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February 2023 Product Empties for the Face, Body and Hair

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While February was a short month, I still managed to finish up 7 face, body and hair products. I would most happily use all of them again, but I won't likely be repurchasing anything until I have finished more products from each of these products. I am swimming in open bottles, tubes and jars and don't want them to spoil before I use them up. Here is what I finished in February:

Patchology Serve Chilled Bubbly Eye GelsAn effervescent eye gel to help refresh your skin. The eye gels are formulated with resveratrol from grapes along with orange extract to help protect from environmental stressors that can lead to early signs of aging. Niacinamide helps brighten dull under-eye skin. Purchase Again? I still have a couple of packs left, but I would definitely buy these when I finish them. ($15.00-$35.00 from PatchologyUltaNordstrombluemercury and Macy's)

LilyAna Naturals Rose & Pomegranate Face Cream: is moisturizer that is very nourishing, gentle and calming. It has a lightweight consistency, and it immediately melts into the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. It is formulated for all skin types, and it offers superior and sustained moisture. It is so gentle and calming that it is a perfect choice to help heal dry, chapped and peeling skin, and that is certainly appreciated during the cold months of the year. Skin is left comfortable, soft and luminous. It is my go-to choice after I have done an at-home peel and after exfoliation. This face cream does not contain sunscreen, and therefore I use a high SPF sunscreen in addition to this moisturizer. I do not detect any aroma, and therefore it should not bother people who are sensitive to scented skincare products. Purchase Again? I really like this a lot, but I have too many open tubes, bottles and jars of face cream to use before I consider purchasing more. ($29.99 for 1.7 oz from LilyAna Naturals, their Amazon StoreCVS and Walmart)

Arcona Brightening Gommage: is a wonderful facial exfoliator that is good for all skin types. This is, without question, a very good exfoliators. The exfoliating beads are small and in abundant supply, and they effectively remove dead skin cells revealing radiant skin with pronounced clarity and improved tone. It smells and feels amazing, and it lasts a long time. Purchase Again? I have a new tube that I am about to open! ($56.00 for 3.4 oz. from Nordstrom)

NUXE Huile Prodigieux Shower Oil: The aroma, which might be described as a warm nutty floral, is utterly delectable, and its rich and crazy aroma fills the bathroom and delights the senses. NUXE Prodigieux Shower Oil is a lightly lathering and richly moisturizing cleanser that fills the senses with the most delectable rich and warm blend of sweet almond oil, orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla. It has a gorgeous quasi-iridescent glow from the golden pearls that impart a slight golden sheen to the skin. Skin is left hydrated, soft, supple and delicately fragranced. Purchase Again? Without question! ($15.00 for 6.7 oz. from Amazon, and Look Fantastic)

Spongellé Courageous Sugar Crush Body Wash Infused Buffermakes brilliant body wash-infused sponges that effectively and gently clean and exfoliate the skin, and they leave the it deliciously baby soft, smooth, supple and moisturized. They really excel in their ability to clean and exfoliate the skin while delighting the senses with their delightful aromas. Sugar Crush is a delectable and vibrant scent with the following notes: Top: Pomegranate Seed, Custard Apple, Red Berries. Middle: Star Jasmine, Muguet, Cherry Blossom and Base: Sugar Musk, Golden Amber, Vanilla Cream. Purchase Again? I love this scent, but I have other scents that I will use next. ($14.00 from Spongellé)

Typology Hydrating Cleansing Bar with Palmarosa: is a handcrafted face and body bar that is non-stripping, nourishing and thoroughly hydrating. It achieves a very satisfying lather, and it leaves skin remarkably soft, smooth and hydrated. Therefore, it is never drying, and it will not leave skin in the least bit taut or uncomfortable. Furthermore, it has a wonderful light and refreshing Lemongrass aroma that is truly delightful. Purchase Again? YES! ($16.90 for 3.53 oz. from Typology)

Philip B. Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner: is the embodiment of a luxe conditioner. The ultra emollient formula, coupled with the delectable scent, makes using this conditioner a supremely enjoyable sensory experience. Like its matching shampoo, Philip B. Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner boasts the highly innovative and cutting-edge time-released botanical delivery system that imparts hair with unprecedented moisture and shine over a sustained period of time. While one only needs to leave it on for a minute, I prefer to leave it on for 10-20 minutes for deeper hydration. It infuses hair with lasting moisture, glossiness, bounce, and the delectable scent of pure Oud. Purchase Again? If it ever goes on sale, I will. In the meantime, I have many conditioners to use first. ($38.00-$98.00 for 2oz and 6oz. from Nordstrom and Dermstore)

Overall Assessment: I am happy that I finished 7 products in February, and thankfully I didn't have to toss out anything that was spoiled! What did you use up, toss out, give away or return in February? Any winners or duds to report?

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  1. I just put those eye gels in my Ulta cart. I love using products like this. I threw away several items that went bad but I didn't keep a list. I too have too many open things and have to remedy that.

    1. I really like those eye gels, Marcia! If you don't have any eye masks, then these are worth trying. I really wish that I didn't have so many open products because I know that I won't be able to use all of them before they start to turn! I really don't like having to toss things that go bad!


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