Monday, July 10, 2023

Summer Beauty Essentials from Spongellé, The A Method and VOLOOM

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For me, summer means simplifying the products that I use, using fewer products and generally taking a slower pace and enjoying the weather and the natural surroundings. Here are a few products to simplify my beauty routine this summer:
The A Method® SunCare Routine Kit ($190.00 from The A Method): This easy to follow and streamlined skincare routine is perfect for summer. 

Simple-to-follow and applicable in under 5 minutes, prepare skin for sun exposure and free radical defense with this curated 4-piece set of Vitamin C products & reef safe SPF 50. The brand's celebrity dermatologist Dr. Tina Alster and skincare formulation expert Angelia Inscoe have put together this kit for a pre sun care routine that will boost glow and reinforce skin against prolonged sun exposure.

In the Kit:

Silky Vitamin C Cleanser: Antioxidant cleanser formulated with Vitamin C that leaves the skin clean, hydrated and silky-smooth.

C Glow Moisturizer: Antioxidant moisturizer formulated with 5% L-Ascorbic acid and Essential Oil of Tangerine.

C Antioxidant Gel 20%: Waterless antioxidant serum formulated with THD-Ascorbate for potent free-radical defense and skin balancing benefits

Clear Protection Powder in SPF 50: 100% mineral powder sunscreen formulated with 5 organic minerals for reflective protection against sun pollution and other factors. Ideal for hot, humid climates, it is lightweight, crease and water resistant and can be used alone or over makeup. The powder’s built-in brush provides reflective sun-protection throughout the day since it is easy to apply, on the go and compact in size.

VOLOOM Very Airy Low Residue Texturizing Mousse ($30.00 from VOLOOM): Hair mousse is making a comeback! This soft styling mousse doesn't weigh hair down, and it amplifies your desired styles with soft luxurious body and airy movement. It is perfect for wash-and-go styles on all hair types including curly styles (like mine). For even more volume, apply the mousse to your roots and use the heat of your blow dryer. Simply part your hair on the opposite side than you normally do, direct the heat from your dryer on the section and then flip hair back to your normal part. This is fuss-free and a summer perfect product.
Spongellé Mini Buffer Bits ($10.00 from Spongellé): Inspired by delectable tiny donut holes, these Mini Buffer Bits are a sweet extension of Spongellé’s skin-nourishing Confection Body Wash Infused Buffer Line. Available in four mood-enhancing scents (Jasmine Brûlée, Burnt Sugar, Cocoa Bon and Chiffon Rose), these adorable, dual-sided mini buffers are the perfect size for precise deep-cleansing, softening cuticles, nails, heels or any other areas of the body with small dry patches. They feature a special soft cleansing surface on one side and a gentle textured exfoliation on the other. Each Buffer Bit is infused with skin-softening triple butter and exfoliating sugarcane extract. Spongellé always makes impressive, covet-worthy products, and these earn an A+!

Overall Assessment: If you are seeking excellent products to simplify your summertime beauty picks, then these are definitely worthy of your consideration!

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