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Denman Style & Shine Brush in Pink Crush Review

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I have loved Denman brushes since I was a teenager, and I have the same love for my most recent brush from this iconic UK brand. The Denman Style & Shine Brush in Pink Crush is a wonderful brush composed of natural boar bristles punctuated by nylon bristles. It feels exceptionally good against the scalp, it effortlessly detangles hair and it is lightweight– yet sturdy– in the hand. It magically smooths the hair and leaves it manageable and shiny. I am not at all sure how this is possible, but somehow it is– even on my naturally curly hair.

According to Denman,

The Style & Shine Brush is a cushion brush strategically filled with a mix of natural bristle and 'porcupine effect' nylon quill for excellent shaping and conditioning. It detangles whilst smoothing and polishing adding a healthy shine to your locks. This high-quality tool is lightweight with a perfectly balanced handle for everyday use. Ideal for use on dry hair, wigs, and hair extensions. Perfect for creating smooth preventative hairstyles like braids or a snatched bun
  • Detangle & shine
  • Plastic body, natural boar bristles and synthetic bristles
  • Adds gloss & shine to the hair
  • Gently detangles & smooths
  • Air cushioned pad
  • Light-weight balanced handle
  • Available in Pink Crush and Black
  • The synthetic bristles are safe to use on hair extensions and wigs
  • 8.62" x 2.44" x 1.54"
  • Made in the UK
Overall Assessment: This is an excellent brush, and it's quite affordable given its seemingly magical abilities. 

$29.95  from Denman, AmazonUlta and Nordstrom (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

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  1. Great price for a Denman brush and PINK!! How I love pink.

    1. It is a great price for a Denman brush! I agree with you about everything, and the Pink is fabulous, Marcia!

  2. Hi, Helen - I LOVE my Denman brush and am definitely going to add this one with boar bristles to my brush collection! (Even though I recently tried to purge my overly large stash of brushes. Lol!) I'm also very happy that this boar bristle brush is made so affordably along with doing so many good things for our hair. My hair is fine and wavy so it tangles very easily. Thank you so much for sharing this! - Angie,

    1. Hi Angie! I have loved and used Denman brushes since I was a teenager, and I love this one just as much as my first Denman brush! It's affordable, effective and the pink is delightful! I highly recommend this, if you want another Denman! ❤️


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