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Youngblood Weekender Palette Review & Swatches

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I have always impressed by Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics, and their cruelty-free makeup is luxurious, easy to use and nothing short of stunning. Their Weekender Eyeshadow, Blush and Highlighter Palette is a true thing of beauty, and I suspect that you will agree. This gem of a palette features 9 richly pigmented eyeshadows, 2 stunning blushes and 2 ethereal highlighters.

This Set Includes:
Eyeshadow Net Wt. 9 x (0.031 oz / 0.9 g).
Blush & Highlight Net Wt. 4 x (0.081 oz / 2.3 g).
The palette separates the eyeshadows from the blush and highlighter palette, but they are stacked in one convenient compact.
According to Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics,

Elevate your look from anywhere with this pigment-packed face palette designed to complement any complexion. Formulated with jojoba seed oil and vitamin E for clean, nourishing color, it features 9 sultry shadows ranging from rich mattes to sparkling metallics, plus 2 blushes and 2 highlighters to add instant warmth and glow. Exceptionally lightweight and long-wearing, it’s all you need to take your weekend from basic to breathtaking, no matter where you go!
The eyeshadows are richly pigmented, they offer buildable coverage and they are creamy to the touch. They deposit color evenly, glide across the skin effortlessly and on me they wear all day without migration. However, if you have oily eyelids your wear may vary, and you may need a primer.

GETAWAY: satin peachy beige with a golden sheen
PRIVATE JET: metallic light blush
MIMOSAS: metallic burnt rose
SAIL AWAY: matte dusty pink
ROSE: metallic raspberry
TAN LINES: matte warm terracotta
AL FRESCO: metallic bronze
ADVENTURE: true matte black
BRUNCHIN': matte deep chocolate brown
These two blushes offer exceedingly impressive pigmentation, and the rich colors can be worn as a faint wash of color, or built up to whatever level of saturation you desire. They are soft and easy to work with, they deposit color evenly, glide across the skin effortlessly and they don't settle into pores and fine lines in an unflattering way. 

The highlighters are ethereal beauties that give the skin a gorgeous otherworldly glow. They are creamy to the touch and they glide across the skin effortlessly. I like a very subtle glow, and therefore apply them with a very light hand, but they can certainly be built up, if you are looking for more visual impact.

YACHT CLUB: pinky coral
FIRST CLASS: mauve pink
BOARDING PASS: peachy pink with warm gold pearl
BON VOYAGE: light cream
Eyeshadow Application:
• Add the lightest color along your upper lash line.
• Blend the medium color out along your crease.
• Apply a "v" shape to your outer lid using the darkest color.
• Blend out the colors.
Blush and Highlighter Application:
Blush: Using YB5 Cheek Brush (not included), sweep on apples of cheeks, blending out.
Highlighter: Lightly pick up with YB7 Highlight Brush (not included) and apply to cheek bones, cupid’s bow, under brow bones, down the bridge of the nose, inner corner of the eyes, décolletage and shoulders for a gorgeous glow.

Select Ingredients and Their Attributes:
Mica: Adds a subtle sheen and a silky-smooth texture. 
Rice Starch: For unparalleled long-lasting wear. 
Vitamin E: Moisturizes and soothes dry, irritated skin while combating environmental pollution. 
Jojoba Seed Oil: Conditions and hydrates skin.

Overall Assessment: Whether you are seeking an all-in-one palette for your travels, or if you aren't planning on straying far from your zip code, this impressive palette has so much to offer, and it is utterly gorgeous.

$65.00 from Youngblood, Youngblood's Amazon Store, Neiman Marcus and Belk (Affiliate Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own.

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  1. This looks perfect for travel. We're looking into a warm place to stay next winter and I know I have to make wise choices in what I bring. This would fit the bill.

    1. This is a perfect palette for travel, Marcia! Since it contains eye and face products, you need little else for traveling! I bet it will be a relief not to contend with a Michigan winter next year!

  2. I love those options for blush! And knowing that they’re high pigmentation makes them much better.

    Michelle | con limón, please

    1. Hi Michelle, the blushes are very pretty and super pigmented. It's a really wonderful palette all the way around!

  3. I like how you explained how to apply and blend the eyeshadows. Thanks! - Angie, www.yourtrueselfblog.com


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