Thursday, March 30, 2023

March 2023 Empties for the Face, Body and Hair

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I somehow managed to use up 9 full-size products in the month of March, and I am a bit surprised that I finished up 3 face creams. There wasn't a lot left in any of them, but it was so cold this month that I definitely used more moisturizers than usual. Here is what I finished in March:

Erno Laszlo Phormula 3-9 Repair Cream ($295.00 for 1.7 oz. from Erno Laszlo): is a rich and healing face cream loaded with Niacinamide and Panthenol to keep skin unbelievably hydrated. It is rich and emollient, and yet fast absorbing. I find that this luxurious cream is quite concentrated, and therefore I only require a tiny amount for my balanced/combination skin. I use it in morning and/or evening, and it leaves my skin silky-smooth, ultra-soft and it plumps fine lines. It is very calming and healing, and when my skin is irritated it quickly reduces the redness and irritation. I also love using this after exfoliation or an at-home peel, and it really works wonders. It has a faint, and nondescript, aroma that fades very quickly. My skin looks and feels incredible when I use this cream, and it is my favorite of the Erno Laszlo creams. I reach for it often, and savor massaging it into my face, neck and décolleté. This is a very expensive cream, and thankfully I bought it during a generous sale, but for me it is worth every cent because of its level of efficacy. Purchase Again? I loved this cream so much, and in fact it is my favorite Erno Laszlo cream, but I have too many open creams at the moment to make this considerable splurge.

100% Pure Coffee Bean Face Cream ($25.00 for 1.7 oz. from 100% Pure): This is a lightweight, and yet remarkably emollient and fast-absorbing, face cream that deeply nourishes and moisturizes the skin. Skin is left unbelievably soft, silky-smooth and luminous, and the delightful aroma is a treat to the senses without being long-lasting or overpowering. Purchase Again? Maybe at some point, but as I said above, I have too many open face creams to buy any at this point.

100% Pure Watermelon + Cucumber Water Locking Moisturizer ($25.00 for 1.7 oz. from 100% Pure): This is a lightweight, and yet very emollient, moisturizer that immediately melts into the skin and leaves behind no residue, whatsoever. Its aroma is informed by the watermelon and cucumber waters, but the lovely aroma immediately dissipates. Skin is left lusciously hydrated, soft, smooth and plumped. Purchase Again? I won't be buying any face creams for quite a while, but I really enjoyed using this one.

Rituals T'ai Chi Foaming Shower Gel (Scent discontinued): I fell in love with this innovative shower gel formula from the very first moment that I used it. As I have said before, it's an extraordinary take on the ordinary, and for me it makes my bathing experience anything but mundane. The unique gel to foam technology not only makes it immensely fun to use, but it exceeds my every expectation of what a body cleansing gel should do. It cleans beautifully, smells glorious, and leaves the skin lusciously hydrated and soft. Furthermore, the rich dense foamy texture lends itself to being one seriously amazing shaving cream that cleanses, softens, and gives a seriously close shave. My legs have been transformed into the most soft and silky skin imaginable, and this gorgeous product has quickly given the boot to all of my other shaving creams! Purchase Again? I have a couple of other scents from Rituals, and I just opened another one!

Spongellé Hand and Body Washes ($22.00 each for 11 oz. from Spongellé): are extraordinary additions to Spongellé's collection. Spongellé, a Los Angeles based company, creates beautiful products that delight the senses and the skin, and they make wonderful gifts.

There are 8 beautiful scents, of which I have three, and they are truly dreamy. Bulgarian RoseSugar Dahlia and Freesia Pear are absolutely gorgeous scents and they clean the skin without any stripping or drying. In fact, these beautifully aromatic Hand and Body Washes leave skin soft, smooth and hydrated. Purchase Again? In a heartbeat!

Spongellé Let's Celebrate Butterfly Holiday Gift Set (on Sale for $12.00 for a set of 2 from Spongellé): This delectable Hope Orange Blossom Body Wash Infused Buffer has the wonderful aroma of orange blossom, cinnamon, clove and rich amber. I absolutely love everything about the smell and its ability to thoroughly clean and exfoliate the skin. Purchase Again? I think that I might buy another set because they are on sale!

L'Occitane Shea Butter Dry Skin Hand CreamL'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream is a cult-classic for good reason– it is really is utterly extraordinary! This ultra-rich creamy balm deeply moisturizes skin leaving even the most parched skin silky. soft and smooth. Over the years I have gone through countless tubes of this fantastic cream, and I love that it is rich without leaving behind an oily residue. This is a definite must-have for the colder months of the year. Purchase Again? Yes! ($30.00 for 5.1 oz. from L'OccitaneNordstromAmazonSephora and Ulta)
shu uemura muroto volume lightweight care conditioner ($62.00 for 8oz. from shu uemura art of hair and Sephora): This is a wonderfully lightweight and ultra-emollient conditioner that really hydrates my dry and fine curly hair. It rinses clean, fights frizz, hydrates hair and leaves it shiny with the right amount of volume. It has a light and pleasant aroma, but it isn't long lasting. Purchase Again? Yes, but when I need a splurge-worthy conditioner!

Crystal Essence Mineral Deodorant Roll On ($4.99-$5.29 for 2.25 oz. from The Crystal and WalgreensWalmart): Available in a delightful array of scents, and an unscented variety, these natural roll-on deodorants offer me all-day protection and they neither stain clothing, nor do they irritate my sensitive skin. I am particularly fond of the Vanilla Jasmine scent! They are not antiperspirants, and therefore will not prevent sweating. Purchase Again? I just opened another scent!
Overall Assessment: I am pleased that I finished up 9 products before they went bad! Nothing bothers me more than having to throw products away because I didn't use them before they spoiled. What did you use up, toss out, return or give away in March. Any great, or awful, products to report?

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  1. That’s a great number of empty products. I’m scraping the last remnants of a moisturizer from MyChelle. I’ve finished a few things like a small bottle of Latisse and used up several small mascaras.

    1. Thank, Marcia! I was a little surprised that I finished that many products– especially the 3 face creams. There wasn't much left, but I resisted the temptation to use newer products so that I could finish these up first. MyChelle makes such fantastic moisturizers! I am impressed that you were able to finish up several small mascaras!


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