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Heirloom Photo and Video Books For Mother's Day

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If you want to give your mom a gift to celebrate precious family memories, then the Heirloom Photo and Video Book is a wonderful idea. These books come in the form of a physical book, and you select the theme of the cover, and you simply upload your photos or video to the book. When the book is opened, the video will play. You can either select one of their sixteen covers, shown below, or you can create a custom cover.

This is a customizable photo and video-playing book that puts your memories into your hands! Embrace the modern way of sending heartfelt wishes with these digital greeting cards, ensuring your messages, memories and milestones are delivered in a unique keepsake to your loved ones. Upload up to 1 hour of your personalized videos and photos directly to the Heirloom online builder. Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker to play the video sound (or add music). Wrapped in a beautiful hardcover book with a choice of 16 cover options or you can design your very own! Each one comes with a fully rechargeable battery, is reloadable, and just like the memories captured inside – it’s made to last Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to play. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. 

  • 5" HD screen (charger included)
  • Already loaded with up to 10 or 20 min of video
  • Add a personal message inside the cover
  • Pick from 16 different cover designs
  • Expedited shipping available
Features & Claims from Heirloom:
  • Share the best gift of all, the gift of happy memories! Heirloom video books fit up to 10 minutes of your personalized video. This digital greeting card can send encouragement, congratulations, sympathy, or thank you wishes. They can also be a caring way to simply connect and let someone know you were thinking of them.
  • Each video book features a 5” HD screen with a speaker wrapped in a hardcover book. Simply open the book to play the crisp, high-quality video. Heirloom video books do not require any special tech, wifi, or internet to use. Each one comes with a fully rechargeable battery and is made to last.
  • Choose from a variety of beautiful book covers. Show your love and appreciation with covers appropriate for a variety of occasions: Christmas, birthday, Valentines, birthday, memory, wedding, new baby, engagement, or more multipurpose options.
  • Your video book kit will arrive with its cover ready to be attached. Based on your videos and photos, our drop-dead-simple website will instruct you to attach the video book to the cover in either the horizontal or vertical orientation, and you’re done! Load it with all of your most precious memories for your own unique video book.
  • Our books play your videos with crystal-clear sound. You can even create a photo slideshow (with background music) on our website, and combine it with as many videos as you like. You can create a message that's funny, motivational, heart-warming, or tender.

These are the 16 covers from which to choose, or you can create a custom cover instead.
Overall Assessment: If you are looking for a Mother's Day gift that your mom won't be expecting, the Heirloom Video Books are likely to bring her great joy!
$49.00 for 10-minute book, $69.00 for 20-minute book and $89.00 for 1-hour book from Heirloom, Amazon, Walmart and Etsy (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.
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