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Ao Skincare Passionflower Sleep Balm Review

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I was recently introduced to a cruelty-free and sustainable skincare company from New Zealand that really needs to be on your radar. Their thoughtfully crafted, and EWG Certified products are healthy, sustainable and a joy to use.

About Ao Skincare from New Zealand,

The name ‘Ao’ comes from the indigenous New Zealand Maori word for ‘earth’. For us, it references our home from which we draw inspiration for our unique formulas and approach to skin health.

'The problem sits largely with people’s use of, and ultimately their skin’s addiction to skincare products. The biggest culprit? Moisturizers'. 

Ao was born from the belief that most skincare does more harm than good. Dr. Gray sees the impact first-hand - products full of toxins, heavy emulsifiers and barrier-degrading ingredients.

For us, it’s always been about restoring skin to where the skin’s barrier is performing to its optimum and moisture is self-controlled – restoring your skin’s own dynamic barrier to make it optimally adaptive to its environment. That’s why we think it’s important to change the way people think about skincare.

After 25 years of clinical practice as a Dermatologist, Dr. Gray knew he could make a real difference – to make a range of skincare that allowed the skin to perform at its optimum. He teamed up with the best in the business to help craft a revolutionary new set of skincare products like no other. It’s a new category of skincare inspired by the cleanest, most effective ingredients paired to ethical manufacturing processes – better for your skin, better for the planet.

Ao is skincare that’s independently clinically proven, yet totally safe, clean and non-toxic.

Formulated Without: Parabens, Sulfates, Mineral oils, PEGS or EDTA. Leaping Bunny and PETA certified. Eco-friendly, nontoxic, sustainable.
Ao Skincare Passionflower Sleep Balm is a really wonderful product to use right before you go to bed. It relieves stress, helps to quiet the mind and it does an enviable job encouraging a deep and restful sleep. If you have no problem falling asleep, this is a really pleasant way to get you centered and calm before bedtime. However, if you ever find yourself staring at the ceiling thinking about everything that you have to do at work the next day, then this is a really wonderful balm to help wash away the stress that might prevent you from getting a good night of sleep. Simply apply a small amount to your temples and wrists and then relax. It has a wonderful light herbal aroma, from which one detects the Orange Peel and Lavender Oils. It is hypnotic, relaxing and altogether pleasant. The ritual of rubbing it into my pulse points has an impact on me since it reminds me that anything that needs to be done the following day, can be dealt with the following day, and that this moment is for relaxing and falling asleep.
Orange Peel Oil (Relieves Stress): Helps to soothe feelings of anxiousness and improve mood. 

Bergamot Fruit Oil (Calms the Mind): Mild sedative qualities that can assist in reducing anxiety.

Lavender Oil + Bergamot Fruit Oil (Encourages a Restful Sleep): Helps to improve sleep quality and insomnia.
According to AO Skincare,

Applied to pulse points (wrists and temples), this multifunctional sleep balm releases an infused essential oil scent that helps to instill a sense of relaxation, calm and a restful sleep cycle.

Key Ingredients

Passionflower Seed OilBeneficial in helping to restore the barrier function of the skin and normalize oil production due to significant levels of Linolenic (Omega 6) Fatty Acid and Vitamin A.

Lavender OilEffective in assisting with relieving anxiety, improving sleep quality and treating insomnia. 

Orange Peel OilBeneficial in helping to calm the body, soothe the mind, reduce anxiety and improve mood and sleep quality. 

Bergamot Fruit OilHas calming and mild sedative qualities that can assist in reducing stress and anxiety. When used with Lavender Oil, it can be beneficial in preparing the body for sleep.

Harakeke Seed OilContains high concentrations of Oleic, Palmitic, Linoleic and Stearic Acid, which are all attributed with repairing, moisturising and soothing damaged skin.

Full Ingredients HERE.

Overall Assessment: This little gem has pride of place on my nightstand, and I am so happy to have discovered it!

$15.00 for 0.17 oz. from Ao Skincare and Verishop  (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. Your honesty and transparency in sharing your journey with the AO Skincare Passionflower Sleep Balm make your review trustworthy and relatable.

    1. Thank you. It's just a really nice sleep balm, and I am really enjoying it.


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