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Eyetech LED Light Therapy Device

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If dark circles, a puffy under eye area and fine lines are among your complaints, and you love good beauty devices, then Spacetouch's Eyetech LED Light Device may be just what you have been looking for. 

About Spacetouch,

We founded Space Touch because we saw a need for advanced skincare therapy technology that would replace ineffective office treatments and endless creams. We teamed up with leading scientists and engineers to create "The Future of Skincare."

We use a unique patented combination of infrared and LED light, researched and developed by NASA, with cutting-edge performance. Our devices are designed to learn your skin type and adjust the treatment power according to your needs, ensuring genuine results.

At Space Touch, every product is designed with not only beauty and sophistication but also ultimate functionality in mind. Sleek lines, vivid color, innovation, and profound emotion: these values are evident in our design approach, making our products stand out from others in the skincare industry.

About LED Light Therapy,

LED light therapy is a popular skin treatment for acne, sun damage, wounds, and other skin problems. It is noninvasive and suitable for regular use. NASA originally developed light emitting diodes (LED) to experiment with plant growth in space. Further research proved LED to be effective in treating musculoskeletal injuries and reducing wound healing time.

LED light therapy uses varying wavelengths of light, including blue and red, to penetrate the skin at different depths. This penetration can trigger biological processes that help heal and rejuvenate the skin. The treatment does not cause any burning or pain. It is a safe and trusted method to improve a variety of skin conditions.

This device uses LED Light Therapy to combat under-eye puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, and it is very easy to use. You simply apply the device under your eyes in the same way that you would apply eye masks. This device uses 7 Red LED points with a wavelength of 645NM that is intended to penetrate the skin to heal and rejuvenate that delicate area beneath the eyes. It helps to increase collagen production, and leaves skin soft, smooth, de-puffed, with dark circles diminished and skin lifted.

This device consists of two lightweight under-eye devises, 52 sets of silicone pads, a charging cable, a portable case and a users manual.

Before using your device, you want to clean your face and dry your skin thoroughly. Then you apply the silicone pads and place on the LED devices. Apply the devices beneath your eyes (they are marked right and left so that there is no confusion). Once they are properly seated under your eyes, then press the button to activate your desired mode.


1) LED MODE: This treats fine lines and wrinkles. The device starts in the LED Mode. Press the on button once to illuminate the LED points.

2) VIBRATION MODE: This treats puffiness and dark circles. Press the on button twice to activate the Vibration Mode. In this mode, the LED points will shut off and the device will produce vibrational pulses.

3) COMBINATION MODE: This mode treats all of the aforementioned conditions treated in the LED and Vibration Modes.

The device automatically shuts off after 10 minutes in all three of the modes. The silicone pads are reusable and can be used up to 7 times, and replacements can be purchased from the company. 

DirectionsUse EyeTech once daily for 10 minutes. Reduce usage to 3-5 times a week once ideal results are achieved. Individual results may vary depending on a variety of factors. Consult your doctor or physician for personalized medical advice. Continue using EyeTech 3-5 times a week to maintain collagen production and beautiful, ageless skin.

According to Spacetouch,

EyeTech is a patented, revolutionary device designed by distinguished plastic surgeons and dermatologists to treat one of the most noticeable areas on our face--the space below our eyes. This is the first place wrinkles begin to appear and one of the hardest to treat! EyeTech treats under eye wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles with advanced LED and vibration therapy.

EyeTech is the first wireless and hands-free device to reduce the signs of aging and provide you with consistent results while comforting the treated area.

Each EyeTech pad has 7 Red LED points with a wavelength of 645nm. Light administered at this wavelength gently enters your skin to naturally stimulate the growth of collagen. The device produces vibrational pulses at a 6/1 speed. These soothing pulses pump and activate the muscles under your eyes, decreasing eye puffiness and clearing dark circles.

Designed by leading plastic surgeons and dermatologists to treat one of the most noticeable areas on our face, the space below our eyes. This is one of the first places wrinkles appear and one of the hardest to treat.

Eyetech has vibrational pulses to activate the area under the eye, to work in combination with the LED light.


  • Wireless and hand free.
  • Combination of vibration and LED technology compacted in one small device.
  • Easy to carry and safe for traveling. Comes with a small case that charges the devices.
  • Easy to use & removable silicon pads to keep your device clean and easy to apply on the skin.
  • Charging Time: Approximately 3 hours when the battery is fully drained.
  • Battery Life: Approximately 4 full treatment cycles before you need to recharge.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Overall Assessment: This is a definite splurge, but if you love effective beauty tech devices, and have a luxury budget, then this device is a definite game-changer worthy of your consideration.

$2,499.95 from Spacetouch (Unaffiliated Links). Press Sample. All views expressed are categorically my own. All Rights Reserved.


  1. I'm dying over here. It sounds ideal. I would love to own this.

  2. I have the SpaceTouch Vega, and I am in love. I hope it lasts me forever. I didn't know they had an eye device. Cool!

    1. I remember your review, and I would LOVE to try the Vega! The eye device is wonderful!


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