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Bembo White Carrara Marble Mortar and Beechwood Pestle Handmade in Italy

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The first time that I actually saw the Bembo White Carrara Marble Mortar and Beechwood Pestle in person, many years ago, I wanted one. I almost bought it so many times, but this year when my birthday approached, I knew I just had to get it, and I was delighted when my husband bought it for me. It is not only an authentic and highly effective tool for making authentic Genovese Pesto, but for many other types of pesto. Additionally, it is perfect for grinding spices, herbs, nuts, seeds and more. They are available in a wide variety of sizes, and their Amazon Store features a 16cm, 18cm and 20cm mortar. I selected the 20cm size so that I would have enough room to make a larger batch of Genovese Pesto, but this is large and quite heavy, and therefore if you don't need a larger mortar, then a smaller size might be a better for you.

This mortar is hand carved from White Carrara Marble, the same marble that Michelangelo used to carve his work. The pestle is hand turned from Beechwood, and together they are perfect for authentic Italian cooking. The narrower base, generous bowl and 4 handles make this a very easy to use and highly effective mortar.
According to Bembo,

The Genovese model white Carrara marble mortar is essential in your kitchen. With the Marble Mortar and its beechwood pestle, you can prepare an excellent Genovese pesto. To choose the size, use the following table: ø14 - 2 generous portions; ø16 - 3 large portions; ø18 - 4 large portions; ø20 - 5 large portions.

The White Carrara Marble mortar is a made-in Italy model, 100% handmade, handcrafted piece by piece in Tuscany, a few kilometers from the quarries where the precious Carrara White Marble is extracted. The pestle, also made in Italy, is made of untreated beechwood, suitable for food, ideal for crushing spices, seeds, biscuits, and, of course, preparing pesto.

The mortar with pestle, Genovese model, thanks to its practical division into quarters, allows you to make the recipe for Genoese pesto according to the centenary Genoese tradition.

Pestle and mortar set is not only perfect for preparing pesto but also for crushing spices, seeds, biscuits and for mixing other sauces with your favorite recipe. 

Handling and Cleaning: handle and clean the mortar using only a damp cloth, or in any case without using any detergent.

The interior surface intentionally is not perfectly smooth, and this creates the perfect amount of friction to effectively grind whatever you are grinding without having it slip around.
The pestle is sturdy and beautifully balanced.
Not only is the mortar and pestle exquisite quality, but it is beautifully packed in a lovely gift box that ships directly from Italy.
Overall Assessment: This was the best birthday present, and an heirloom piece that is supposed to be handed down from one generation to the next. I highly recommend this mortar and pestle if you are in the market for such an invaluable kitchen tool. A+

$138.00-149.00 for 16cm-20cm from the Bembo Amazon Store (Affiliate Links). Purchased. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. How gorgeous is your new white Carrara marble and hand carved mortar and pestle! I bought a new duo a couple of years ago after the one I brought home from the lab broke in 2 pieces. My new-ish set is certainly not as stunning as yours. Love it 😍

    1. Isn't it lovely, Allison?! I knew that you would appreciate this since we both love to cook and enjoy using nice kitchen tools! I really love this!


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