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If you love the idea of ultra-luxe hair towels, face towels and scrunchies, then you can do no better than the incredibly plush VOLO BEAUTY Hero Hair Towels, Face Towels and Scrunchies that are made of the extra plush Nanoweave™ material. The hair towels have the distinction of having won Allure’s Best of Beauty Award again this year! Their Hair Towels gently absorbs water from wet hair– decreasing dry time by 50%– and the innovative snug strap keeps the towel secure without pulling or tugging at your hair.
VOLO BEAUTY HERO FACE TOWELS ($28.00 for a three-pack from VOLO BEAUTY and Amazon): These towels feel like crushed velvet against the skin, and they do an exemplary job gently washing and drying the skin without any tugging.
According to VOLO BEAUTY,

The Nanoweave™ you know and love for haircare is perfect for your skin, too. Whether post-treatment or simply sensitive, Nanoweave is ready and willing to be your skincare savior. Reusable face towels are the eco-friendly choice for makeup removal and facial care, and are softer and more absorbent than single-use options. No more waste every time you clean your face— better for you, better for mama Earth

Three face towels are in each pack. Dimensions of one face towel: 12 in (30.5 cm) x 12 in (30.5 cm)

VOLO BEAUTY HERO HAIR TOWEL ($39.00 from VOLO Beauty, Amazon, AnthropologieBloomingdale's and bluemercury): This is truly the softest and most luxurious hair towel that I have ever tried. It effectively dries hair faster than any other hair towel that I have tried, and it feels more luxurious than anything imaginable. This is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone on your holiday gift list.
According to VOLO BEAUTY,

Here’s the problem: your hair is most vulnerable when wet. Enter the VOLO Hero hair towel. The VOLO Hero is made from our extra plush Nanoweave™ material to gently absorb water from your hair. The unique snug strap keeps the towel secured no matter what you get up to, and it’s so light you’ll forget you’re wearing it. Damage-free hair has never been so easy. Peace out, frizz.

Introducing the softest towel your hair has ever met. The Hero’s Nanoweave™ material is plush—aka extremely gentle and absorbent—which is just how we like our towels. The Hero decreases dry time by 50%, and our snug strap ensures your towel stays tucked into place. It’s as easy as wrap, twist, and tuck. Not all heroes wear capes. 

The VOLO Hero hair towel gently absorbs excess water from your hair to help it dry more quickly, and with less damage to the strands. The magic happens without you having to lift a finger.


NANOWEAVE™: Nanoweave is our baby-blanket-soft, cloud-light, crazy-strong dream fabric. It absorbs 10x its own weight in water, cuts your dry time in half, and is so light you’ll truly forget it’s on your head.  

SNUG STRAP: We were sick of towels unraveling and falling off of our heads every time we moved, so we dreamed up the snug strap to solve the problem. With the snug strap, that puppy’s not going anywhere.

The VOLO Hero is 39.4 x 23.5 inches.

VOLO BEAUTY HERO SCRUNCHIES ($16.00 for 2 Scrunchies from VOLO BEAUTY, Amazon, Anthropologie, Bloomingdale's, and bluemercury): BEST. SCRUNCHIE. EVER. Whether you use it while styling and drying your hair, or just use it to keep your hair in a pony tail, you will be amazed by this ultra-soft scrunchie that keeps your hair out of your face without ever pulling or tugging. Utter perfection, and the scrunchie against which all others will be judged!

According to VOLO BEAUTY,

Don't forget our favorite scrunchies! Hold your style in place while reducing drying time. If you, like us, can’t get enough of Nanoweave™, you’re in the right place. Here’s our thinking: scrunchies should be gentle, too. The Scrunchies are our favorite Hero fabric, meaning they’re gentle as can be and decrease dry time by absorbing water while holding your hair up.

Overall Assessment: I can't think of better stocking stuffers than these VOLO BEAUTY top picks!

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  1. I have very slow drying hair so this hair towel would be wonderful to use. And what a great gift this set would make.

    1. I think that you would be very impressed by these, but especially the hair towel since your hair dries so slowly. This is the best hair towel I have used, so far! I think you would love it, Marcia.


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