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The NEW CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a Game-Changer

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I do not usually wax poetic about hair dryers, and often just let my hair dry naturally, but the CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is so amazing that I actually covet this brilliant tool! This brand new launch is a game-changer for me, and I think that it will be for anyone who tries it.

It is very lightweight, weighing less than 1lb, it has a unique slim shape, and it is very user-friendly. It has a brilliant magnetic bezel that effortlessly holds the attachments in place, and that makes changing them efficient and fuss-free. The shape provides a straight shot of air, and this reduces drying time, and therefore uses less electricity while providing stronger air flow. It is also very quiet, which is a nice change from most of the hair dryers that I have used!

It is self-cleaning, it boasts an LCD digital temperature display on top of the dryer, and it has 4 heat settings and 3 speed settings. It is thoughtfully designed and such a pleasure to use. The diffuser attachment is my favorite because it allows me to pamper and perfect my curls effectively and efficiently. I have never in my life used a better hair dryer, and I actually look forward to using it!

According to CHI,

Featuring our signature CHI LAVA Ceramic technology, made from one of the most effective heat-conducting materials on earth, the CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a game changer. This latest in technology includes an LCD digital display, magnetic attachments, precise heat and speed settings, and more. Get hotter styles at lower settings with the power of CHI Lava.

Its unique shape provides a straight shot of air, which reduces drying time using less electricity while producing a stronger air flow (up to 110,000 rpm/min). While on, the dryer emits around 50 million negative ions to ensure a smooth shine every time. Paired with the power of CHI LAVA minerals and ceramic, this dryer now provides less damage and overall healthier looking hair. Lava minerals also offer gentle, consistent heat, which allows styling at lower temperatures.

Adding to its innovation, the CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is even self-cleaning! Simply take off back filter cage attachment off and hold down the cool shot button for 3 seconds to activate the auto-cleaning session.

Key Features

  • LCD Digital Temperature Display
  • 4 Heat Settings and 3 Speed Settings
  • 3 Easy to Remove Magnetic Attachments: Diffuser, Precision Concentrator, and Smoothing Nozzle
  • Second Reverse Auto Cleaning Function
  • Cool Shot Button and Cool Air Setting
  • Low Noise at ≤ 80dB
  • 11 ft. (3.35m) Cord Length
  • Up to 110,000 rpm/min for Powerful Airflow
  • >50 Million Negative Ion Output Technology 


1. Plug appliance into the correct power source.

2. Press the Airflow button to the desired setting. The LCD display indicates which settings you are using.

  • ο represents GENTLE airflow
  • οο represents MEDIUM airflow
  • οοο represents FAST airflow

3. Press the Temperature button to the desired setting.

  • Room Temperature is Cool
  • 140F/60C is Low
  • 190F/90C is Medium
  • 250F/120C is High

4. Push the power button to turn off the dryer after each use. 


This hair dryer features an auto-cleaning function for cleaning its inner components.

1. Once the hair dryer is off, press and hold the cool shot button for 3 seconds.

2. The motor will then turn on in reverse for 8 seconds, while the other buttons remain inactive.

3. At the end of the auto-cleaning session, turn the hair dryer on.

4. If you want to stop the auto-cleaning, press the power button to turn on the hair dryer. The function will stop automatically, and the hair dryer will function normally. Tip: It is recommended to clean once a week.

In the box
Easy to use buttons
The magnetic bezel allows for the 3 easy use of the magnetic attachments: Diffuser, Precision Concentrator, and Smoothing Nozzle.
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LCD temperature display located on top of the dryer.
Overall Assessment: The NEW CHI LAVA PRO Hair Dryer is a total game-changer for me, and I think anyone who tries it will agree! A+

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  1. Wow, it looks very space age! I love that it's less than 1 pound in weight. It really makes a different. And low noise, too! I'm glad it has a device for your curls as well. Perfect!

    1. It is space age, Allison! It is such a wonderful hair dryer, and far better than anything that I have tried before! I love the diffuser, and the fact that it is quiet is just so nice!

    2. Also how many mph does it blow? Idk why they say rpm's... isn't that like cars or something?

    3. According to the manufacturer, it has "up to 110,000 rpm/min for powerful air flow"– but I don't know how that compares to Dyson. I don't own a Dyson, and haven't ever used one.

  2. I wish I'd accepted this when offered. I'd love that it's so lightweight especially because both hands are so weak. And it's great looking. Marcia

    1. It is really a wonderful hair dryer and it would be perfect for you since it is so lightweight and compact! I highly recommend it, Marcia!


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