Thursday, August 25, 2022

Back to School Beauty Picks from Head-to-Toe

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It's back-to-school time for high school and college students, and I have rounded up a few dorm room friendly beauty picks that will help start out the new academic year.

Ellips Hair Vitamins ($17.00-$19.50 for 50 capsules from Amazon): Keep your hair shiny and healthy by applying a vitamin serum to it daily! Introduce your hair to a liquid gold, vitamin serum. Ellips are hair vitamins, serum capsules packed with nutrients to tame your mane! They are meant for daily use on hair that faces sun, water, color, and free radical damage. Ellips pre-portioned capsules are formulated to nourish all different types of hair. From dry, damaged, colored and hair from all different backgrounds, Ellips will be your hair's must-have! Each serum capsule is enriched with natural Moroccan oil and specific vitamins like A, C, E, and Pro Vit B-5 to meet your haircare needs. It helps repair, creates natural shine and smoothes out frizz, overall making it easier to manage! It's easy to use, just apply on damp, combed, hair to the ends and then blow dry! You can style as usual! 

Heatless Hair The Curling Ribbon (Price: $54.00 from Heatless Hair): Not only do you get salon-quality curls while you sleep, which prevents heat damage from curling irons and blow-dryers, but you also don't have to compete for the limited numbert of electrical outlets in your dorm or apartment. The Curling Ribbon gives you total control over how you want your hair to look. Wanting tighter curls? Wrap your hair tightly around, or achieve beachy-looking waves by adding a bit of slack. There are endless possibilities to create the types of looks you want. Simply place, twist, sleep, and you’ll have effortless, bouncy curls in no time. Every aspect of Heatless Hair’s products was created to promote healthy hair. Handmade in Los Angeles, the ribbons, scrunchies, and hair clips were designed to give your hair more shine and prevent breakage and frizz. The ribbons are made from 100% silk and a soft hypoallergenic blend of cotton. This is a new way to curl hair without sustaining any heat damage.

New Legends Skincare ($74.99 for the full set, shown above from New Legends): New Legends Cosmetics is founded by teens for teens. The clean skincare brand is safe, effective, and fun to use. Made to inspire self-confidence, self-love, and authenticity, they encourage teens to rock their imperfections, be messy, be loud, and live life in color. Their brand is vegan, organic, clean, honest and never tested on animals.

Ingredients above

7th Heaven Barbie Masks ($7.99 for a set of three from Amazon): Mattel’s Barbie brand and UK beauty company 7th Heaven have joined forces to launch Barbie: Be Good To Yourself, a trio of at-home facial masks designed to inspire and empower.
The collection plays on pink, a Barbie signature hue. Pink Neon Toning Peel Off Mask is a cleansing refreshing formula with aloe vera, clay and grapefruit peel oil. Pink Chocolate Purifying Clay Mask is as nourishing and delicious as it sounds with cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, cocoa powder and juniper fruit extract, and makes for a super-sweet at-home spa day. Pink Rose Clay Cleansing Mask is a skin softening and refining blend of shea butter, marula oil and pink clay.  All the masks are vegan. The masks are packaged in convenient single-serve foil sachets emblazoned with slogans like “You’ve Got This,” “Radiate Friendship” and “Strong Girls Make Waves.” 

Plantifique Foot Peel Mask ($17.99-$25.99 for a two-pack from AmazonPeel away those calloused heels that formed by running around in sandals and barefoot all summer long! Platifiques Foot Peel Mask peel away dead skin and callouses! According to Platifique, "with more than 8,000 five-star ratings, beauty lovers are loving this gross, yet insanely satisfying treatment that nourishes your feet from heel to toes." Taking the superfoods you love to eat (like avocado, spinach, and papaya), Plantifique harvests their natural and vegan ingredients at their peak and carefully dry them to preserve the potency of the nutrients.

Overall Assessment: Not a bad way to start the new school year!

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  1. I want ALL the hair stuff in this post! The heatless curlers is at the top of my list and i want those vitamin serums! Major heart eyes for all of that stuff! My daughter loves going to school with curled hair but hates how foam rollers turn out. And a hot curling iron takes forever in the AM.

    1. The hair stuff is super fun, and effective! I bet your daughter would approve of the Curling Ribbon!

  2. I need one of those foot peel mask sets now! Thanks for sharing and reminding me!

    Michelle | con limón, please

    1. They are AMAZING, Michelle! It's the perfect time of year to do it, too!

  3. Oh, I am intrigued by so many of these items! If I washed my hair more frequently, I would get the hair serum. Heck, maybe I should try it anyway. The hair ribbons remind me of my high school days when I used to use rags to curl my waist-length hair. It was so much fun. And those 7th Heaven Masks, I'm drooling!

    1. ME TOO! I have really been enjoying them a lot! The hair serums are really cool, too! The Hair ribbon is such a cool heatless tool! 7th Heaven always does such a good job with their fun masks!


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