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Y'OUR Personalized Skincare Review

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If you looking for a personalized skincare routine, then it is worth becoming acquainted with Y'OUR Skincare. This brand was created by friends Jenny and Hannah, who sought to create safe and effective skincare products that actually do what they claim, and that allow one to streamline their skincare routine. Y'OUR is a cruelty-free and vegan brand that is made in the USA.

About Y'OUR,

When beauty entrepreneur Jenny and a MIT data scientist Hannah discovered their shared frustration with finding the right skincare and mutual desire to help people feel their best, Y’OUR Skincare was born.

Jenny had spent years in the beauty industry—talking directly to customers about their concerns and getting past bogus claims. When she finally cured her own acne, she understood how powerful the right routine can be to transform your skin and your confidence.

As a consumer concerned about toxic ingredients, Hannah had been using her analytical skills to test and research products with natural ingredients herself—looking for the right non-harmful combinations to fix her oily t-zone and sensitive dry patches.

Together, they created a unique algorithm that’s driven by powerful AI and human insights to fully assess your skin’s needs, then create a personalized regimen that changes with you.

Because they believe every person should be able to have the confidence and 'I can do anything' feeling that comes with having great skin.

You simply start by taking the Y'OUR Skin Quiz, and then your quiz is analyzed by their skincare experts with the help of their Skin AI system. This ingenious system is, "where data insights meet human understanding." 
About Skin AI,

We input this data into Skin AI, our intelligent algorithm that builds a model of your skin in its current state. Then we cross analyze this model with your goals and search thousands of ingredients to create your customized system of four essential products that work perfectly together.

Knowing what will work best for your skin requires more than AI. That’s why we have a team of the best chemists, hygienists, and beauty industry experts who review your customized system before you receive it.

Then our team continues working hard for you—optimizing your system as your skin, your environment, your lifestyle, and your goals change.

And the MIT data scientists who built Skin AI update our algorithm with your immediate input, so our systems are always getting smarter and becoming more personal.

You always get the right ingredients in the right formulas in the right order in a way that's right for you.

My quiz resulted in a very gentle, nourishing and hydrating system that is perfect for the cold months of winter.

Cleanser (Step 1): The cleanser that was selected for me is a very gentle lathering cleanser that thoroughly cleans without ever stripping my skin. It rinses clean and leaves my skin soft and comfortable.
Day Cream (Step 2): This daytime face cream is lightweight, emollient and fast absorbing. It nourishes and moisturizes my skin all day long, and it leaves behind no greasy residue. It has no detectable aroma, and it leaves my skin soft, smooth and supple. It contains no sunscreen, and therefore I always add a high SPF sunscreen to this skincare routine.
If you don't love Y’OUR skincare regimen, their subscriptions include complimentary formula adjustments at no additional cost.
Serum (Step 3): The serum that I received is a thick gel that immediately melts into my skin and offers it serious hydration and a dewy glow. I actually use this before the day cream because it is lighter, and I layer products going from lighter serums to heavier creams and lotions afterward. There is no detectable aroma in this hydrating serum.
Y'OUR Skincare is: Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Paraben-Free, Made in the USA
Night Cream (Step 4): This night cream is remarkably lightweight and fast absorbing, and yet it is quite emollient without leaving behind a greasy residue. After use, my skin is immediately soft, smooth, supple and ultra-moisturized. It has no detectable aroma, and it has a really lovely texture.
Your custom skincare kit includes a 3-month supply of cleanser (60ml), day cream (30g), serum (20ml), and night cream (30g).

There are two payment plans to choose from:
- $69 monthly installments ($207 total per shipment)
- $180 flat rate, charged every 3 months at the time of shipment
- If you’re outside the US, they can ship to you for an extra shipping fee
Ingredients (click to enlarge photograph)
Overall Assessment: My personalized Y'OUR Skincare routine is gentle, hydrating and perfect for my skin during the cold weather. My skin looks and feels soft, smooth, supple, moisturized, and I have a lovely dewy glow. If you are looking for a truly personalized skincare routine that is streamlines, then Y'OUR Personalized Skincare is worth considering.

Press Sample from Y'OUR Skincare (Affiliated Links). All views expressed are categorically my own. 

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  1. This is a great concept. It would be even better if the day cream contained SPF but as it is I like the sound of it. I don't go through products quickly so I'd hope they don't lock you into a plan. Having no fragrance is a bonus in my world.

    1. It really is a great concept, Marcia! They do have a day cream with sunscreen, they just didn't choose it for this system that they sent me. No fragrance is a definite bonus!

  2. OMG, I forgot to reply to the email I received from this brand!!! It sounds wonderful especially since you said it's perfect for your skin during cold weather - and we've got plenty of that!

    1. Reply to the email, Allison! I think that you would enjoy trying their personalized skincare products.

  3. Why my skin feel dry when using these products?

    1. Hi there, I imagine because you are not using the products that are best suited for your skin, or perhaps you have a sensitivity to some of the ingredients. Since this is a personalized skincare brand, you took a quiz to determine the type of skincare needs that you had, and if the products that they sent you based upon your responses don't work for you, then they say that you should contact them so that they can adjust your skincare products. I would recommend that you contact them directly so that they can help you.


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