharmacy- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Tracie Martyn Skincare- No step-up gift. However, your purchases will make you eligible for the gift bag.

Yves Saint Laurent- Spend $120.00 receive either a white or a black clutch filled with 3-4 deluxe samples including: eye makeup remover, eyeliner, mascara, and lip products.

I will be updating this post-- so bookmark it and check it frequently for any updates, or added specials!!

I would not suggest waiting until the last minute to pre-order, because some things really sell quickly during the event-- it's a good idea to call the counters that you are interested in to reserve your bag and all of the goodies that you want to buy.

Until then, if you are planning to partake- might I suggest that you set a realistic budget, check your stash, and make a list. I tend to stalk the Barneys website to help me make my list-- so that might work for you as well.

If you have any questions, post them in the comments section below, and I will try to get an answer for you. This is preferable to emailing me since I invariably am asked the same questions-- so this way everyone gets the answers.

If you want to place an order in store, feel free to call the Beverly Hills Location (310) 276-4400 Ext. 5613. There are sometimes some variations in the gifts from store to store- the aforementioned step-up gifts reflect what is being done at the Beverly Hills location.

Are you planning on partaking? If so, what are you thinking of getting?

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  1. I'm madly in love with T LeClerc lipsticks...any idea if they will have a step up gift? Also wild for fruity shower gels and have recently become too sensitive for Fresh. Suggestions?

    1. Hi pxinaz! I will find out about T. LECLERC for you. Interesting that you have recently become too sensitive for Fresh shower gels. Perhaps trying something like the bath gels from Kiss My Face or Shikai might do the trick. They are less expensive and on the more natural side, but I have had good luck with both.

    2. Thanks! Now to decide which goodies I want.

    3. My pleasure! That's always the hard part for me!!!!!! Keep me posted on what you end up with! :-)

    4. I held myself back a bit. I bought 4 T LeClerc lipsticks, a Bobbi Brown L/Wren Scott lipstick in vintage red, a Red Flower body wash in blood orange, a Fresh lip balm, two By Terry hydraluronic lipsticks, a Malin & Goetz grapefruit face wash, and something else I cannot remember. Whew! I ended up calling the NYC store and working with Xiomara at the NARS counter. She is wonderful!

      And now to plot my goodies from Space NK. Hmmmm.

    5. Wow, what spectacular purchases you made! I'm so happy for you! Ahhh, yes the SpaceNK Gift Bag is a true thing of beauty! Can't wait to hear what you get there!

  2. Thanks a lot for the information, I am waiting for this!!!
    Wondering if Frédéric Malle has the step-up gift offering.....

    Thanks again for your post.

  3. Just called Beverly Hill Barneys and ordered the Frédéric Malle--Coffret Collection for Women.($285) and got my "Love yourself bag".

    The step-up gift of Frédéric Malle is a 10ml Fragrances--whatever you want and they have.
    I asked for the Carnal Flower or Portrait of a Lady......they don't have, so I got the Iris Poudre.
    The lady is very nice and told me she would give me some more new Fragrances to try. And the package will arrive to me house next week.


    1. Hi Cindy! Thanks for the information! What a lovely purchase you made! I hope that you get lovely fragrance samples!

  4. I'm not sure if it will be the same in your store, but the step-up gift for revive in nyc is a full size pore correctif serum. I don't know the price (my guy was really nice and included it with my $225 purchase, but that seems like a really low price for the item).

    1. Hi Rachel, The Beverly Hills location is different. I don't ever remember Revive having such a low step up price! Did you get anything else?

    2. Yes, I bought a serge lutens lipstick. I think he was just being nice. Last year the woman I was working with (Sasha) gave me the nars step up gift even though I also wasn't even close to the threshold.

    3. Nice! It definitely sounds that way! Enjoy your purchases!

  5. ooo... tempting! any updates on if there are step ups for tatcha, hourglass or koh gen do?

    1. Hi Chia-Yi! It's always tempting! I should have updates on those today or tomorrow. I am continually updating it. I also will be posting all of the online step-up gifts in another post when Barneys sends me all of the information next week.

