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KIMTRUE Makeup Remover Meltway Cleansing Balm Review

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KIMTRUE Makeup Remover Meltway Cleansing Balm with Bilberry & Moringa Seed Extracts is a cleansing balm that effectively removes makeup and dirt, and it helps dislodge excess oils trapped in the pores. Simply massage a small amount into the skin and it melts away makeup and cleans skin without the need for double cleansing, but you still can double please if it is a part of your routine. The moisturizing ingredients leave skin nourished without leaving behind a greasy residue. I always remove my makeup with a biphase liquid makeup remover that is specifically formulated to remove eye makeup because I have sensitive eyes, and I always avoid removing my makeup with anything else.

This cleansing balm has a lightweight waxy texture that immediately transforms into an oil when it is massaged into warm skin. Once warm water is introduced, it transforms, yet again, into a milky emulsion. Simply rinse with warm water and skin is left clean, residue-free and hydrated. It has a very faint citrus aroma, when you first massage it into the skin, but I have found that it fades very quickly.

  • Quickly and effectively melts off makeup, Clean dirt and oil inside the pores and restore skin clarity.
  • It contains multiple moisturizing and nourishing ingredients, which help nourish skin and moisturize while removing makeup, to keep the skin hydrated and healthy.
  • No need for secondary cleansing, just wash with plenty of warm water.
  • It does not contain minerals, alcohol, artificial colors, and it can also be suitable for sensitive and acne-prone skin.
According to KIMTRUE,

Removes makeup by absorbing, dissolving, and washing away. Cleans out accumulated grime inside your pores and restores skin clarity without the need for secondary cleaning. Helps strengthen the sebum layer, adjust skin condition, and let your skin more effectively absorb subsequent skincare products.

Key Ingredients:
  • Vaccinium Myrtillus Seed Oil: Can lower the rate of skin oxidation, making your skin naturally radiant.
  • Panthenol (B5): Moisturize and restore your skin’s smoothness and brightness.
  • Cantella Asiatica Root Extract: Repairs skin barrier.
  • Moringa pterygosperma seed extracts: Absorbs dirt inside your pores, removes grime.
  • Papain: Gently dissolves old keratin deposits, leaving your skin evenly radiant and translucent.
Ingredients: Ethylhexyl palmitate, caprylic / capric triglyceride, PEG-20 triglyceryl isostearate, isononyl isononanoate, polyethylene, sweet almond (Prunus amygdalus dulcis) oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, red orange (Citrus tangerina) peel oil, Moringa pterygosperma seed extract, glycerin, European bilberry (Vaccinum myrtillus) seed oil, papain, urea, escin, Centella asiatica root Extract, ubiquinol, ethylhexyl glycerol, butanediol, caprylyl glycol, Ruscus aculeatus root extract, proline, alanine, serine, ammonium glycyrrhizinate, water, phenoxyethanol, Xanthan gum, maltodextrin, magnesium lactate, calcium pantothenate, potassium lactate, magnesium chloride, sodium citrate, hydrolyzed yeast protein, Calendula officinalis flower extract.
Overall Assessment: This is a nice cleansing balm, and I love its ultra-lightweight texture, the way in which it emulsifies, and then how it leaves behind no residue once it has been rinsed with warm water.

$19.99 for 3.53 oz. from KIMTRUE and their Amazon Store (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. Sounds like a good way to add an oil cleansing. Citrus is one of my favorite scents in skincare.

    1. It is a very nice cleansing balm, Marcia! I think that you would like the faint citrus aroma. I sure do!


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