    2. Hi Chia-Yi! I just updated and have the fab Koh Gen Do Step-Up Gift details!

    3. Okay, I have information on TATCHA, Hourglass and Koh Gen Do now! :-)

  6. YOU ROCK, Helen! Thanks for enabling me! :D

    1. You are so sweet! Sorry for enabling! :-)

    2. Haha! You are my go-to source for all things Barneys & SpaceNK! Please keep enabling me :D

    3. I hope Barneys and SpaceNK know that many of us shop their events because of YOU! You bring us the best information, pictures etc. Not to mention that you take time out of your busy life to answer all of our questions. Plus you introduce us to brands that many of us wouldn't have known about. Thank you so much. You are my beauty GURU! Happy belated birthday :)

    4. WOW!!! Thank you for your very kind words-- you just made my day! Thanks for the birthday wishes as well! :D

  7. Hello, I tried to post few Times not sure if it went through. First of all, thank for such wonderful posts and effort you do. I read somewhere in your blog that Sunday Riley Are giving full size eye cream with 295 purchase, Did i misread that? Because i cannot find it anywhere now.
    Also, I asked you about Sunday Riley last month and you were so great and replying back to my question. ... now i would love to know what skin care do you currently use?
    Thank you very much

    1. You are very welcome! You must have been looking at one of my old posts for the Barneys Love Yourself Beauty Event. I remember Sunday Riley giving Start Over Eye Cream as a step-up gift at one of the past Bag Events, but that isn't what the company is doing this time. My current skincare routine is largely made up of products from Radical Skincare and The Organic Pharmacy. However, I also rotate a large number of different beauty oils from The Organic Pharmacy, African Botanics, Aftelier Skin Elixirs, Colbert MD, By Terry to name a few. I will be doing a post soon that features by go-to skincare products. :-)

  8. I made a pre order with the Beverly Hills location, NARS has an additional step-up at $150, a gold digger lip gloss and an eyeshadow duo (don't know which one)

    1. Hi MeMeMe! Thanks for the information! I hope that you love your purchases! :-)

  9. Helen, source of knowledge! I have a question regarding Frederic Malle's and Serge Lutens' gifts. Do you know what are the options?
    Have a wonderful week ;)

    1. LOL! You are so sweet to say that! Neither specified the particulars-- only that there were numerous choices. I would call them sooner rather than later because pre-sales will undoubtedly impact what step-up gifts are currently still available. :-)

  10. Thanks! Do you know why Barney's doesn't carry Tom Ford makeup? That's what I want to get!

    1. You are so welcome, Jean!! I have no idea why they don't. Some time ago I heard an unsubstantiated rumor that they would from someone unaffiliated with Barneys, but never any legitimate information from any of my contacts at Barneys at the store or corporate level. They do offer the perfumes though. Often times there are specific licensing agreements in place that offer exclusivity rights to certain retailers for the period of around a year or so. That said, I have no idea what type of arrangement that Barneys has with Tom Ford, or whether they have plans to carry the makeup in the future. I, for one, would get myself into far more trouble during the Love Yourself Bag Event if they had a Tom Ford Beauty counter at Barneys! :D

  11. Do they have a Clinique counter in store? Also, do they sell other brands besides what they have online in stores? (I can't find Chanel online()

    1. Hi Marina,

      They do not sell Clinique at Barneys. They do sell Chanel in-store, but not online. I have no idea why. I can't think of anything off the top of my head that is available in-store and not online, but that doesn't mean that there aren't more incidents of that that I simply am not aware of. The Beverly Hills location is not having a Chanel Step-Up gift, but any Chanel purchases will go toward the Love Yourself Gift Bag.

  12. Hi Helen! Do you still tend to shop the event even when your favorite lines don't participate in step up gifts? Thanks for all of your hard work during each of these events-- I hope you know how much we appreciate all of your hard work! xo, Jess

    1. Hi Jess, Thank you for your kind words-- it's my pleasure to help get plenty of information out to all of you about the Love Yourself Bag Events each time they happen! Yes, I still shop the event whether or not the lines that I purchase from provide Step-Up gifts. Some of my favorites: The Organic Pharmacy, Kai, Rodin Olio Lusso to name a few don't participate in the in-store bag event, and it hasn't stopped me from shopping the event. For me personally-- I shop the lines that I want or need things from whether or not they have step-ups. There have been several events where I came home without step-ups at all. I also don't add in things that I don't need or want from a line if I fall short of the step-up qualifier. I really try to stay sensible because I already have so many skincare and makeup products. I also stopped buying back-ups because it takes too long for me to get to them-- and I would rather purchase a newer product than use an older one that has been sitting in my closet waiting for me to finish it (especially with skincare items). <3 Helen

  13. Just got off the phone with my Rep. at the Chanel Counter in New York. Here is the Chanel step up gift. A trio of Chance items, a mascara AND a eye cream.
    What a doll she is. Your bag will include a LaMer voucher that you take to a La Mer counter to get your sample, BUT she will run over there and get it for you!
    Tell her Judith sent you and I am sure even more sweetness will come your way:)
    No tax, no shipping!
    Her name is Irene and her number is 212-833=2004

    1. I wonder if that is just something that she is offering samples that she has in abundance because there appears to be no Chanel Step-Up gift elsewhere.

    2. When you go thru a rep (especially Irene) the treatment is ROYAL. Just got my bag!!!! YES tooooo much to absorb:) LOTS of perfume samples, Mascara, Sublimage, And MORE (la Mer and by Terry). Absolutely everything was was advertized as being in the bag too.
      I did the winter one with her and got just as spoiled:) So it isn't just the what's laying about in abundance. She listened to what I like and went for it!
      Irene is the ONE!

    3. It definitely makes a HUGE difference going through a rep. I always get lots of extra goodies that way as well. It sounds like you scored! SO happy for you!

  14. Replies
    1. I'm still trying to figure it out- LOL! I think the själ saphir concentrate anti-aging face oil. I was also looking at a few things from Aesop and Dr. Sebagh. What else are you getting?

    2. I just got the two items (well three I got the revive moisturizing serum and the pore serum free) and my serge lutens lipstick. I was planning on getting the suratt loose powder, but it was sold out before I even preordered 3 weeks ago! I was also going back and forth on the armani highlighters (both the powder one and the liquid) and ultimately decided I didn't really need either (not to say I may not go back for one or the other later, but I already qualified for the bag and wasn't going to qualify for the armani step-up gift, so decided it could wait). I mostly pick one line to get their step-up gift and use that to qualify me for the bag and am more conservative in other areas.

    3. Nice picks, Rachel! Also a really good strategy to keep yourself from overspending! One can go broke adding in more unneeded items to get to the step-up threshold! I'm all for it if you really need/want those things, but it's another thing altogether when spends more than they can reasonably afford on things they don't really need or want!

  15. Do you know if Armani fragrance purchases make you eligible for the gift?

    1. Hi sanaenver, I assume so since the Love Yourself Bag Event is for beauty and fragrance. I have not heard that Armani is excluded. I will try to find out specifically and will let you know what I hear. :D

    2. Aww thanks! I can call and check too - I assumed since you are all -knowing about the event you would know this.

    3. Oh and I meant for the Armani gift and the Barneys gift :)

    4. HI sanaenver-- LOL that I am "all-knowing!" I just spoke to someone at the Armani counter in Beverly Hills who told me that Barneys no longer carries the Armani Privé fragrances. I'm not sure if you will be able to find Armani fragrances at any of the other store locations, but the website does have some Armani Men's fragrances. The Armani gift bags are for their skincare and makeup purchases. However, any fragrance, makeup or skincare purchases will get you into the Love Yourself gift bag. :-)

    5. Thanks for the homework - and see I was right about you being all-knowing about the event! You are the best :)

    6. You are so welcome! The Rep seemed to think that the Armani Privé line had become a Neiman Marcus exclusive, and I know for fact that it is definitely sold there. Their gift bag event is coming up on February 19th so you could always go that route if you want to buy one of their fragrances. Of course it is also available directly from the Armani website. Thanks for your kind words! Have a lovely weekend! :-)

  16. Recieved my order today. Was disappointed that i did not recieve the red flower deluxe sample. Was looking forward to trying it . i recieved a roads bitter end purfum sample instead in my bag. Still overly excited with my bag and my step ups.

    1. Hi, Sorry to hear that you didn't receive the red flower deluxe sample. They often run out of things and substitute them. The bags often differ a bit as a result. I'm so glad to hear that you are excited about your bag and step ups! What sis you buy?


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